Video: Marine Vet Arrested by FBI allegedly “for Patriotic Posts on Facebook”

According to his mother, Marine Veteran Brandon J Raub, discharged just this past year, was arrested yesterday by local law enforcement, apparently with the FBI and Secret Service standing by. His mother also notes that he was taken into custody simply because of his patriotic Facebook postings. Listen to this compelling interview with the Marine’s mother. Additionally, for an apparent video of the actual arrest, follow this link HERE.

  • It’s starting, and the media won;t cover this. Scary

    • RescueKyron

      “They” better be skeerd of us’ens. heh heh heh

  • This is how the old Soviet Union and still China treats criticism. Mental hospitals for “re-education”. This is meant as an example for the other “subjects”. The Police State is our current Gov. If not true, why the has the Fed. Gov. provided local police depts with so much military gear and training? Who cares..whats on American Idol? Football season just getting under way. Yipppeee!!!!!

    • Yeap, if you want freedom of speech, go to Russia.

  • currituck

    So what did he post on facebook.???? Strange the host didn’t let her say, or seemed to evade her when she wanted to read his posts..

    • blue

      He stated toward the end of the video that time was about to run out so he only had so much time to talk and get some answers. Seems he was just talking to her as she was supposed to be bringing up the fb and he was trying to get answers from her directly while she was doing it but the conversation just kept going.

    • “Miranda” only applies to a custodial interrogation initiated by a police officer (Mathiason v. Oregon). The police told him he was not under arrest. He doesn’t need to be advised of his “Miranda Rights”. Every law enforcement agency has rules about transporting suspects, detainees, criminals, prisoners, etc. They all get handcuffed to protect the officer and the person in cuffs. Mom’s worried about stuff that doesn’t mean
      s$#@. I’d be more concerned about the incognito and no charges.

      • currituck

        And Miranda has to do with what I posted in what way??? I did not mention Miranda, his rights, or anything related to what you say..But before LE can take anyone into custody, he/she has to be under arrest, and if they intend to question him/her, they must read Miranda..If they did not arrest him, he had no obligation to go with them..But then, that does happen a lot..

    • Does it matter? Aside from open threats on the lives of public officials… that will always get you a knock on the door. From what I just heard in the audio here (Did you listen to it?) he expressed his opinion, his dissatisfaction, on how the government is running things. Listen before you leap.

      • currituck

        Yes Fred, I did listen, and no where was it mentioned WHAT he posted, that is, his words..Read before YOU leap…

    • Ray Downen

      He surely did NOT “evade her when she wanted to read his posts.” He reminded her she had said she would do so. She kept on talking but not reading anything from the facebook posts.

      • currituck

        Well, I said ‘seemed’ and I stand by it..`He continued asking questions is why she kept talking..Then he asked another question as time ran out..

  • Tim

    look out, if you say anything bad you may also be arrested and placed in a re-education facility, its a scary situation Vote in this election because if you do not this may become a horror story of freedom of speech

    • Bob

      I’ll vote with my feet—I’ve had it to here with this cesspool of subhumanity calling itself a “freedom loving” country.

  • daveveselenak

    Itold you that the new Hitler is exactly that! It is time to wake up and hit the streets. The states should start manning militias – pronto! To quote T. Jefferson: ” THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST BE REFRESHED FROM TIME TO TIME WITH THE BLOOD OF PATRIOTS AND TYRANTS.” Guess what, we are at that time!

  • m123s

    Friends, dont let friends use…

  • brabbie2002

    And the Social Security Administration is buying bullets! Makes you wonder just when Marshall Law will be declared…Let me guess – Election Day! And so the civil war will begin! Lock and Load!

  • brabbie2002

    If the gubb’ment wants to arrest me, just think 3 hots and a cot! I am not afraid to stand up for my rights..Are you?

  • lashlerue

    Incredible! It’s apparent to me that our rights, one by one, are being
    taken away . . . not to mention that our constitution is being trampled
    on . . . by this administration. Tyranny is the word that comes to my mind.

  • Ron

    Reeducation center does that mean I get a free college degree? Uncle Sam ( read taxpayers , alias working people ) pay for it 3 squares a day while i study ? Wonder how they present the class “Government 101” and the U.S. bill of rights and the Constitution? and when it comes to studying history and the 1776 Revolution the 2012-13 revolution will take place . so history will repeat in America . Only difference ot won’t be against King George but self empowered King —– . fill in the blank. as this is a test question to pass the course/ have a nice day and Semper Fi.

  • ArealPatriot

    load of bullshit – he posted disturbing and unpatriotic comments regarding about not taking orders from this administration etc., you may not like the president but you are obligated under the contract you signed to follow the orders of the President and defend this country – you dont get to pick and choose what order you want to follow. He’s a fucking traitor and should be court martialed.

    • JiminTexas

      Patriot, you are confusing this issue and are half cocked. “Talking” about not taking an order that may be illegal is NOT against the law, only failing to follow a legal order. Also take note that he is no longer in the military, so he doesn’t have to follow any orders. I don’t think there’s enough information here for any of us to form an opinion yet.

  • CSN

    They should contact Jay Sekulow NOW!

  • CSN

    The book “Ron Paul Revolution” is what they were worrying about. Probably thought he was an “Oath Keeper”. These guys are desperate, and are looking for anyone who could resist the coming Globalist Agenda.

  • CSN

    BTW: I’d get off Facebook if I were anyone who posts here! Facebook has ties with the CIA. They will forward your information to named CIA, and are keeping watch on that social media site.

  • Bob

    What business has the sneakret service got poking their noses into it unless there has been a distinct and unambiguous threat on the lives of either the prez or vice or his cabinet?

  • marineh2ominer

    Face it it folks , the free republic of the United States no longer exists , at this time we are all subjects with NONE of the rights of sovereign citizens . That scenario of freedom , liberty , and EQUAL justice are now history and will never return with out gallons of blood in the streets , nor will that happen , because the progressive indoctrination combined with the power of force of government has become so effective .

  • You don’t miss freedom till it is taken from you.


  • sandyaz

    The NBPP can say incendiary things and nothing happens and this young man gets arrested. Not right.

  • Delores109

    OBAMA would have to arrest every citizen of the United States if he is trying to use “scare tactics.” We have freedom of speech, and I don’t like what Obama, George Soros, and their radicals are doing to our nation. I want Mr. Raub released immediately, because the arrest was illegal, They snapped handcuffs on him, did not read him his Miranda Rights, and took him to a mental hospital. Police do not have that authority to determine a person’s mental stability. The FBI states that Mr. Raub was resisiting arrest which is impossible, because the video shows him quickly being hand-cuffed. This is the United States of America, and it will remain so whether or not Obama seeks greater power. We are going to the polls to vote.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • Delores109

    A former U.S. Marine has been taken to a mental hospital illegally. The Chesterfied Police of Virgina came to his home, slapped handcuffs on him, did not read him his Miranda Rights, and he was later accused of resisting arrest. It is difficult, if not impossible, to resist arrest with handcuffs on. Since you are involved in this, because he is accused of posting the TRUTH about you and our government, tell the police to release Brandon J. Raub, before you become highly embarrassed. He is a former Marine who has served our nation, and he is being discredited for Freedom of Speech. RELEASE HIM.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • Another PATRIOT

    This Marine is a true patriot and true to his aoath as I also took the same Oath when I enlisted in Februaru 1942. He is the Patriot that Seretary has warned about by calling him a Terrorist under the fraudulent declaration of any anti Obama government activist. He is a true PATRIOT not a terrrorist. He is being held for no reason other than he has identified the BEAST in Wasshington. They wil posibly come for me next but i stand behind thie Marine

  • Phyllis

    Fought for our freedom of speech, however, he is arrested for exercising that right. IMPEACH THE POS IN THE WHITE HOUSE

  • What is more disturbing is how the FBI knew about his FB posts. Is the FBI his friend (doubtful)? Did someone report his posts, bringing it to the attention of FB support who then reported it to the authorities (possible)? Is the FBI scanning every post and when the right combo of words hits a predefined threshold, an alert is issued and someone is arrested? I’d like to see this script they are running. Who came up with the criteria? Based on what facts? 1984, baby, 1984.

  • Delores109

    The FBI woman identified herself to the mother of the former Marine, Brandon J. Raub, stating on the phone, “The Westerfield Police in Virginia had arrested Brandon because he had assaulted and resisted arrest.” Americans, in my video, it shows Brandon being hand-cuffed and Brandon asking where he was being taken. They would not answer him. HE DID NOT RESIST ARREST. He was not read his Miranda Rights, yet he was handcuffed. The video, I believe had fake photos a black riot truck with three men in riot gear and three weapons pointed forward. I do not believe the truck was at the house, but the mother would know. The other fake photo was a white car with FBI on it. It was in the middle of the street (don’t know the street). However, it doesn’t snow in Virginia in August. Just before the left front fender was SNOW. These photos were to intimidate us. OBAMA, you must be involved or two secret service agents would not have been with the Westerfield Police. RELEASE BRANDON J. RAUB FROM THE JOHN RANDOLPH HOSPITAL in Hopewell, Virginia. Anyone that is party to this arrest will be convicted of TREASON. Delores Smith [email protected]

  • Delores109

    We will get to the bottom of this. I guarantee it. Don’t let scare tactics be used against us. Obama, if you are involved in this, you are nothing but a CHICAG0 THUG- Release BRANDON J. RAUB from the JOHN RANDOLPH HOSPITAL in Hopewell, Virginia. Don’t wait until they make him insane. Too many people have exact videos of what happened. These accurate videos will be used to provide the TRUTH.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    So, being patriotic and conservative is a “mental health emergency” to Facebook… guess how the FBI and Raub’s local authorities got his info, I wonder. (Good reason to not have Facebook.)