Midwife in California Arrested by Armed Thugs, Cash Taken From Home

A 60-year old midwife who has delivered hundreds of healthy babies in California was arrested by armed agents in her home earlier this month. A local TV station reported that

Brenda Capps was booked for violation of Business and Professions Code section 2052, which is unlicensed practice of medicine.

Investigators with the Medical Board’s Operation Safe Medicine conducted an undercover investigation that led to Capp’s arrest.

The Medical Board first became aware of Capps during another investigation and successful criminal prosecution of an unlicensed person for practicing midwifery and medicine. During the initial investigation of Capps, Medical Board investigators confirmed that she was unlicensed and warned her not to practice midwifery without being properly licensed.

Following her arrest, Ms. Capps was booked in the county jail on felony charges.

Unlike other recent midwifery prosecution cases, Ms. Capps’ case did not involve any allegations of medical malpractice. Rather, the heavy hand of California’s Medical Board police (yes, they have guns) was brought to bear against Ms. Capps, apparently to send a message to other liberty-minded practitioners that unlicensed birthing will not be tolerated on the left-Coast.

Here’s what Ms. Capps’ husband, an itinerant pastor, had to say about the jack-booted arrest of his wife:

[A]fter 22 years of faithful midwifery ministry the [California] Medical Board came into our home and arrested Brenda Capps on Thursday Nov. 15th 2012 around 11 a.m. Brenda works under The Religious Exemption Clause and has every client sign the form for her care. We have obtained an outstanding attorney (David Faulkner of Bakersfield) and the Midwives all over [California] and USA and even out of the country are calling and in support. We seek your prayers. My wife is fearful. We are staying with her at all times. We will fight this to victory. All babies due are being delivered by other midwives in support of midwifery. Brenda Capps works as a Christian Domiciliary Midwife and within her rights of the law. The MB people who were all over our home with guns took $500.00 cash money from Brenda’s desk that was her birthday money.

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