Cops to Answer in Court for US ‘Stoning’ of Christians

Hundreds of angry Muslims threw chunks of concrete and eggs at a team of Christians, spraying them with urine and cursing at them – all while police stood by and then threatened the victims with “disorderly conduct.”

Egypt? Saudi Arabia? Somalia? No. Dearborn, Michigan.

So now a team of attorneys from the American Freedom Law Center is going to court on behalf of the victims of the violent Muslim mob at the Arab International Festival last June, an attack that was captured on video.

The federal civil rights complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan names as defendants officials from the Wayne County sheriff’s office who “sided with the Muslim mob intent on suppressing the Christians’ speech.”

The complaint explains authorities not only failed to protect the Christians, they ordered them to leave the Arab Festival under threat of arrest for “disorderly conduct.”

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  • As a Christian man I am proud of the way my fellow Christians conducted themselves and their willingness to fight…Hope they are ready to draw blood if necessary!

    • don

      This country will be subject to more of the muslim violence as their % goes up. The cops are being turned into worthless defenders of the law. Between the obama muslims and wall street protestors this country is nearing it’s finish.

  • marineh2ominer

    Cops hired today are all SWAT wannabees but without the guts or loyalty to the American constitution . There motto has morphed from ” To protect and serve ” to ” To intimidate and harase ” .

    • tom s

      You don’t know what you are talking about. The majority of the police officers of the USA are good, honest, hard-working people trying to do their best. It’s the few bad apples that get in that you know of.

      • Barry_Suxx

        Not taking sides here because I’ve witnessed The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’ in ALL Branches of Law Enforcement. A lot of they perform on-duty has to do with the Local Politics at the time. Cases in point: Where I worked in 76, Union Members were allowed to smash cars, bully citizens, and terrorize their homes at night while City Cops as well as County Cops as well as Troopers stood by with a Blind Eye and ignored it all. And more recently in WI, the same pattern is repeated. And now this….
        Sure, their Motto states “To Protect And To Serve”, but it would appear that they are often driven by the Political attitude of their Administrative Level. i.e.: The Golden Rule.
        ‘Who Ever Has The Gold Makes The Rules’.

        • don

          Barry, you are correct. I think it is the fact that the police chiefs are now mostly chosen by pc mayors and city councils. Ex. LA city. It is such a corrupted pc city that it is going bankrupt, just as the democrat run state goes down.

          • don

            Of course, the population tends to pick it’s own kind. The muslims will have predominantly muslim police, and the illegal alien areas will definitely have more corruption because of general ignorance and fear. Ex.: Bell, and San Bernardino, in a democrat run California.

    • don

      marine, you sound like an illegal alien and/or a gang member. Which is it?

  • steamingernie

    calling these excrement-throwing beasts animals would be an insult to the animal kingdom. Sic the Daleks on them I say.

  • epsilon

    i saw that video and was rather disgusted that the cops were siding with the muslim mob of terrorists, but i was also sympathetic with the situation because the cops were saying they were trying to manage a giant festival and didn’t have the police manpower to handle such a large crowd. Still, they violated the protesters’ constitutional right to free speech, and if the muslim crowd was unruly then the incident is the fault of the mob and the situation should have been allowed to escalate so that the media could report on the way that muslims do not assimilate into western society.

    Regardless, the cops REALLY showed their true convictions in the video when the protesters were in their cars, far away from the festival, LEAVING when suddenly a dozen police officers in their cars blocked them off and began harassing them unnecessarily. Wow that was when i really trembled because we are already tantamount to a police state!

    • tom s

      Seeing how that Dearborn, Mi has been infiltrated and taken over by muslims, I wonder what the makeup of the Dearborn PD is now?? It’s a sad situation when a group such as those “running” Dearborn are allowed to move in & take over. Do you think that perhaps the same thing will happen to the rest of the USA in the near future??

      • ginger

        Their plan is overwhelm us with sheer numbers…that is why they have more than one wife (on welfare) and all the kids they can breed. They think Americans are stupid because we don’t. They Will be the majority and then watch out!

      • don

        One of obam’s many plans is to spread the muslim sharia through out this country. All the pc killing of free speech will be on the rest of us. The Christians are now the first targets. Obama is muslim, and everything he does proves it. He took out Mabaric (sp) to usher in the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and from there the rest of the muslim countries are falling like dominoes. It will become one massive surrounding front to Israel, with the muslim obama playing golf when the attack occurs. Does it remind anyone of Nero when Rome burned, as the story goes.

      • Wanda

        It will if we sit on our behinds and just talk about it and think thats going to change things it sure won’t. We need to be out there protesting everyday in ever state and city. Action speaks louder than words. Thier counting on the americans doing just what were doing now absolutely nothing.

      • don


    • ginger

      Like all muslims they are hate filled and savages..just watch the “children” and their behavior…and if they don’t get what they want they riot or mob and hurt others…you notice it never is one on one…always a mob and no one stops them and we wonder why they hold others in contempt…they get their way with impunity in this country…time for others to stand up and stop this madness.

  • The cops were not performing their duty to protect and defend the citizens
    of this country. Not only should they be fired but face civil fines and the crowd of tolerant muslims should be shipped to their own country in the middle east (pick one of the arab countries.

  • Why not just use some common sense by initiating a policy to
    quit financing these countries and supplying their needs for medical
    assistance and medical commodies including foreign trade of food and including the same policies to any country whom directly or indirectly support their cause through our foreign policies of trade to those
    other countries. And, last but not least is to protect our soldiers at all
    costs as they are placed into a dangerous area of life threating
    situations under extreme pressure to do nothing, We need to change
    policies on that immediately especially considering our soldiers are
    there representing our Government as a national leader within the
    world communities emphasizing our devotion of happiness in pursuing
    the course of freedom, equal rights and the opportunity to worship
    a faith of choice. We owe these people or their government absolutely
    nothing and need to prove even less to them and have no business
    being there to begin with if were not wanted and should be pulled out
    and returned home, But before any of this comes to a solution we as
    a nation must have the proper guidence, devotion, and courage to
    lead and guide us down the path of success in a professional manner
    led by a professionable leader and this president, obama and his
    administration does not meet those qualification in any manner which
    is the biggest reason to get this facad of a president obama out of
    our government before we losae our country and freedon.

    • ginger

      YES..common sense…but the government will keep sending our tax dollars to them and cry when they kill us for our time. the evil doctrine they are slaves to demands it and they are more than willing to do it.

      • don

        ginger, This is just another obama muslim outreach, that is so outrageous for him to be sending more billions of borrowed dollars to the hateful muslims, even after they attacked and killed 4 Americans, etc. It backs up the statement: “obama is a muslim”! He is responsible for the 4 American deaths. It is indefensible to leave all our embassies on 9/11 without proper defense. No bullets for the guns that were there? Does this not look like a typical clinton state department operation? Does the holder gun running operation also look like “something is really rotten” in the obama administration?

        • ginger

          the entire o operation is rotten to the core.

    • Hilary Clinton went to EGYPT, as SEC. OF STATE, and she was a victum of the same treatment, they threw ROTTEN TOMATOS and other things at he hitting her. NOT ONE THING WAS SAID IN THE MSM, about it. I read about it on the web of course, since the MSM is so biased they woudn’t even say a word to offend OBAMAand HIS MUSLIM BROTHERS.

      • don

        sylviam, If that really happened to hilary, she deserved it! She is part of the obama cover up. Her politics is only one notch lower than obamas. She has been working with the UN on treaties to disarm US citizens, and with the sea treaty, both her and obama, seek to take America’s earned wealth to redistribute it to the 3rd world. You can bet she did not say anything either, she is part of the obama corruption. Her and the rest of the white house crowd blamed the latest muslim violence on a low level video only a few people ever saw. It was a lie from everyone involved in the obama administration cover up. She is not a victim, she is a facilitator. If the muslims in general are so prone to violence, their presence in the USA should be severely limited.

  • Ron

    Watchdogman says “draw blood if necessary” well irs goint to come down to that when the revolution begins . God Bless America and Semper Fi.

  • Stealth

    Cops AIN’T what they USED to be at all…. I know older retired cops who have told me that ‘it’s a different game today… I wanted to be a cop to HELP people because I LIKE people but these days, they’re full of the ‘attitude’ that EVERYONE’S a BAD guy ( unless they’re a cop- even a BAD cop ) and are trained more militaristically and will drag even elderly people out of there cars to slam them face down. I have often told my wife that I would NEVER allow a cop to wrongly punish me ( no matter WHAT the law says! ) physically- without one f**k of a fight!! And…I’d let a JURY decide who was right or wrong! To you cops who TRY to be fair….. you are the TRUE defenders of the peace..

    • don

      In LA cops ordered wall street protestors to move, and when they did not, they pepper sprayed them. Each of them got a $30,000 award from the court instead of fines and jail time. This country is going down fast.

      • don

        Most of the time it is not the beat cop’s fault. It is their management, lawyers, aclu, activists, pc city councils, unions, and the list goes on ….

  • 1_Eddie_1

    I for one am glad that this is making it’s way through the legal system. I watched the video that Tom Trento had on his website. I was appalled at the Officers response. Then I found out one of the high ranking Officers on the Dearborn PD was, wait for it………..a Muslim. Now, you can understand why the Christians were threatened with disorderly conduct and arrest. All the Christians did were protesting peacefully. While they were being stoned, insulted and cursed at by adults as well as children, they were retreating from the angry mob. The Christians asked for Police protection and were denied, they were told that an officer could not be spared to stay near them and that the festival was too large of an event. I thought the PD was there to promote the peace. Once the Police left, the stoning began again. The Christians were forced to retreat yet again. The Police again showed up and began threatening the Christians and telling them to either leave or get arrested for disorderly conduct. These people should have been afforded the equal opportunity and protection of the law, they were denied. They were victimized by both the Dearborn PD and the angry Muslim mob.

  • Weatherfront

    There is a group that has been reenstated that existed during our war for independenc. The name of which is the “Blackrobed Regiment” It consisted of Babtist and other clergy, hince the name, who supported, aided and gave a lot of protection to our American Freedom fighters.
    If you should happen upon these folks be sure to help in anyway you can. They may be the last opportunity before this country becomes subjegated to the worst possible hate governane that can be imatined.

  • jeannyR

    nd there

  • jeannyR

    my post has been stricken before even posted, has anyone experienced that?

  • jeannyR

    C’mon Michigan, grow some backbone and rid the state of all muslims. You can tell from the children in that video that they are being taught hate of Americans, so no way are they even trying to be a religion of peace. They are a mob of hate and violence.

    • don

      80% of the “American” mosques are now preaching violence. They are just the “moderate” muslims. All across Europe these groups of moslems have been able to prevent that country’s police from entering their areas. Their areas resemble the middle east, and would be called slums in America. That is what obama wants, another dumb down voting base. He already has his minority welfare and wall street protesting mob voting bases. He and holder want no voter id in order to complete their plans for massive voter fraud. There are too many pc radical left police chiefs chosen by corrupted mayors. We have one in LA, who picked charlie beck for police chief. The mexican mayor and beck want to give illegals California drivers licenses, and as it is now not to impound their cars for them not having a drivers license. This is contrary to what they do to a legal citizen. Arizona also has corrupted police chiefs who will not enforce the laws. Holder’s feds then sue the sheriffs and police chiefs who do uphold the laws of the land. Wait for the above and judges to start allowing sharia law to rule. At that point obama will be living in Hawaii away from it all.

  • marv

    Janet Napolitano has recently ordered 1.2 billion rounds of
    ammunition and S/S ordered 450 million rounds of hollow point .40 mm rounds and
    a whole lot more, Google for info. They have also redacted info for