Customer Complains that She Can’t Use Her Food Stamps on

Fox News announced this morning that Bill O’Reilly is going to expose how food stamps are being misused for wild parties and other improper purchases. Later today, as we were visiting Amazon’s website, we noticed a customer had posted a question regarding why she couldn’t use her food stamps on

She states that, “I don’t understand this. I get food stamps as do tens of other millions of people in the USA. Why I can’t I use them on Amazon? I would like to use them on grocery items. It would be easier and less embarrassing for me than going into the local stores where people know me. Does anyone else have this problem or concern?”

An Amazon user reacts with amazement: “Incredible! You voted for Obama so you would get food stamps. You should have voted for Romney so you could have a job.”

Another customer asks, “Are you kidding?” She then suggests that increased government spending has forced businesses like Amazon to raise prices and burdened our children with debt: “Do you have any idea why Amazon has raised their prices so high and so fast this new year compared to other years? Let me clue you in food stamp user. You are already draining this economy and have spiraled out of control the deficit for future generations.”

She then asks,

Have you thought about looking to your friends and your family for support instead of the government? Have you thought about looking into faith-based or other charities helping you out instead of the taxpayers?

How much have you contributed to the country to warrant all of us supporting you more with increased taxes?

Why are you on food stamps to begin with?

I am so sick and tired of this….

Almost as an afterthought, the critical Amazon customer then says, “However, my aplogies if you have a legitimate reason…”

The food stamp user then explains that she has fallen on hard times, that as a legal immigrant, she had “made mistakes” and was suffering from a “bad marriage”:

I am so sorry to offend. Was not my intention, yes? My reasons for being on food stamps is because of a bad marriage. It was my fault and I take responsibility. I am a legal immigrant, but have made mistakes in this country. It has affected my children as a result. I need those food stamps. But they prevent me at the same time from getting respect and a job in the town I live in. You would call it a catch-22, yes?

I try hard for explaining in English. Please do not shun me. I am a good person. I just want to know why Amazon does not accept the food stamps?

As we have reported previously in past postings, Obama’s federal food stamp program is completely out-of-control. The conversation above, whether a serious exchange or not, is symptomatic of the growing misuse and abuse of a constitutionally questionable problem administered by a bankrupt federal government. Welfare programs such as these should be returned to the states’ jurisdiction and administered as their citizens decide.