Russian DM: “Today, the world begins to unite against the USA”

The media outlet for the Russian government, Pravda, reported this weekend that a Russian observer at the recent APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit in Vladivostok came away convinced that the world is moving away from a U.S. dominated world. He noted that “everyone still plays by American rules, but the countries already demonstrate their independence in economic policy.”

This Member of the Duma, Yevgeny Fyodorov (who also serves as the head of the Duma’s Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship), said that China’s recent snubbing of Hillary Clinton reflected the United States’ loss of power and prestige: “I was there and saw how angry Mrs. Hillary Clinton was when she came from China, where several Chinese leaders – especially those who are to become top officials of China next year – did not even want to meet her.” He cited China’s refusal to allow Clinton “to take on mediator’s functions in resolving China’s territorial disputes with Asian countries” as further evidence of the US’s precipitous decline.

Observing that the U.S. “consumes a half the world’s GDP, despite the fact that there is only 4.5 percent of the population living there,” and that Americans “eat ten times as much as compared to the citizens of all other countries,” he argues that this excessive consumption occurs “at the expense of China, Russia, India, Brazil – all other countries.”

The Pravda interview concludes with DM Fyodorov stating that, “Today, the world begins to unite against the colonizer – USA.” He believes that the APEC conference is the start of a “national liberation movement to free the world from the U.S. occupation.”

There’s little doubt that the anti-American sentiment that erupted across the Middle East about this same time last week contributed to the atmosphere at the 21-nation APEC summit. And we can thank Obama’s love-fest with the Muslim Brotherhood for that.

  • Well I must say I can’t say I blame the Chinese for not wanting to be infected by the muslim-brotherhood-loving clinton l*sbian thing. I wouldn’t want to get too close to that myself. Surely this tragic episode should get rid of ANY presidential aspirations that huma’s lover might still be harboring?

    But isn’t it wonderful to see the promised love and respect for our country that our dog-eating, muslim-brotherhood-loving, appeaser-in-chief has engendered around the world!?

    Just like wild animals, our enemies are responding to the smell of appeasement, fear and indecision emanating from the democrap crooks in charge and are out for blood.

    • ginger

      the “world: thinks we Americans consume too much?? Why is that?If we build it, grow it, make it, utilize it, why not? they should let their people be free enought to do the same..which is what they want and are too locked into their ideology to do so…instead of emulating what Americans do to better their lives, they want to take us down to their level.

      • Utahlady

        Could not have said it better! Kudos!!!!!!!!

        • ginger

          thanks..just wish the 47% got it.

      • Socialism in a nutshell…nice job breaking it down!

        • ginger

          thanks..common sense is all. My people are Native American and decided generations ago that it made more sense to work hard and improve their lives instead of moaning about what was or might have been.

    • Eddie

      Sharks always circle their prey and even bump into it to test if it will strike back. When it has determined that there is no threat then the meal is consumed. OHOMO has made America into a shark’s next meal. The way I perceive it is we can do one of two things. Get rid of OHOMO or kiss America goodbye ! It’s just that simple. We are being set up for a sharks feast.

  • The key word here is “colonizing” which is the biggest crocka’ ever purported upon this country by our enemies, and allies! I am so tired of this administration and it’s antics that I am at my wits end! What a joke these guys have played on our country. We need to clean house, Congress, Senate, and the WH. It needs to be over! The money cut to these middle east countries…deport what exists here in America and close the borders!

    • ginger

      My goodness. “colonize”? Really, coming from a RUSSSIAN??!! So how did the soviet union work out for you? And Putin is still KGB, just changed his uniform for a suit. And obama wants to “be flexible” with him and his goons.

    • metoo

      Can we send the likes of Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow, Brian Williams, Peggy Noonan with them? And how about the Hollywood nut jobs?

  • Joe1938

    Re per Fyodorov, USA “consumes a half the world’s GDP, despite the fact that there is only 4.5 percent of the population living there”; Guess what Fydo, we do it because we can and all of you are pissed because you do not have the intellect, talent, smarts, ability or what ever the reason to consume as we consume.

    • CaptTurbo

      The only reason we have done so well is that unlike the Communist countries we enjoyed great production because of our freedoms. They can relax now that we are committing economic suicide by going Communist so our economy is on it’s way to hell to join theirs.

      • Joe1938


        You are right about where our Republic is headed. For decades, the people in our Republic who pull the strings and those who can but don’t are responsible for the dire straights faced by our Republic at this time. The retarded puppet was put into the Whitehouse by a huge machine made up of a bunch of national and international socialist/communist/marxist/islamofascist to which we must add the broken American voter.

        We are very near a tumble into the dustbowl of history along with all the other great nations and civilizations that had their turn at greatness.

        Our next big battle will be this coming November. Hopefully, we will be able to turn over DC; Both Congress and the Whitehouse. This may be our last chance to save our Republic.


        • Andromeda

          Remember remember the fifth of November
          Gunpowder, treason and plot.
          I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
          Should ever be forgot…

  • CaptTurbo

    Pretty much what George Soros wanted them to say. I’m not so against bringing our military home from all corners of the Earth as long as we bring all our foreign aid home to stay as well.

  • Joe1938

    Fydo believes that the APEC conference is the start of a “national liberation movement to free the world from the U.S. occupation”;

    This is a great idea!! Why th’ell can’t our clowns in DC think of something so simple? (Did someone say simpletons?) If our “leaders” had the stones to pull as many of our assets as possible back onshore, maybe I would not have to drive on potholes every time I take the car out. Who knows? We might be able to start to pay down the deficit.

  • As long as we let that charlatan and his embarrasing clown for VP represent us this will continue as a trend to our ruin. We can’t just hope that he’ll be voted out of office. Somehow there has to be a group or groups of people that can go over his head to make sure this won’t happen, or it will with this pathetic team of so called leaders.

  • The whole world, at least the totalitarian nations, are violently envious, jealous and resentful of the American success story – and will concoct any narrative, any lies, any propaganda with which to steal our treasures – natural OR man-made.

    They don’t want to do away with our “excessive consumption”, they want to steal it for themselves because after thousands of years their own systems have been and remain total failures.

    This pathological envy on the part of whole nations for the USA has been rampant for as long as I can remember (almost 7 decades) even after the sacrifices of Americans in Europe fighting the nazi’s, but this time it’s more serious because unfortunately, we have a gang of America-hating criminals accommodating our enemies from the inside.

    Hopefully, President Romney will have what it takes to put us back on the right track.

    • metoo

      Since I am now considered a “senior citizen” I can tell of a comment a grade school teacher made to my class back in the early 60s. She told us that the United States could be totally self-sufficient, except for making tires which required rubber plant trees which we could not grow here. She said we grow our own food, can make our own clothing, can make our own cars, etc. So, if we could do it back then, why can’t we do it now? Globalization WAS great until we became a debtor nation and had to borrow money from China. In return they get our food (wonder if they pay us, or is it a credit to our account) because their gov’t would rather put its’ money into defense. Smart people. Maybe we should follow suit. What’s Washington going to do when China calls in all its loans? China, Russia, Iran are all giving money and supplies to our enemies. Why not just let them do what they want and we get out completely? It certainly won’t change anything. Maybe they will starve to death—oh too bad. The Democrats would want you to believe that we are a kind, gentle nation. Well, that was then, this is now! Please stop and ask yourself if this crew in the White House DESERVES another four years of the same old lies and “transparency” and why. If your answer is no, be sure to ask your friends and neighbors the same question.

      • Max48

        I totally agree. Isolationism was looked down upon for so long, but really the rest of the world doesn’t want or need us. And the immigration rate now justifies a new look at this philosophy of management of our country and economy. No more Obama and his worldly ambitions or apologies.

        • You know, I had never really thought of isolationism in that light before, but, you are right, the rest of the world is so full of itself, it doesn’t need us to help them do anything, but how fast will all of those yokels come running to us when war breaks out?

      • captn drow

        Well we could be self sufficient but we couldn’t afford to buy any of our own products because of the cost of living that we have. I understand why the other countries would be mad because we abuse our power with the world reserve currency. We consume a quarter of the worlds energy(based on dollars) and then pay our bills with inflated dollars. I think our lifestyles have finally caught up with us. I don’t think it is fair that some kid in Asia is forced to work for 70 cents an hour so that our kids can wear 200 dollar shoes. I know that their government is directly responsible for allowing such things to happen, but its like any other evil system in the world. (It wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a demand for it)

    • CaptTurbo

      Excellent post Migeo.

  • gracentruth

    Hmmmm. Remember the British Empire, the Roman Empire? Remember Main 2012 at RNC convention? Remember the song, “It’s Time for All America to Pray”? If America is to survive, God must win – and He does. Peace,

  • bigdog137

    Thw world begins to unite against the U.S.A. But I thought whaty with the apology tour & all, the world loved us once again. The current Dithering Doofus in the White House has transmitted nothing but indecision, weakness, stupidity in ALL he’s done concerning foreign policy. He so needs to be GONE!

  • Utahlady

    ..and if the other countries would turn away we would still survive because of our strength and freedom.They would still be eating bugs and poop and listening to emotionally insecure ,power hungry leaders who live like kings and queens.The same way the Obamas have decided they deserve to live. All we have to do is get rid of Obama and crew,to correct ours problems .The rest of these countries that would like to destroy u,s need to figure out how to live w/o us subsidising them.Do they actually think Russia and China will do that?

  • m123s

    Russian DM; those threats once upon a time immediately caught my attention. Not anymore, since finding out that Russia was seated at the table at Britton Woods, and agreed that the world Reserve Currency would be the Dollar, and America would become a debt/consummer Nation. Mr. DM what exactly are you speaking of?

  • Mark Brickey

    This is good! We take away ALL the funding/financing that we give away each year & then if any country wishes to get help from us, they prove their friendship. About the only countries that I can think of right off the top of my head that have been consistently loyal friends are Israel, Turkey, “most the time” Saudi Arabia, England ( but not so mush since Obama Flipped them off), Japan, Australia and a few other usually smaller countries. Even the European countries since they’ve decided to be “socialist” have been thumbing their noses at us the last several decades… So to HELL with them ALL! We can use the money here, we close our wallets until they prove the need, prove their friendship.

    • metoo

      Let’s add this: Need help from the U.S.? PAY FOR IT. We pay our police forces at home, so why not when our “police” (the military) go abroad?

    • Turkey not so much & getting worse as time passes. Erdogan has an agenda of his own.

  • Yes, Obotfly and his minions have exposed the throat of Lady Liberty to these jackals through their grovelling and undermining of every American strength. I think we’re in for a rough ride.

  • South

    Well, looks like obama leading in the polls today 9-23-12… I cannot understand why this is happening!

    • Max48

      Possibly because many in this country have no idea what is happening. The MSM does not inform their watchers/patrons of what is happening if it is the least bit threatening to the myth that is Obama.

    • metoo

      Maybe we should post these messages on the MSM’s websites. Then all the daft people will get a taste of their own medicine.

    • Rasmussen is usually the least biased and it still shows them neck and neck. 45 days is eternity this election, so don’t give up hope!
      Most inside sources say Romney does better at debating, so we’d be wise to wait for Oct. 3 before pushing any panic buttons.

  • GMIller

    Joe: Why are you publishing Russian propaganda? Because you can see Russia from your house? USA has 5% of world population, 25% of GDP. American wealth does not cause other world poverty. That is left-wing, zero-sum thinking and is incorrect. It is additive. We buy others’ goods and invent and produce great things for the world.

    Other countries have been moving away from us financially for a long time because we’re debasing the dollar, which is still the world’s reserve currency, but losing ground very quickly.

    You don’t sound very different from Murkowski.

    • joewmiller

      I don’t think you read all of the article. The last paragraph makes it clear that this report was not in any way supportive of the Russian DM’s comments.

  • sonofliberty

    If the USA consumes and buys, then what’s the complaint? You got a way to make money any other way than by consuming or Consumers? Can’t get your Daily Bread from a Paddy Wagon can you? Perhaps we should start living on Onions for Lunch as they did in Russia before they decided to go Democracy (sort of).

  • tomtom

    America needs a LEADER !!! NOW !!!