Must watch video: What happens when a nation bans guns

After Australia banned virtually all firearms, armed robberies, gun murders,  gun assaults, and home invasions skyrocketed in that nation. Watch this short documentary so you can be armed with the shocking facts.


Photo credit: Svadilfari

  • Samurai_Sam

    The answer to this is simple. Those of us that own firearms need to post the names and addresses of every liberal that is against gun ownership. Problem solved! We could even print out Google maps for the criminals. Once they get a visit from the thugs. The question of gun rights goes away.

    • AZ BOB

      Sen Schumer Sen Boxer Sen ,Sen,Sen have been voted into office over and over and over again. Everybody knows they want gun control They say they want gun control. But the voters do not care, These bad things will not happen here!!, yes it did in England, yes it did in Australia, Yes it did in Country after Country. but it wont happen here because USA is different. That is your stupid voters, they would rather vote for them because they vote the party not the person. The other party is the bad ones. If Hitler was alive and a Democrat they would vote for him because the other person from a different party is bad, bad,bad. Look at the NYC Mayor Bloomberg he keeps getting voted in, same with there Governor and the state congress look at there gun laws.
      To many believe NRA is a little too extreme and we need SOME gun Control like no 50 caiber machine guns and anti tank weapons, the stupidity of this there are already laws controlling this, you are just to uneducated to know this and believe the politicians. There are active U S senators trying to pass an old bill on the size of gun magazines also the UN small arms Treaty. Why because right now it is under YOUR states control per the US Constitution and they do not like that, they want EVERYTHING under Federal Government control. Eventually they will win, like they did in Australia and England and many other used to be Governments of the people.

    • Unfortunately, even after his unregistered guns were discovered and reported, Carl Rowan didn’t take back anything he’d said about other people’s rights. He only found fewer publishers to print it!

  • Everybody must have a gun. Our freedoms cannot be taken from us, and the corruption in our government seemingly sides with the evil in our society. Decent people need protection from intimidation, and big government is NOT the answer. Evil works through intimidation, and we need to stand up for our God-given rights.

  • CSN

    When a nation bans guns it is a prelude to Martial Law, and eventual rounding up of citizens for death camps if they so choose. The only people who will own guns will be the criminals or the state. Watch the movie “For Greater Glory” and see what happened when they disarmed the Cristeros……they were massacred by Government soldiers, and this was after a truce was drawn up. Government becomes the enemy, and the people become the slaves.

  • bobfairlane

    I can’t believe anyone thought that disarming white men and opening the gates to hoards of Asian criminals would be a good idea.

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