Part III: Arrested Marine Vet: Patriot or Nutcase Revolutionary?

Several of these Richmond Liberty Movement posts are replicated on the Mr. Raub’s personal Facebook page. On the personal page, Mr. Raub increasingly uses the word “Revolution” in his postings:

Mr. Raub even expressly states that he is “starting a revolution” because “the government has gone to [sic] far.”

He also challenges the nation’s leadership, claiming a conspiracy to enslave the American people:

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  • Helen85

    He sounds like MANY other Pats I know. His use of the word Revolution seems to refer to American Revolution, as in resisting the tyranny commonly witnessed daily for the last 4 years, similar to what spurred the first Tea Party. I’ve seen no threats of violence. Am I missing something here?

    • The Truth cannot be tolerate by an evil agenda. It’s that simple.

  • I see nothing wrong with what this man wrote! He is telling the absolute truth, is the problem!!!

  • But let’s all run to the election booths, and vote our best interest group in! Forget liberty and the Constitution! Rather, let’s vote the one in, who we support. That being, either the candidate who will stick it to those who are more wealthy, or the one who will make the poor people suffer more. That has been our choices for a hundred years now? AIE AIE AIE wake up People! They use your own bigotry and hatred against you. Welcome to your worst nightmare, you!

  • Cynthia Howard

    He is exercising his first amendments rights under the Constitution, the law of the land. He is a veteran; he swore to uphold it and fought to preserve it. All tea party patriots and liberty leaders believe that we must stand our ground and fight to preserve our freedom, or we will lose everything that our forefathers fought for.