Customer Complains that She Can’t Use Her Food Stamps on

Fox News announced this morning that Bill O’Reilly is going to expose how food stamps are being misused for wild parties and other improper purchases. Later today, as we were visiting Amazon’s website, we noticed a customer had posted a question regarding why she couldn’t use her food stamps on

She states that, “I don’t understand this. I get food stamps as do tens of other millions of people in the USA. Why I can’t I use them on Amazon? I would like to use them on grocery items. It would be easier and less embarrassing for me than going into the local stores where people know me. Does anyone else have this problem or concern?”

An Amazon user reacts with amazement: “Incredible! You voted for Obama so you would get food stamps. You should have voted for Romney so you could have a job.”

Another customer asks, “Are you kidding?” She then suggests that increased government spending has forced businesses like Amazon to raise prices and burdened our children with debt: “Do you have any idea why Amazon has raised their prices so high and so fast this new year compared to other years? Let me clue you in food stamp user. You are already draining this economy and have spiraled out of control the deficit for future generations.”

She then asks,

Have you thought about looking to your friends and your family for support instead of the government? Have you thought about looking into faith-based or other charities helping you out instead of the taxpayers?

How much have you contributed to the country to warrant all of us supporting you more with increased taxes?

Why are you on food stamps to begin with?

I am so sick and tired of this….

Almost as an afterthought, the critical Amazon customer then says, “However, my aplogies if you have a legitimate reason…”

The food stamp user then explains that she has fallen on hard times, that as a legal immigrant, she had “made mistakes” and was suffering from a “bad marriage”:

I am so sorry to offend. Was not my intention, yes? My reasons for being on food stamps is because of a bad marriage. It was my fault and I take responsibility. I am a legal immigrant, but have made mistakes in this country. It has affected my children as a result. I need those food stamps. But they prevent me at the same time from getting respect and a job in the town I live in. You would call it a catch-22, yes?

I try hard for explaining in English. Please do not shun me. I am a good person. I just want to know why Amazon does not accept the food stamps?

As we have reported previously in past postings, Obama’s federal food stamp program is completely out-of-control. The conversation above, whether a serious exchange or not, is symptomatic of the growing misuse and abuse of a constitutionally questionable problem administered by a bankrupt federal government. Welfare programs such as these should be returned to the states’ jurisdiction and administered as their citizens decide.

  • Jim Chambers

    Should I be shocked or surprised? This crap has been going on for decades. The only thing the federal government has done about it is to make it easier to scam the system.
    The real problem is that we keep sending the same people back to Washington DC to represent us. They use these programs to garner votes and stay in Washington and you and I, like the dummies we must be, keep sending them back. So, don’t look for it to stop. As long as people are getting paid to vote the way they are it’s only going to get worse until we finally go broke as a nation. Hopefully, then, we can see what a failed ideology liberalism is and rid ourselves of it.

  • disqus_XPfC2xMgfy

    Where to even start on this one? I think that I will just skip all the really ugly insulting things I could think of to say to this woman save a few. The audacity of complaining that Amazon won’t allow her to save her EMBARRASSMENT by shopping online should have been stowed and replaces by humility and gratitude for the fact that she can eat for free in a country that is not hers and that she did not contribute to. As an immigrant I can assure you that she has benefits that I would never be able to get out a system I have paid into my whole life. I don’t even need to ask to know that she and her children have medical care, housing subsidy, day care subsidy, food stamps and any other local aide she can get. I am sure no one is seeking out the dad for support of his kids.

    I worked from the time I was thirteen until I was 50 at which time I became disabled. I am 53 and still fighting to get disability that I paid into which is the same system that gives her everything she needs. I had a bad marriage and raised 2 kids without ever having any welfare and no child support because the law then did not enforce it. If it took working 3 jobs that is what I did. I don’t and can’t feel one bit sorry for a person who not only gets what I paid for when I can’t but has the nerve to complain that her feelings aren’t protected and she has to be embarrassed. Grow the hell up and get some gratitude.

    • Lizzie Siddal

      She wasn’t COMPLAINING. She asked a questions.

    • ThinkDeeper

      She wasn’t complaing as Lizzie Siddal said, she was inquiring to why she cannot. It’s funny how everyone here jumps on how she is essentially worthless and a drain on the economy. I’m on EBT/food stamps because I became homeless when I was 17. I work and go to college full time, but that doesn’t mean my life is perfect in all aspects.

      Automatically jumping on this woman for trying to feed her kids, by attacking the ‘underlying problem’ that she doesn’t have a job, or isn’t looking hard enough doesn’t answer any questions. It just shows how inhumane you are to believe that someone should go through suffering and come out a better person. That’s a very narrow-minded way of thinking, and is fundamentally built on hatred.

      • lonebear

        Sorry try that trip on someone who hasn’t been there. My point was that with all she is being given to have the audacity to complain about protecting her feelings is too much. Gratitude would have been a better choice. PS this article and comment is 3 yrs old. If you are going to be a troll at least be a good one.

  • aimee

    Strange, I have to live with my decisions both good and bad! I am way over people not taking responsibility for their actions! I have a budget, clip coupons and just finished making my dogs treats (much cheaper and healthier) so why in the world should I feel sorry for all these lazy people wanting me to feel sorry for them!

    • ThinkDeeper

      What exactly does your story contribute? What if her searching for job takes up the comparable time you use to clip coupons? What if she is burrowing into job opportunities at the library while all her money goes to child care so she can look for a job, and her kids can still grow up with a decent education starting young?

      Putting out you life story, and saying she is not like you PROVES NOTHING. It shows how self-centered you are, and how you expect everyone to be like you to like well. That’s so arrogant and ignorant to what reality is: reality is not simply your schema of the world, but a broad, diverse and all-encompassing of everyone!!!

      It hurts reading the posts of people so hateful and myopic as you. If you only knew what her experience was like. Did you even know that being poor automatically makes you prone to self-depreciation, poor cognition, and terrible problem solving? Doubt it. If you did you wouldn’t have posted that these people are lazy, you would at least grasp that her trying to find a way out is the way out.

  • JohnWayne

    One of the many things wrong with Socialism is that no one has to accept responsibility for their own actions. I’d be glad to punch this welfare recipients “TS” Card!

  • Anadara

    Are food stamps to become the new coin of the realm?

  • H.M.Stumpf

    Another no common sense socialist democrat. I’ll bet she voted for the food stamp president !

    • TexasMike

      You’re probably correct that she voted–illegally–since she self-identifies as a “legal immigrant”.

  • Walker

    In spite of her “sob story”,. . . . if she is poor enought to really need food stamps, then she needs to be shopping at a grocery store where food costs about half that it does on Amazon. Amazon foods are gourmet and specialty foods.
    I don’t believe her story for a minute.

    • Nate

      actually, no. I own a grocery store, in the middle of nowhere, and some items (cereal, soups etc.) are cheaper through amazon than going the 100 miles to pick them up, or to have them delivered to me via a distributor. Check your facts.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Again, Walmart has online shopping for groceries as well as other things and at lower prices than most of what Amazon offers.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      There MUST be a Walmart somewhere near her; they take food stamps and the food is far more affordable than on Amazon. I can’t afford to shop for food there, but then again, I’m not using food stamps to shop either.

      • Lizzie Siddal

        There are cities that doesn’t even have buses. If you don’t have a car, you are screwed. Maybe someone from church can take you once a week or something but maybe she’s embarrassed at taking even that.

    • CSN

      If you buy in bulk on Amazon it is sometimes cheaper than buying at the local store. Their food items are not all Gourmet. They sell a lot of different things. Just saying….tell her to go to Costco.

  • Derek

    It seems to me like she is just trying to buy groceries online. I don’t really understand the outrage here. Are we supposed to be mad because she is trying to save herself some embarrassment? Seems like a strange thing to rip her for..

    • Your correct derek! what would you say if she complained about not getting enough food because shes paying a much higher price than others and in turn she and other welfare recipients demand more money to buy more food? Thats the vicious circle of reality….Just saying

  • Derek

    Did my comment just get removed because I disagreed?

  • mikeym1a

    It’s not all bad about this woman. She is embarrassed that she has to use food stamps. That means she has not turned the corner to being a full time welfare recipient. I don’t know if using food stamps for stuff on amazon is illegal, or not. BUT, it gives the appearance of impropriety. They are meant to be used locally. There is already an underground economy regarding food stamps. I hope she finds a job and is able to get off the food stamps. Once you are on public assistance, they make it hard for you to get off of it and become self sufficient. Good luck to her.

    • Baloney! She’s an “immigrant,” and, like most immigrants is milking the system for all she can get! If she is “embarrassed” about using food stamps, she’s lying, and wants everyone to feel sorry for her! She should go back to her own country if she’s so “embarrassed!”
      I’m embarrassed to think we have to have these creatures in our country, and more embarrassed to think so many Americans have to use food stamps! She’s using resources that rightly belong to the Americans, and she shouldn’t be allowed to have food stamps!
      Bring back Ellis Island!

  • Barry_Suxx

    Oh Gee-Whiz,,,, I feel SOoooooooo sorry for this poor creature that I could J-U-S-T $&*#.
    (sarcasm off)

  • MrCReed54

    Maybe she should go to YaHoo.

  • CSN

    Amazon doesn’t set the prices….people do….small shops and bigger shops set the prices, but if someone wants to use Food Stamps, why are they ashamed to go to their local store and cash them in on local food? Maybe because they’re driving a 2011 Prius or something? Maybe because they shouldn’t be entitled to Food Stamps? I used Food Stamps when I needed them, but went into business for myself, trying this and that. I don’t use them anymore, but wasn’t ashamed to use them when I had to use them.

  • Imfrzn

    She states food stamps are so humiliating to redeem in the store… Okay, fair enough, GET A JOB you sleazy user! Since 47 million people have no shame in sucking the wealth of our nation we need to fight back. I say when your in line at the check stand go out of your way to be rude and loudly humiliate people who produce nothing other than efficiently redeeming YOUR wealth! Cut them off in line, loudly engage in conversations about them and their food stamps and also scrutinize their purchases. Make it humiliating for them so they’ll dread the trip to the store. Hopefully, the net effect will be to shame them back to work.
    If anyone here wants to attack me as cold heartless and cruel, look in the flippin’ mirror pal. How is giving never ending handouts compassionate? IT’S SLAVERY NOT TO MENTION THEFT OF OUR MONEY!

    • deeaja

      AMEN & Amen, again

    • Lizzie Siddal

      Sleazy? Really? I am ashamed of my fellow countrymen reading some of this.

  • Diane L Kearny

    At one time an immigrant was not allowed into the country unless someone sponsored them and guaranteed they would not apply for public assistance. Many had to put up bonds before entering the country. This is how it should be now. Why the heck is any non-citizen entitled to live off the American taxpayer in the first place?

  • Gee, now ain’t that a sad story? With so many Americans having a hard time, and not receiving food stamps, this dumb broad should go back to her own country! She is neither welcome nor wanted!

  • mike grunewald

    another lazy piece of shit milking the system

  • LJG_Ling

    Getting food stamps doesn’t automatically mean you don’t have a job. Usually, people who get food stamps are underemployed and yes, as in this case, unemployed. Oftentimes, you are only eligible if you’ve had a job in the last three months that was more than 20 hours per week. The invalidation this women is receiving is disturbing, considering she’s not attacking anyone, yet is still being attacked after she already admitted she made a bad mistake.

    Why do you need to know her history… to judge her more? She didn’t have to respond, and she did, quite nicely. Try writing in a second language as well as she does.

    To the writer of the article: let’s not put a spin on politics where there wasn’t a political situation to begin with. By her question, no one knew her “status” in this country, it wasn’t part of her question. People are probing where they shouldn’t be and taking this situation entirely out of proportion. It was a simple question, deserving of a simple response.

  • To help fight the stigma against using food stamps. There is new product out in the market called food stamps skins which allow people to personalize their EBT card and protect their privacy! you can check it out here ..

    • MikeyParks

      Oh that’s nice — a cool way to screw the taxpayers. Good going John.

  • Christy

    You may never understand food stamps until you actually have to use them. My college-graduate husband was laid off nearly 2 years ago. He spent every waking minute looking for a job and was unable to find one in our area after a full year. He ended up working part-time with a company that at least provides us with health benefits but the $12/hr for 15 hrs/week absolutely does not support a family of 5. Doesn’t even come close. We both decided to start our own companies but money doesn’t start flowing the minute you start a company. We are both working our tails off to make ends meet and can BARELY pay our bills so the SNAP program has been a necessity for us. As soon as we are able to cover our food costs, we will be off the program. In addition, the government decides how much money to give each family. In my opinion, it’s TOO MUCH money. We are unable to give it back – any unused money each month just remains in your account to be used in the future. There are items we like to buy for our family that are cheaper on Amazon than in local stores (coconut oil, bulk healthy/organic items). The comments made by Joe Miller and most of the commenters here are disturbing.

    • Lizzie Siddal

      I totally agree. If you have a lot of extra left over, maybe you can buy some things for a local food pantry. Of course you can always stock up on non perishables, obviously, but I can understand that you feel bad taking more than you need so donating might help with that.

  • collegebasketballfan

    Wow…I sure hope none of you posting are church-goers. I’d rather be going to Hell than where you folks think you will wind up after reading all this hate towards this woman. Not a single one of you know anything about her other than her questioning why she can’t use food stamps on Amazon food products which, many times, can save quite a bit of money over grocery stores. Maybe she has other circumstances that she doesn’t feel need to be mentioned on a public forum (maybe she is missing a leg and can’t get around or something)…maybe she has no family to turn to for help…maybe her ex, or soon to be ex, left and took her life savings with him. Not a damn one of you, me, or anyone else has a right to judge her or any other person without full knowledge of her situation and what led her to her situation. You folks are treating legit food stamp recipients as common criminals…What this is called is being prejudice. It doesn’t take a color of someones skin to be prejudice. You want to think food stamp/welfare users are putting us into bankruptcy…try to think about the billions upon billions we give to 3rd world countries year after year instead. We spend BY FAR more on taking care of people in the rest of the world (you know in countries that don’t pay us taxes) than we spend on our own people. You want to hit at something, hit at that.

    • MikeyParks

      Here’s an idea: hit at both. Cut foreign aid drastically and give food stamps ONLY to people who truly need them, and then for use to purchase only basic necessities. I’m a taxpayer and I think I deserve that much.

  • A.

    What the heck? It seems most people – including the author of this article – are really confused about what products Amazon offers (they do offer groceries) and how food stamps work (many people on food stamps have jobs).

    Food stamp benefits are set per month depending on your income, not consumption, and even the maximum amount of food stamp benefits – which many people don’t get, because again, many people are working some – is barely enough to feed someone.

    If ordering online is simpler for you emotionally, organizationally, or physically, and costs the same amount or cheaper (since food stamps can only be used for FOOD products, any delivery cost – which is often minimal compared to the cost of gas fyi – would not be covered anyway), why the Hell would it make any sense to bar this person from accessing groceries this way?

    Using food stamps on Amazon is not “abuse of foodstamps”. It seems many of you simply want to cause someone pain and suffering by attacking them and micromanaging their lives for no reason. And you ask why some people may be embarrassed to use them in the store?

    Food stamps probably aren’t going away, so maybe get off your high horse – especially if you have friends or family that have ever helped or supported you, especially if you don’t have a disability or barriers to being hired like maybe you are a woman, of color, or have an accent (or maybe, you have a disability AND are all these things, too!). But don’t worry – if you make 50K a year you pay only $37/yr toward food stamp programs. That’s it. You feed the people in your country who can’t afford to feed themselves for LESS THAN FORTY DOLLARS A YEAR. Meanwhile, you spend thousands per year on tax breaks for big businesses. The haters can get their moral compass checked.

    • Lizzie Siddal

      Well said!

  • Lizzie Siddal

    UM, assuming she is one of the people who legitimately uses food stamps, why is it such a controversy that she would want to use them at Amazon? They have regular food. I can’t believe some people would say otherwise. You just have to go on the site to see for yourself. And they deliver right to your door. The SNAP benefits wouldn’t cover shipping but there are ways to minimize that while also being able to have non SNAP eligible items shipped for a small lump sum. What if she doesn’t drive? She can get four trips worth of stuff on the bus in one delivery. She has children who might be young. Why would you want her to bring her kids on a bus, maybe two or three in the middle of record setting cold to go to the store. To make her “pay”? Why would you want to make someone suffer if they don’t have to. I’ve been driving past people this week struggling through 2 degrees and piles of snow because people in the city don’t shovel walks. Getting yourself out of a hole is a full-time job and not easy. People act like anyone who dares to get temporary help is just living large with their feet up eating lobster and watching cable on the big screen. I can assure them that this is not an accurate representation of all. Life is hard when you are down and so many things that are nothing when you have even a little money can become a crisis – and it’s one thing after another. You can’t plan and you are basically just trying to keep up and making sure your heat or whatever isn’t turned off. Meanwhile, you sent a million resumes and maybe get one or two legitimate interviews. There a ton of people applying because jobs are not plentiful. People are paid so little because there is someone right behind them who will do it. Where is the blame on the business owners for paying so little that their employees have to rely on SNAP benefits despite working 50 hours a week? People fall on tough times. It happens. Not everyone can rely on family or anyone for help. Being able to have stuff delivered would be very helpful. I don’t like to see people buying really unhealthy food and pop or extravagant items either so I am not advocating that. There ARE legitimate people who can use gov’t assistance properly and as it was intended. These assumptive comments really upset me. It’s closed minded to think that every person getting benefits is a cheating scumbag and responsible for the downfall of America. If you think everyone – 100% of the people – on benefits are lazy, then you are just an asshole and have either little experience in the real world or lack critical thinking skills. This criticism is the last thing people need. Maybe ask questions first before painting everyone with the same brush. Maybe ask how you can help? Maybe they don’t know all the resources available? Maybe you can give them some advice. Especially an immigrant whose husband maybe took care of everything. Do you know how hard it is to live in a new country?! But jumping all over them with hyperbolic negativity for asking why they can’t use SNAP at Amazon helps NO ONE, especially the people getting benefits, and doesn’t contribute one iota to solving the problems they say these government teet suckers are causing. Accepting respinsibility doesn’t pay the rent that is due RIGHT now, a week after your husband left you high and dry or whatever the case is. Temp benefits are for people to get on their feet. And in reality, Amazon probably doesn’t accept them because they can’t be used across state lines! To get a feel for what desperate situations and poverty are like, I would suggest the movie Entre Nos. It’s really good. And there isn’t even govt assistance! It’s just a good picture of how everything can fall apart and how hard the struggle to get it back together is.


    What a rude response. My husband was medically discharged from the military after 10 years due to an injury. He served his country and we unexpectedly had to move back to our hometown and lose a paycheck right at holiday season. She needs to watch her mouth b/c everyone has a story. We had to start food stamps for now to get by until we finish school. CU NEXT TUESDAY.