Here’s One Flag No One Is Talking About [+videos]

Today, news and social outlets are consumed with the topic of the Confederate flag. But a question no one is tackling is what about the Hezbollah flag flying over American tanks in Iraq?

Anyone who visits the Walter Reed Hospital will immediately see the irrevocable destruction of Hezbollah. Thousands of our troops have been incapacitated and mangled by IEDs from Hezbollah and other Shiite groups in Iraq, all funded by Obama’s ally, Iran. Anyone who was around in 1983 will remember the 241 American servicemen who were killed in the Hezbollah terror attack in Beirut.

Guess what Obama is doing with them?

Eli Lake reports at Bloomberg News that our troops are sharing a base with Hezbollah-controlled Shiite forces and we are bailing them out of their humiliating loss to the Islamic State:

This collaboration with terrorist groups that have killed Americans was seen as unavoidable as the U.S. marshaled Iraqis against the Islamic State, but could prove counterproductive to U.S. interests in the long term, this official said. The militias comprise largely Shiite volunteers and are headed by the leader of the Iraqi Hezbollah, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. He was sanctioned in 2009 by the Treasury Department for destabilizing Iraq. Al-Muhandis is a close associate of Qassem Suleimani, the Iranian Quds Force commander, who has snapped selfies with the militia leader at key battles. Other militias that have participated in the fighting against the Islamic State include the League of the Righteous, which in 2007 carried out a brutal roadside execution of five U.S. soldiers near Karbala. The group to this day boasts of its killing of U.S. soldiers. In an interview in February, a spokesman for the militia defended the killings and said his militia had killed many more American soldiers.

Obama is risking the lives of our troops to get involved in an Islamic civil war between the two worst actors in the Middle East instead of letting them kill each other. What’s worse is that we are running air campaigns and funneling weapons to the Iranian-backed terrorists who killed and mangled thousands of America’s finest.

This report comes on the heels of the revelation that Obama has been sending Hellfire Missiles and Howitzers to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Sadly, this has been going on for months. In January, American M1 Abrams Tanks were spotted with the local version of the Hezbollah flag flying high.

If you don’t remember a national conversation about this don’t feel uninformed. It wasn’t exactly a Politico or CNN breaking news alert.

One could not possibly conjure up a more dyslexic and immoral strategy in the Middle East. On one hand, Obama is siding with Iran and Hezbollah in the theaters where they are fighting the Islamic State, instead of rooting for casualties on both sides. On the other hand, he is refusing to arm our allies, the Kurds, in the theaters where they are successfully battling IS. Instead of sending the weapons to the Kurds, the Obama administration is directing the arms to the “Iraqi army,” which is nothing but a proxy for Iran and Hezbollah.

Ash Carter, Obama’s Defense Secretary, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that he didn’t want to arm the Kurds because it would jeopardize the “unity” of Iraq. In other words, it would risk offending the Iranians. Congressional Democrats also blocked an amendment to the NDAA that would have provided for the direct arming of Kurdish forces.

What could be more dangerous, offensive, and immoral than sending 3,500 ground forces and our air force to arm and protect Hezbollah in an Islamic civil war?

Where is the clamoring from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Reince Preibus with letters to the president demanding that we “take down the Hezbollah flag” from the base in Anbar province? Within 24 hours they were able to mobilize against the Confederate Flag; certainly they can muster the courage to stop Obama’s support of Hezbollah and endangerment of our troops.

Oh, and in case anyone forgot, the deadline for the Iran deal is a week from today. It’s clearly not as important as the Confederate flag, passing Obamatrade, and strengthening Obamacare, but can GOP leaders at least feign some degree of concern for our national security?

One can always gauge the values of a political movement by its priorities. And when it comes to the D.C. oligarchy, their priorities have hit rock bottom. (“Here’s One Flag No One Is Talking About”, originally posted HERE)

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