Video: Sixty-Five Year Old Woman With Pistol Routs Five Armed Robbers

A 65-year-old woman fired two rounds from a handgun at five masked men after they attempted to rob her jewelry store in Garden Grove, Calif. on Sunday. Her shots sent the men fleeing in such a panic that they literally tripped over each other trying to exit the store, KTLA reports.

The woman then went running after them down the street, still gripping her pistol. And all of it was caught on surveillance camera.

In fact, the would-be robbers were in such a frenzy from her gunfire that their white getaway SUV actually left three of the suspects behind. They were later picked up roughly a block and a half away.

According to KCAL, the five men entered the store wearing masks while some wore hoods. Police have confirmed that at least two of the men had guns.

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  • Patrick Henry

    Give this lady a medal….put the crooks in front of Congress and let them explain why they went into this store to rob it!!!

  • raynbene

    I love it ! !
    The little old lady from Garden Grove ! ! ! GO Granny, GO Granny, go Granny go ! !

    • James Vetzel

      And “Gun Control” would only affect the store owner, not the “Perps”!

      • glory_girl

        So true.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    You go granny! Get those tough guys! Granny made the little girl in them come right out! Too bad she didn’t hit one of them.

    • keepersleeper

      Too bad she didn’t hit ALL of them!!

  • CaptTurbo

    That was precious! The Second Amendment coming to life defending the lawful citizen! Too funny how the dirt bags all piled up trying to get out the door. Too bad she didn’t smoke every last one of them.

  • CSN

    Good job Grandma…..that’s one smart sassy lady, and love the way those devils ran. Think Sandy Hook would have been different if this lady was School Principal?

    • Rachel


  • me2

    Moral of story: Taking away guns from ordinary, lawful citizens only leaves thugs and criminals with guns. What part of that don’t you understand, Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, Ms. Feinstein? Did you even notice these thugs HAD guns?

  • Tomtom

    Thank God for a gun !

  • NAACP would say how DARE that lady own a gun. How DARE she shoot at those brothers who can’t help it if they have to rob stores. It’s not their fault it’s George Bush’s fault.

    • Rachel

      You got all their talking points down perfectly!

    • keepersleeper

      I’m NOT white, but I agree with you 100% The NAACP has handicapped blacks from thinking clearly and objectively…they base EVERYTHING on race! Granny did the RIGHT THING and GOD BLESS HER!

  • Rachel

    You go, girl!!

  • Rachel

    Obama and his Marxist Mafia would have her call 9-1-1 and wait for the cops. While waiting for cops to show up, she would have lost all her inventory and very possibly her life.

  • Happy Gun Owner

    Go, Granny, Go. Bravo! Kudos to the lady, she deserves a medal for her bravery. Too bad she didn’t shoot all of them, as in dead.

  • adrianwalker51

    Boy she was pumped up on adrenaline …..go granny

  • glory_girl

    So glad for that 2nd Ammendment, President Obama. Aren’t you?

  • LuscombeFlyer

    Why does the police spokesman feel obligated to say, “obviously, we’re leery of recommending that store owners take immediate action…”? Look, the police CANNOT PROTECT YOU! Got it? Good. Their job is to cordon off the crime scene with yellow tape, remove the bodies, and try to find enough evidence to catch the bad guys.

    This being the case, the police ought to be advising store owners to get a gun, know how to use it, and take a shot if you get the chance. If a significant number of these gangsta badazz wannabes got shot trying to hold up businesses, maybe they might to to more honest work – or at least move to Chicago where they know their victims will be unarmed.

    Wasn’t it hilarious to see these tough guys wet themselves trying to escape the unholy wrath of an elderly white woman? Haha! I hope all their brothers back in the neighborhood see the Keystone Cop style race for the door!

    • AZ BOB

      In reference to the Police Spokesman ,If he wants to keep his job in Liberal Democratic progressive Calif. he cannot condone anything against the ideological idiots that run that State

  • this is why obama wants to disarm us. so we can not protect ourselves. and the armed criminals can rob us and do what ever they want. knowing we can not fight back or protect our families since we have been made to give up our guns. and we know the criminals never gave theirs up. all of obamas gun free zone will be the death of alot of us.

  • It works even if you are not a trained professional. Criminals are cowards.

  • guppy69

    She will be brought up on gun charges(discharging a firearm in the city limits) and the dirtballs will go free!

  • Jim

    My only advice to that lady would be, “Take some gun safety classes and practice shooting for the head.”
    5 bullets for 5 dirt bags! 5 bullets left in case one of them is still moving!

  • keepersleeper

    Is there a “Granny With A Gun Award” available for this woman?? She’s MY inspiration!!