Video: Newt drills CNN Host-“You’re An Extension of the Obama Campaign”

Gingrich hands Piers Morgan’s hat to him in this interview.  Not only does Gingrich accuse Morgan of, essentially, working for Obama, he eviscerates the Obama record, noting that the US is in the worst recovery in 75 years and that Obama’s approach is “crippling” the poor.

  • O W N E D…..

  • Why can’t Romney do that too? Romney in Florida was tepid and stale as dry toast. He needs to do a Newt. He needs to say YOU ARE ASKING ME ABOUT MY BUDGET? Why don’t you ask the low down guy in the while house why every one in Congress rejected his budget. I’ll tell you what, this week I am going to compare and contrast how my budget will bring prosperity and his budget will bring ruination. Until Romney starts to mix it up like Newt, his goose is cooked.

    • reggiec

      Romney does not do it for the simple reason that he does not have the knowlwdge Newt has. Newt does not need notes or a telprompter. He does not need writers or research assistants. He could destroy Obama or anyone on the left in any debate because of his knowledge. Too bad there is not a way to transfer that kinowledge in to Romneys head.

  • CaptTurbo

    Go Newt! Tell those fools!

  • Barry_Suxx

    CNN: Communist News Network. (if the shoe Fits, Wear It!)