Surprise! ABC Discovers That Barack Obama Is a ‘Progressive’ ‘Liberal’

After years of downplaying ideological labels for Barack Obama, ABC has seemingly accepted the idea that the President is a “progressive” and a “liberal.” While recapping the inauguration, Good Morning America’s journalists used the terms four times in just two minutes and 45 seconds. Yet, when Obama was a Democratic primary candidate in 2007, the networks deployed the L-word just twice– in the entire year.

On Tuesday, George Stephanopoulos hyped the ideological content of Obama’s second inaugural: “The speech, a call to action, an uncompromising annunciation of liberal principles.”

Seconds later, the former Democratic operative turned journalist reiterated, insisting that “liberals were cheering yesterday.” Jon Karl trumpeted, “He went lofty. He went ambitious. And he went unmistakably liberal.”

The labels continued as Karl repeated, “[Obama] unapologetically laid out a progressive agenda, promising action on climate change, equal pay for women and immigration.”

It only took two presidential elections for ABC to come around to this idea. The ABC graphic for the segment touted the liberal agenda: “Obama’s Inaugural: ‘We Must Act’ Pushes Equality and Togetherness.”

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  • 1_Eddie_1

    Surely they jest.

  • Kent2012

    communist African

  • Progressive is just a word they thought up to cover up the fact that it grows further and further away from anything decent or really equal.

  • On the truth-meter this report sits at zero credibility. What a waste of time and space.

  • rodulfo-tardo

    the label should read marxist-jihadi, and enemy of the republic.

  • A Devoted American

    Is this news to anybody? Impeach this person! I cannot and will not even mention his name or the office he stole.