Midwife in California Arrested by Armed Thugs, Cash Taken From Home

A 60-year old midwife who has delivered hundreds of healthy babies in California was arrested by armed agents in her home earlier this month. A local TV station reported that

Brenda Capps was booked for violation of Business and Professions Code section 2052, which is unlicensed practice of medicine.

Investigators with the Medical Board’s Operation Safe Medicine conducted an undercover investigation that led to Capp’s arrest.

The Medical Board first became aware of Capps during another investigation and successful criminal prosecution of an unlicensed person for practicing midwifery and medicine. During the initial investigation of Capps, Medical Board investigators confirmed that she was unlicensed and warned her not to practice midwifery without being properly licensed.

Following her arrest, Ms. Capps was booked in the county jail on felony charges.

Unlike other recent midwifery prosecution cases, Ms. Capps’ case did not involve any allegations of medical malpractice. Rather, the heavy hand of California’s Medical Board police (yes, they have guns) was brought to bear against Ms. Capps, apparently to send a message to other liberty-minded practitioners that unlicensed birthing will not be tolerated on the left-Coast.

Here’s what Ms. Capps’ husband, an itinerant pastor, had to say about the jack-booted arrest of his wife:

[A]fter 22 years of faithful midwifery ministry the [California] Medical Board came into our home and arrested Brenda Capps on Thursday Nov. 15th 2012 around 11 a.m. Brenda works under The Religious Exemption Clause and has every client sign the form for her care. We have obtained an outstanding attorney (David Faulkner of Bakersfield) and the Midwives all over [California] and USA and even out of the country are calling and in support. We seek your prayers. My wife is fearful. We are staying with her at all times. We will fight this to victory. All babies due are being delivered by other midwives in support of midwifery. Brenda Capps works as a Christian Domiciliary Midwife and within her rights of the law. The MB people who were all over our home with guns took $500.00 cash money from Brenda’s desk that was her birthday money.

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  • Capt. America

    My grand daughter had to give $10,000 up front money for a doctor to deliver her child. No wonder they lobbied for laws against mid wife’s.This is not the Christian country I grew up in. Does anyone remember truth,justice and the American way?

  • Doug Rodrigues

    “We’re from the government. We’re here to help you.”

  • Is it that difficult to get a midwife license, or was it just a matter of somehow violating her religious faith to obtain a license? I get it that helping a baby be born shouldn’t take a license, but if I were an expectant mom, I wouldn’t hire someone to help me who didn’t have a license, only because I would feel they had more basic information than experience can teach about what can go wrong and what to do if it does. Either way, it does seem as though she did qualify for a religious exemption and should absolutely NOT have been arrested.

    • reggiec

      Licensing does not mean competence. It seems to me that Mrs Capp had the experience. Hundreds of kids delivered with no complaints of malpractice. Licensing in many cases is only required to protect those already in any profession, not to protect the consumer.

  • So it’s OK to kill babies through abortion, and harm mothers through botched abortions and the lies of Planned Parenthood, but it is not OK to minister, help and serve families with midwifery? This is asinine and nothing less than Assault and Armed Robbery! The Capps should be vindicated and exonerated of ALL charges involved in this incident! Pray for them and give as the LORD leads you!

    • Bob

      The time for “praising the lord” is long past and hasn’t done jack squat for this country…time to pass the ammunition.

    • steamin’ernie

      people who live in the area should determine who instigated this witch hunt at the local level and do everything, legal of course, they can to remove said individual(s) from public office, or ANY office. Someone pulled the trigger and said ‘go get her’. now ‘go get them’ – contribute money to opponent next election, if you can find one who will commit to not going after decent citizens. I know, this is too simplistic, but have to start somewhere and LOCAL is the answer.

  • Mom of Seven

    Brenda has supported me in six pregnancies and births. Not only does she practice within her rights in the law, it is within my rights as a woman to birth my children where I want, how I want and with anyone supporting me that I choose! I think every feminist needs to rise up. This is very clearly an attack on our rights. Why should the government tell me where I should have my baby and under what conditions that child should be born? Who is the government to forbid a woman to support another woman in bringing new life into the world? This is clearly not their domain.

    My husband and I chose to have Brenda at our births in full knowledge that she was unlicensed. She has never misrepresented herself. The Medical Board has clearly overstepped their authority in this matter to the detriment of women and babies.

    Besides which, we need to make the distinction that midwifery is not medicine! Pregnancy is a sign of health and not a disease to be managed. Birth is a natural process not a medical procedure! Brenda does not dispense any pharmaceuticals, perform surgeries or diagnose disease. Midwifery is women being supported by other women and empowered in birth and should not be legally defined as practicing medicine. If it is what will be classified as medicine next? Will my pastor praying for healing be practicing medicine? Will the nursery that sells me herbs that I use to treat my family in sickness need to have a medical license? It’s ludicrous to define anything the betters our lives and health as “medicine.” It is not medicine that Brenda practices. It’s midwifery.

  • Di

    I agree with the Mom of Seven that midwifery is NOT a medical practice. My grandmother assisted with deliver of hundred and hundreds of babies. It is a very good alternative to hospitalization and the exboritent prices charged. Let Brenda get back to her job.

    • I also chose a very qualified midwife with the full support of my husband for all of our four children. My midwife was experienced in not only taking care of just catching the baby (like a lot of doctors do) and birthing the placenta, but making sure both mom and baby were safe from pregnancy through birth. She used natural herbs, oxygen and a dobler to monitor both from when the water breaks until birth. We believe it was her devotion to detail and commitment to moms and babies that saved our son’s life at birth. Brenda Capp sounds just like our midwife was.

      Midwifery is a wonderful, healthy, and safe alternative to hospital birth that can be very unfeeling and unpleasant. Another aspect is that because of the personal care midwives give, home birth can actually more comfortable, more relaxed and even safer than some hospital births because of the individual and undivided attention given to mom and baby during pregnancy, labor, birth and post natal, where are hospitals tend to rely on electronic computerized monitors that can mother and fetal distress.

      Government should back out of this and mind their own business. Brenda Capp has committed no crime. She should definitely be vindicated and exonerated of the charges against her!

  • HadEnuf

    The tyranny continues unabatedly while the sheeple watcch their football, porn, twitter, and party as though there is no tommorrow, if they don’t there won’t! Bye, bye America, freedom, liberty, private property! What sheeple, baa, baa, baa, we want Obaa,baa, ma, you know that Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler that has destroyed America faster than any foreign power and army could have ever dreamt ! HE NEED’S TO BE IMPEACHED… ALONG WITH HIS HENCHMAN, HOLDER as they both have murder on their hands – Fast &Furious and Benghazi! To think that Nixon was made to step down for wiretapping and these two communists skate free for murder; that is an indication of how far America is into this DITATORSHIP that is being cheerleaded by the STATE-RUN, FIFTH COLUMN , PRAVDA WEST PRESS! How is it that these truths are not ringing out across the land? The cowardly will get what they have coming, that’s a promise!

  • DisqusId2012

    “unlicensed birthing will not be tolerated on the left-Coast.”

    But illegal immigration birthing is perfectly acceptable on the left-Coast.

  • DisqusId2012

    Does this mean that if a cab driver delivers a baby he’ll get arrested too?

  • Bob

    How typical of the YELLOWS State….just the same way they raided and strong armed the office of Dr. Richardson of Albany for curing patients of cancer with laetrile. The med racket in America is so filthy and corrupt that that alone is reason in its own right to flee America for good—-the med racket in America is using their billions to fight every known CURE for cancer because they know that totally useless “treatments” for it that are worse than the disease itself are far more lucrative. America in general and Californicate in particular have gotten to be very good places to be FROM.

  • Bob

    I bandaged my finger a few weeks ago…so why don’t you raid my office with guns drawn you yellow gutted bastards?

  • apogee

    I think the bottom line here is that a parents should be able to choose where they want to give birth to their children without being charged a fee. I fear that we have not seen anything yet. Whats next, a consummation of marriage without birth control tax? It has gone way too far. I hope I am not around to witness where I fear this is all going.

  • If the profession you wish to pursue requires a license, then get a darn license. It sickens me that people try and side step licensing and professional affiliations by running to the arms of religion. She got what she deserved.

    • Mom of Seven

      Unlicensed midwifery is not a crime according the California law. It’s only a crime to represent yourself as licensed if you are not. Brenda has broken no laws. And she has been doing it safely for 22 years. There are no laws that state a baby must be caught by a licensed individual.

      There are benefits to licensing, but there are big drawbacks as well. Many women, myself included, purposefully choose unlicensed midwives for personal and religious reasons.

      It’s not “side-stepping professional affiliations.” The Constitution guarantees us freedom of affiliation. Some of use refuse to surrender that right! We have the option to OPT-OUT of any and all affiliations–political or professional.

  • American father

    Brenda Capps is a wonderful woman, she delivered my second daughter in my home and is as professional, if not, more so than any doctor. Due to the experience with Brenda, if I were to ever have another child…it will be with a midwife. I will never trust the administrators of ovomit care with the lives of my children or my own.