Report: “Other Woman” in Petraeus Scandal Helped Hezbollah Infiltrate Central Command; Was “Go To Girl” For Muslim Parties w/ Generals

Jill Khawam Kelley was the hand-picked lobbyist for Muslim nations and their agenda at Central Command.

Kelley, who is part of the soap opera that the Petraeus scandal spawned, was in charge of hosting parties and social events to push the Islamic agenda of Middle Eastern countries. She was seen by Muslim Mid-East nations, especially Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, as the “go to” woman to push their agenda on top American generals. She was a lobbyist for their cause and, yet, wasn’t required to register as a lobbyist, like all others who host lavish parties for top American officials, like she did, in an attempt to influence U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Kelley, a dhimmi Christian Arab of Lebanese descent, was well known in the Muslim Arab embassies of Washington for doing their bidding and hosting their parties at and near MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where our nation’s top generals are based. It’s where Central Command–the U.S. Armed Forces’ leadership over wars and military personnel Middle East–is headquartered.

When a friend of mine said that he thought the financially troubled Khawam sisters, Kelley and Natalie Khawam, were spies for Lebanon and the Arab world, I originally expressed skepticism. I believed that these twin sisters with obvious twin nose jobs were merely bimbo gold diggers in slutty outfits, who used their Delilah ways to first nab rich husbands, and then nab idiotic top American generals to participate in Lifetime-Channel-worthy bitter child custody disputes. But then I learned that Ms. Kelley, who was until this week under the radar, was quietly involved in pushing the agenda of Muslim Arab nations on our nation’s top generals with whom she’d grown close by design. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Ms. Kelley got her hooks into our two top generals in the Middle East, David Petraeus and John Allen. I’m now convinced that my friend, lawyer Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana, who has excellent instincts, was correct.

I’ve long written about the infiltration of Central Command at MacDill Air Base in Tampa by Islamic terrorists. Islamic Jihad founder and convicted Islamic terrorist, Sami Al-Arian, was an instructor on the Middle East to our top generals at MacDill Air Force Base AT THE VERY SAME TIME that he was planning mergers and terrorist attacks in Israel with “the brothers of HAMAS” and while he was bringing Muslim illegal alien Islamic terrorists to the U.S. Al-Arian’s friend and co-conspirator, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah (one of those Al-Arian brought here), who became the Secretary-General of the worldwide Islamic Jihad terrorist group, was also a lecturer at MacDill and also taught our top generals his poisonous views on the Middle East and Israel. FBI and INS agents who investigated Shallah and Al-Arian were alarmed at the influence these two top Islamic terrorists had over CentCom. They were also alarmed to find many books on the inner workings of MacDill in Shallah’s house when they raided it.

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  • metoo

    Perhaps we should be thanking Ms Broadwell for sending harassing letters to Ms Kelley. Without those letters, the FBI would have never known what the Khawam sisters were doing for the jihadists. Our generals and others were sleeping with the enemy and didn’t even know it, or at least, didn’t suspect it. Just to know they were Lebanese should have tipped them off and given them pause to check their backgrounds. What a bunch of fools! While our young troops are trying to stay alive, their superior officers are entertaining “Mata Haris”. Fame and power is strong stuff, but at what cost?

    • Maybe the Generals did know it and were part of the STAND DOWN in Benghazi. I don’t trust any of them. I think an E-4 with a common K-12 education could figure out their agenda.

  • reggiec

    and the plot thickens……

  • Lizelot

    No wonder we got nowhere both in Iraq and Afghanistan, and no wonder Obama appointed Petraeus to the CIA. Such that he could have Kelley play her games there? Isn’t this akin to dereliction of duty or even treason? Since when is fraternizing with the enemy part of our military preparedness?

    No wonder, also, suicides in our military forces are up. To witness such stupidity and not be able to protest could be too much to bear. This kind of behavior and laxity is part & parcel of the Progressives’ multiculturalism–all borders by design hv become hazy and permeable. That this is strictly one-sided doesn’t seem to matter. Have we all taken a swig of the Kool Ade?

  • I wish the Obama administration embraced Christianity like he fawns over Muslims!

    • I wish they’d embrace a different address on a different continent and never be heard from again. One of the worst parts of re-election is dealing with the darned Clintons 4 four more years. They just don’t go away even when they lose.

    • SteamingPileofObama

      I personally with he embraced Bushido and commit seppeku for disgracing our nation and getting those 4 Americans killed.

  • Ya know this is really getting depressing. Going to turn off the news for a mental vacation

  • vaquerobob

    We have been compromised… again! Lobbyist my foot!… These two are enemy SPIES!!!

  • HavanaEyes

    If she’s a traitor, then she should be shot…isn’t that the punishment for treason?

  • Jeffrey Braun The Libyan militia members that had been taken prisoner and held by the CIA at the consulate was the entire reason for the 9-11 attack in Benghazi and I believe the Obama administration ordered the US forces to Stand Down because of an agreement made prior to these attacks, Jill Kelly is the WH spy not Paula Broadwell This speech is KEY into the entire Benghazi cover-up, This is a big part of truth not part of the WH lies.

  • bartmansan

    Thanks for this info. Sharing.

  • Obama is more of a Muslim Concern than some woman who was taking on a General. This is another Obama witch hunt for the Unknown…so the American People won’t question the reasons behind states wanting to withdraw from the Union!!! Or Election machines that voted Obama no matter rather or not you actually vote for Obama, Or why Votes had been tossed for Romney. Or How some area’s would have 100% for Obama and Zero (0) votes for Romney….100% come on! Then to see over 25,000 people in one town vote for Obama…..over the number of registered voters in that town (Opps) Must have bussed to many in!! We need to demand the FBI investigate these allegations of Large Numbers of Voter Fraud!! That is their Job…or at least it was once! Good Luck America, you are going to need it!

  • Mike

    Hilary’s chief of staff has family that are part of the Muslim Brotherhood.. And they want us to give up our guns?? Ha ha!