Half-Snout “Hero” Filipino Dog Set for $20,000 Face Surgery in U.S. (+video)

By Patrick Winn. Kabang has one of the more gruesome dog faces you’ll ever see.

The canine, a native of Zamboanga City in the Philippines, has only half a snout. Her tongue lolls impossibly out of her skull. Watching her attempt to eat a mound of rice is heartbreaking.

But, according to Manila’s GMA News, donors from around the world have pitched in enough cash ($20,000) to fly Kabang to the states for reconstructive facial surgery.

The center where she’ll be treated, the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at University of California – Davis, is adept at cutting-edge dog jaw replacement. An American dog whose jaw was recently replaced by the center appears to be strutting around as if nothing ever happened.

As the Philippine Inquirer explains, Kabang is something of a hero. The top half of her snout was ripped off by the wheels of a motorbike, which she reportedly intercepted to save two young girls. Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s a TV report from the Philippines about the dog. It’s not in English but has some fascinating footage of the dog’s injury and how it eats without a snout:

Children Who Suffer Brain Injuries are More Likely to Become Criminals Later in Life

Young people who sustain brain injuries are more likely to commit crimes and end up in prison, new research suggests.

Injuries caused by trauma to the head can cause maturing brains to ‘misfire’, affecting judgement and the ability to control impulses.

The study, from the University of Exeter, calls for greater monitoring and treatment to prevent later problems.

Its findings echo a separate report by the Children’s Commissioner for England on the impact of injuries on maturing brains and the social consequences.

In the new report, Repairing Shattered Lives, Professor Huw Williams from the University of Exeter’s Centre for Clinical Neuropsychology Research, describes traumatic brain injury as a ‘silent epidemic’.

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Japanese artist makes models appear to burst at the seams with creepy zips, buttons, power plugs and laces

With zips, power plugs, laces and buttons adorning their bodies, these young models look like something out of a travelling freak show.

But they are in fact the latest walking exhibits of Japanese artist Chooo-San’s incredible illusionary makeup art.

Bored with digitally enhanced pictures, the 19-year-old student decided to see how far she could push her limits without technology – with impressive results.

Using only acrylic paints, these amazingly realistic images are enough to make anyone look twice.

Using no digital-editing, the bizarre body-modifications are painstakingly applied using just paint, and they no doubt give passers-by a fright.

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Former WWE Wrestler Puts Choke on Train Passenger Who Threatened to “Kill Everybody” (+video)

A commuter train in Minneapolis turned into a wrestling ring when an ex WWE star decided to take justice into his own hands.

Shawn Daivari, who was once a star attraction of WWE and TNA and went by the name Sheik Abdul Bashir, used a classic choke hold to send an unruly passenger on a train straight to the mat and the maneuver was so powerful, the passenger reportedly lost control of his bladder.

Daivari was riding a train to the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport in September when a passenger started yelling and threatening to kill everyone aboard the train.
Scroll down for video.

Nothing happened when frightened witnesses pressed the train’s emergency button, so Daivari decided someone needed to act.

Video from the frightening incident shows Daivari talking off his sunglasses and removing his jacket before he sprang into action:

Father’s Pride: Daughter Shoots Burglar Dead

A 21-year-old woman resting in her parents house was startled when she heard two men barging through her front door and managed to shot and kill one of the suspected burglars.

Police say Charles Brown’s daughter, who has not been identified, killed one of two men that were trying to rob her in the family’s Dallas home.

The shooting occurred just after 11:30am when the woman was alone. ‘I just hate that she didn’t get both of them,’ Mr Brown said.

Police say the two unidentified men kicked in the door of the Concordia Lane home just before noon today.

The resident was alone upstairs and heard the commotion below.

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St. Louis Zoo Removes Halloween Ghost Display Because of Racism Complaints

Complaints Tuesday on the St. Louis Zoo Facebook page prompted the Zoo to remove a Halloween display that some complained smacked of racism.

Life size ghostly figures with black faces were hung from tall trees by the bear pits as part of the annual “Boo at the Zoo” Halloween celebration. The nighttime Halloween event opens Friday and the display was designed to produce a faceless image in the dark.

Wyndel Hill, St. Louis Zoo Vice President for Internal Affairs, said, “The faces are black so that at night the lights inside the faces would be the only thing that you see.” He said it was never the Zoo’s intent to offend anyone.

“I don’t know that it looks derogatory towards anyone, by the same token however, if someone is offended by it, it touches our sensibilities and we’ll remove it.”

Visitors to the Zoo on Tuesday generally liked the spooky display and did not see it as a lynching scene. But the still photo on the internet showed the figures hanging lifelessly from tree branches.

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Judge Appoints Lawyer to Represent Pit Bull in Euthanasia Case

Photo credit: MaplegirlieA judge in Georgia has appointed a lawyer to defend a pit bull that could be euthanized for attacking a neighbor’s 5-year-old child, a court official said on Friday.

The dog’s owner surrendered the animal, named Kno, to Effingham County, north of Savannah, last summer after it was accused of severely injuring the child, assistant county attorney Elizabeth Pavlis told Reuters.

Lawyer Claude Kicklighter, appointed by Superior Court Judge William Woodrum Jr to represent the dog, said he was still learning details of the case.

“All I can tell you is that the judge appointed me,” he said. “I really don’t know what the issues are.”

Pavlis said a hearing was scheduled this month to determine whether the dog should be euthanized. Kicklighter is doing the legal work at no charge to the county.

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World Records Broke Today: Highest, Fastest Freefall, Highest Manned Balloon Flight (+video)

By Megan Michelson. Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner completed a record-breaking freefall from space Sunday morning near Roswell, N.M.

He reached speeds of more than 600 mph during the 128,000-foot fall to earth.

Baumgartner broke the record for both the highest jump and the fastest jump in a freefall. On the ascent, he also broke the record for the highest manned balloon flight.

“The whole world is watching,” Baumgartner said before he lept. “I wish you could see what I could see.”

The mission, called Red Bull Stratos and sponsored by the energy drink company, was aborted last Tuesday after the jump’s weather experts determined the winds were too high. He needed perfectly windless conditions and clear skies in order to do the jump safely. Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s the video of the freefall from the edge of space to the ground:

Horror as worker is COOKED ALIVE in industrial oven at Bumble Bee tuna plant

In what plant officials are calling a ‘horrendous tragedy’ Bumble Bee tuna plant worker Jose Melena died Thursday when he was cooked in an industrial oven.

Officials say it’s still unclear how Melena, 62, ended up in the Santa Fe California plant’s cooking device.

Coroner’s documents referred to it as a ‘steamer machine.’

Police were reportedly called to the plant at 7 a.m. Thursday morning regarding an industrial accident.

They found Melena in the oven and pronounced him dead at the scene.

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Video: Two Mature Bull Moose Fight it Out on Anchorage Urban Street

After living, traveling, hunting and fishing in Alaska for over 18 years, I thought I’ve seen much of what the Last Frontier has to offer.

I’ve probably seen hundreds of moose near my home, in my yard and on the street, in Anchorage, Tok, and Fairbanks. And I hunt moose almost every year, hoping to provide my family with one of Alaska’s basic food groups. But I have never seen anything like this in town.

The following video, uploaded yesterday, shows two mature bull moose, fighting it out apparently on an Anchorage street. The video is amateur, but it does an excellent job in capturing the intensity of the fight.

Note the United States Postal Service vehicle waiting for the fight to end.