State House Pulls Trigger on Packing Heat Without a License

The Indiana House voted Monday to repeal a state law that requires residents to purchase a license or permit in order to purchase a handgun.

House Bill 1369, if passed by the Senate, will allow a person to purchase and carry a handgun without a state license or permit in Indiana, Fox News reported. The bill would still prohibit certain offenders from obtaining and carrying a handgun.

The bill passed the House by a 65-31 vote, Fox News reported. To acquire a handgun in Indiana a resident must be at least 18 years old, have their fingerprints taken and complete processing through a local law enforcement agency.

“The bill is for the lawful citizen in the state of Indiana,” said Republican Rep. Ben Smaltz who authored the bill. “This bill is for the person who obeys our laws who right now has to jump over hurdles to be the person who gets the permit.”

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