Video: Congressman says US schools should adopt Koran, model Islamic Madrassas

The Muslim congressman who once said that the Tea Party would “love” to see black Americans “hanging on a tree,” made another controversial statement recently. This time, Congressman Carson told the audience that American schools should be modeled after Islamic Madrassas and touted the benefits of schools that use the Koran as their “foundation.”

Photo Credit: KPI

  • Robbie

    What a stupid idiot .. I would never want to see anyone hanging from a tree, nor do I believe that islam should be taught in schools …. The Bible was taken out of schools years ago …. Why would we want a religon that teaches violence and murder teaching our future generations?

  • J-M

    What ever happened to separation of church and state? We can’t have a pledge of allegience with God in it, but we can have whole schools devoted to islam? I’m sick of these muslims trying to convert all of us AND OUR CHILDREN! Vote this guy out.

  • We should that congressman by his balls until enough blood runs to his head so he can think. what is his hands-on teaching, cutting off heads with a pocket knight? Do unto the Muslims as they would do unto us INFIDELS, (hunt them down and kill them)According tro the KORAN.

    • sherry

      muslums want one thing>> christians, catholic, jews, any one not a muslum>> dead..we still have the pledge of allegiance, and bible in our schools, soon as they bring in the koran>> we’ll take our children out of that school. and teach at home…
      i wasn’t predjudice before, but i am fast becomming very prejudice…

      • RescueKyron

        Better make sure you figure out who is your real enemy and who your friends are. As a guide, Enemies fight to remove Christmas trees from Chicago area grade schools. You can go from there.

  • Sara


    • RescueKyron

      well that’s a start.

  • Patrick Henry

    This idiot can go to any muslim country he wants and send his kids to learn that junk but leave my schools and kids alone……!!!!

  • LibertysSon

    Great Plan..A modern teaching system from the 7th Century….Really?

  • American voter

    This what happens when you have Political correctness. The only way I believe this guy became a congressman is the voting block of Muslins in that area and the PC crowd. We are in for one hell of a future!

    • RescueKyron

      Hell of a future is our choice. Heaven of a future is our choice. Both require no PC, and voting. Don’t vote, head to Hell.

  • jaycee

    Who in their right mind would elect this butthead. He should take his koran and madass(sic) back to wherever he came from. How in the hell could anyone do this to America. Don’t they know that muslims are anti-US…get them out of our government, this goes for the ones from Minnesota as well…sickening….

    • RescueKyron

      Get ALLLL out of government who are not Christians. This country is a CHRISTIAN nation that is based on Christian principles… and ALLOWS other religions to be practiced here, but NOT to sit in our Presidency and NOT to sit in our SUPREME COURT. Non Christians should NOT be voted into Senate or House, but the Christians sit on their butts and fail to protect their states and country. If those groups had any respect for this country, they would live their lives honorably and not try to take over like is being done by officials who serve the country of their religion like Israel, like Arab countries, and religions of Mormonism and Asian religions.

  • jaycee

    A PS to my previous post…all muslims should have pigs as pets…see how far that would go.

  • Lizelot

    It’s obvious this congressman is woefully ignorant of what he speaketh. Madrassah are pure indoctrination centra, where the boys (rarely girls, never mixed, and mostly attended by poor village youth) basically learn to recite various Koran verses, are taught to despise non-Muslims or even other Muslim sects, perhaps learn to read and write a bit, and that’s all. I realize that our schools have deteriorated drastically due to all manner of social experiments, but we are still a cut above the madrassah, believe me. Or does this Muslim convert perhaps represent a district that is indeed at that level? In that case, may he concentrate on improving the general level of his constituents rather than introducing Muslim-style Koran rote-learning. No wonder our Congress is a mess, with such hollow drums voted in and kept in.

    • he should be removed from congress and society period

      • RescueKyron

        wasn’t he voted in? wonder who didn’t get there to vote.

  • ALsue1

    if this nut wants the schools to be run that way move to a country that already has them just leave America alone

    • go to the country’s that teach this and ask the students which they would rather have and see what answer you get bet you a dollar to a donuts they will take ours

      • RescueKyron

        better offer a dollar for a 1/4 donut.

    • RescueKyron

      Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn how he wants schools run in this Christian country. He can homeschool if he doesn’t like ours, or move to wherever he could be happy.

  • CSN

    Article or Video should read: Schools Should adopt model Islamic Madnesses. Kick that guy out of here and send him back to Iran or something.

    • iran don’t want him they would hang him for one reason or another

  • RescueKyron

    Pansy Arsed Christians voted him in. They’ll vote anybody in who they think is religious. Christians are weak and do not understand Christ.

    • i got your pansy come and get it muslim dog

      • RescueKyron

        Jerry, anybody who voted for President Dark Invader is a useful idiot, just ask his commie puppet masters. Anybody who votes for a non-Christian as our President is Pansy Arsed PC’ers Tree Hugging “Nice” people who betray Christ to get appreciation in one form or another from anti-Christs. Mormons have corners they put Christ in, and they do not value the Cross like real Christians do. Enough Christians were “nice” and voted for the commie, and they are running to the cliff again to vote for the Mormon. People MUST take a stand on what they believe and not be shoved to be a go-along or “nice.” As a born in America Christian like my generations back beyond 1776 it’s pretty dang clear that a sniff of this society proves it is rotten, and the lack of commitment by Christians is the cause. No head towels no arf’ing, no magic branded underwear here. The Cross is my brand. Ron Paul is the American lots of us will vote for and not be swindled by the MSM creeps again. He’s the only American that will do what needs to be done as President.

        • Carol

          Ron Paul would take our military out of every country,
          which I don’t think will make us any safer. Unless we begin to enforce border
          control and immigration reform, we will be more inundated than we are now. The Muslim Brotherhood has operatives here,
          ready to act at a moment’s notice. Their
          motto is: “Allah is our
          objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.
          Allahu akbar!” The Brotherhood’s goal is to turn the world
          into an Islamist empire. It is a
          revolutionary fundamentalist movement to restore the caliphate and strict
          shariah (Islamist) law throughout the world. It has chapters in 80 countries. It wants America
          to fall and tells its followers to be patient because America
          is heading towards its demise. The US
          is an infidel that does not champion moral and human values that world
          leadership requires. The camel’s nose is
          under the tent, do we have the fortitude to fight for our freedoms that we have
          some brazenly given away. They are using
          “our” freedoms to advance their tyranny against us.

          • RescueKyron

            Carol, it’s over. Wake up. Ron Paul would not fight Israel’s enemies and that clearly is the mantra being beat against RP. Israel has all the power it needs much thanks to our billions gifted every year and our intel much stolen by Pollard who we are trying to keep in his cage and Israel keeps trying tp pry the doors open but they won’t tell us what he stole from us and gave to them. Friends? Nah. As a Christian I have supported The Holy Land and will continue to love it, but sorry dear, the zionists are troublemakers and users and liars. In fact, likely the group Jesus Christ wants to save but guess what, they have created laws IN MYCOUNTRY to “protect” themselves from any Christian telling them about Christ. Well, just forget about Christians coming to their aid. Never Again. Look at what we got in our Supreme Court. An ingrate jewess who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the USA and she slithers over to tell Egypt not to model their Constitution after ours because ours is old and out of date. Funny thing, if anyone had the balls to confront her, she would say she could say that because she has Freedom of Speech. You know, from that ol’ American Documentation she hates so much. If it weren’t for that Constitution that Americans love and live and die for, she and her kin would be speaking German if speaking at all. Try coming in the front door with your comments.

  • Homer

    Mr. Carson, we do NOT need the Koran, we have enough trash in this nation as it is: have you ever read the Koran? I have and there is NO good in it, there is NO prophecty in it, so…show me one propecy that Muhammed foretold and I’ll give you a million bucks ( I mean one that he didn’t borrow and inculcate into the book someone else wrote! There is NO mercy or grace or love etc Allah never claimed to love anyone or die for anyone! Allah has never known what it is to suffer or go thru trials or to be hungry or be tired or to grieve etc Allah couldn’t even hold a candle to “Th eOne called Jesus Christ” who died for you and you outright refuse and seek a god who doesn’t even know who you are and doesn’t even care! You also have a god who has NO name! What is it then? Does not Allah mean….”the god” soooooo what is his name? Is it the benificent, the merciful etc…NO those are titles, so whaty is this gods name. Tell also whaty happens to EVERY country that adopts Islam (usually by force) as it’s’ church-state religion? It always becomes a third world nation! Lastly, tell me…sir, What did Allah do for you…personally? Come on, tell me! Well, I’ll tell you what MY God did for me, Jesus Christ, who IS God in the flesh, came down as a man and became a man to go thru what we went through and KNOW what it is that we are and then he was “OBIEDIENT” UNTO death! HE died for me, and you…but you reject that and it is of no importance to you! As for me…I accept that as the “ONE and ONLY” payment for what I have done, and that is sin against GOD!! What have you got that compares to that!! NOTHING!!

  • Homer

    LOOK Mr. Carson, NO one ever said anyone would like to see anyone swinging from trees or hanging! I have Blacks friends who i love, so blow that out of your nose because you just want ot incite racial tensions and that’s it! Who told you this crap! I resent you putting words in the Tea parties mouth or anyone elses mouth! Suggest you stop this word game you are playing just to incite tension! THE ISSUE is NOT Color, the ISSUE IS, and has been GOD!! That is: MY GOD Is Jesus Christ, and your god, has NO name and couldn’t save a green stamp! You reject Jesus Christ as “Savior” and accept a god who has the power of a turd in a toilet bowl! If I am wrong…show me how powerful he is………not!!