Senate Plan Would Give Napolitano Final Say on Border Security

Under a bipartisan Senate framework, Democrats say, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano would have final say over whether the border is secure enough to put 11 million illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship.

If Napolitano does not provide the green light for putting illegal immigrants on a pathway to citizenship, the responsibility for judging whether the metrics for border security have been met will be given to her successor.

The early debate over immigration reform has yielded two thorny questions: What metrics will be used to determine whether the goals for border security and other safeguards against illegal immigration have been met? Who will decide whether the metrics have been achieved?

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the lead Democratic sponsor of the bipartisan immigration reform framework unveiled this past week, said Napolitano should decide.

“What we’ve proposed is that the DHS secretary, whomever it is, will have final say on [whether] whatever metrics we proposes are met,” Schumer said. “We think those metrics will be quite objective.”

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  • That nut should be sent back to where she came from, and replaced with someone that knows what they are doing.

    • nemnem

      We don’t want her back. Ship her to Mexico!

      • Kent2012


    • Sandra Lee Smith

      No thanks; we don’t WANT her back!

    • Not back to Arizona! It is only now that Governor Brewer has been able to get the state back into the black after Napolitano spent it almost into oblivion—all for her Mexican boyfriends!

  • jb80538

    Nappy doesn’t care about border security. She thinks it’s already more secure than it has ever been.

  • Don

    Having DHS Janet Napolitano guard the border is like having the fox guard the hen house. Way to go Schumer, another brilliant move by a Democrat. Obama and Napolitano are already saying that the border is secure when we know that not to be the case.

    • Schumer doesn’t know diddly about what goes on along the border, and is too wussied to go find out!


    I would say it would give the fat broad a voice, not a say. After all we pay the congress and all their little parts to write decent law and keep track, Napolidiot, is nothing more than input and does not have any choice when it comes to enforcing law.

    • I agree to a point with you. Napolitano, however, is very, very loud in what she has to say, and none of it is good for the United States! Look at how she dances all around the Terry murder—that’s the way she works—and, I would not be afraid to say her hired help are members of Hezbollah, Quds, Hamas or Al Quaeda, either! Members of those terrorist organizations are sneaking into the U.S. among the illegals’ groups, and then meet friends and family on this side of the border and taken to whatever cells they are assigned to! Napolitano is another traitor who has to be brought to justice!

  • Nellie CA

    Our borders are a mess! The Border Patrol can’t do their job with Obama demoralizing them and the Loss of the Fast and Furious guns makes it more dangerous There is more crime in my area in the last 4 years because of all the illegals (from all over the world) coming across the Mexican borders. Napolitano should be fired she hasn’t done anything to stop this abuse of illegals and asylum seekers. These illegals are working for cash and living with relatives. CA gives them drivers license. Lots of fraud in ID’s. We can spend money to protect the borders of South Korea from the N. Koreans but we can’t protect our own borders.

  • Kent2012

    another one of kenyan boy’s incompetent women………

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Well… females… “woman” is highly questionable in that case!

      • Kent2012

        understood, no offense to “Real American Women” or Real Women the world over………..

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          None taken here; just saying… I live in AZ and have known of her for a considerable while….

          • Yes, and some of her tricks while serving as U.S. Attorney to the state really are horrible!
            Remember the Mercado debacle in Phoenix–that was because of the governor at the time, was dealing under the table! We should have elected Terry Goddard–he was a Native Arizonan, even if he was from Tucson!

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            One of the many debacles that have taken place in the 30 odd years I’ve lived hear, but “outstanding in its field” for being a total disaster!

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Napolitano did ZERO about illegals while in AZ as AG and then Governor; and she’s supposed to be “trusted with the security of the nation, and deciding when our borders are safe??? Inmates are running the asylum of the swamp for certain!

    • In fact, during the time Napolitano was U.S. Attorney for Arizona, the illegal population skyrocketed, then rose higher after she became governor! She cares about the illegals to the extent she has stolen hundreds of ranches, farms, businesses and other American-owned properties, only to give those ranches, farms, businesses, etc., to the illegals “because they deserved payment for their distress!” She is also responsible for a number of deaths of Americans along the border, and she can’t lie out of it! It would not surprise me if she wasn’t partners with some of the coyotes who bring in Hezbollah and other enemy agents along with the illegals!

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        All true; and very likely, on the last. Especially since she was one of the first of O’s minions to utter the words “America needs more Sharia” ! Right about the same time she put all vets on the “potential domestic terrorist:” list!

  • Bruce Feher

    Her policy is as simple as she is; she wants it unsecured. Want to secure it for real? Put out a shoot to kill order Janet.

  • Most of the problems along the border are because of Janet Napolitano! She was instrumental in losing hundreds of ranches and farms in Arizona, because some little illegal would run whining to her and her Hispanic staff, thereby causing untold grief and cost to good Americans–three of whom were literally murdered by this woman because she not only took their ranch and gave it to the illegal, but sent them to prison where they died!
    She is NOT for the American people, she holds property in Mexico, and would willingly turn the entire Western U.S. over to Mexico, just to please her Mexican boyfriends!

  • Kent2012

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  • Marine223

    Napolitano shouldn’t have Final say on Lunch!