Video: Sandy Hook Father Absolutely Owns Guns Violence Hearings at Connecticut State Capitol

“A father of a Sandy Hook Elementary School student testified on January 28, 2013 in a Working Group Public Hearing at the Connecticut State Capitol on gun violence prevention,” Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost reported.

Bill Stevens made a statement of defiance against “proposed asinine legislation” that drew applause from some in attendance, as he reminded legislators that both the national and Connecticut state Constitutions affirm the right to bear arms.

“There’s no registration, there’s no permitting, there’s no background checks,” he advised the panel, reminding them that rights are “endowed by our Creator, not you politicians.

“In order to limit the rights of individuals there is something called ‘due process,’ and legislation is not ‘due process.’

“Lock down’ is not an option at the Stevens’ residence and 9-1-1 will be dialed after the security of my home has been established,” he declared. “Why is that same security that my daughter enjoys at home with her dad not available at school in Newtown? That is what you should be considering, not making her dad a criminal.”

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  • Kent2012


  • gracentruth

    Amen. Peace,

  • simpletony1

    It’s way past time to revolt against all this tyranny at all levels. The patients are in charge of the asylum. They already have a leg up and I can see the end of the U.S. from here. I had a dream last night and it wasn’t pretty. The reality of what’s happening has set in and I see it evidenced just about everywhere fools congregate. I didn’t say they’re stupid
    but are certainly fools to trade a free U.S. for what it has well begun to
    become. A totalitarian state with that half nigger muslim at the helm who looks more like the evil half-black in a TV series called “Revolution” of
    all things. We’re in for it; my dream was so real I could reach out and touch the goings on. Good Lord, I was a in gigantic fenced FEMA type camp with an entry gate that eerily looked like the ones to Juarez or TJ. Loose dobermans, armed guards and even suppressive van drivers. It’s not coming, it’s here.

    Have you seen the accounts of all the arms and ammo purchases by ‘our’ so-called government? You suppose they’re going duck hunting by the brigade? And do you suppose there’s a plan to disarm all of us with the
    help with the sicko faction of our country…gun totin’ whackos everywhere; instant authority. If we don’t rise up now at this late date we are cooked. And even though I’m an old man now man with many physical limitations and illnesses I’m thinkin’ I’ll be alive to see most of that nightmare reach fruition as we give up our country piece by piece to the oppression at obama’s delight. He’s found us weak and lacking. How about this rat’s 3rd, then 4th term and maybe even worse? What the hell are we doing about that jerk NY senator who’s already proposing it? Nothing.

    We’re foolishly fighting one another over ‘nothings’ and fiddling while rome is ablaze. Aren’t there enough Americans out there to stop
    all this? We’re being overrun. God damn politicians like that evil little rat
    from Nevada whose name I can’t remember just now and was recently re-elected, amazingly enough. But it’s obama’s re-election that boggles the right American mind. Voting precincts with over 100% voting all democrat. What the….?! And we continue to sit on our hands while the FEMA camps are finished.

    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons this man should be removed from office and the restoration begun. It’s not just the black and brown armies of ignorant welfare recipients, it’s also the now multitudes of ignorant and stupid whites like Jay Leno interviews regularly. The American hating Asians and other factions. Islam is at the top of that list.
    And here’s obama alienating and cutting off the only true ally we have in

  • CSN

    Love this Guy…..GOD BLESS YOU……”my cold dead hands as well”! Better to be dead than RED.

  • Gizmo

    He should be standing in front of the Red, White & Blue, w/the Connecticut flag right beside it! The hurt & anguish that this father & family are going through is something that no parent should have to face, but now for him & others to listen to all the blathering idiots in “leadership” squalling about “gun control” & watching each of them drop their drawers & stick their heads right up where natural fuels are produced must be most irritating & annoying. We need to work with this father & family making sure that they’re not bullied or cowed into “submission”, then offer to let him lose on the campaign trail or TP speakers’ circuit.

  • james

    BRAVO……… F… big brother!!! Enough of the government trampling on our God given rights. This country needs a new revolution. The tyrants are not 3000 miles away as King George was. Their in our front yards.

  • chesnut

    Only if you are serious in protecting your first Amendment rights, you all had better start exercising your second Amendment ones ASAP!! The only way to effectively revolt is with power and authority. Authority without power is like faith without works (dead). Just as the scriptures tell us. By just saying we are the “land of the free and the home of the brave” doesn’t make us so. We surely need to act and act bravely!

  • Nellie CA

    He is right on about our government is trying to say “guns” kills people. The schools should be made more safe, the stores have scanners for people who steal but our schools don’t have bullet proof windows or security.

    Obama signed the abortion laws and wants tax payers to pay for the abortions. That will kill a lot more kids than guns! What we need is a law on birth rights and you can only get paid for one child on Welfare. Don’t make the same mistake twice! Make the women work for their paycheck.

  • Stealth

    Bravo to this brave father and true Patriot- who unlike SO many today…has the Courage to speak the TRUTH!!

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