The Joint Obama-Rove Betrayal Destined To Unite Conservatives

Photo Credit: Canada Free PressThank God for Mark Levin, who tells it like it is, depressing as it is.

American conservatives have an enemy every bit as destructive as President Barack Hussein Obama. Former Bush administration adviser Karl Rove should be renamed to identify who he truly is, ‘Karl Rogue’.

As Levin describes it, in real time the ship of state Titanic is heading full-speed toward the iceberg known as the Fundamental Transformation of America. Obama is the captain of the Titanic, but the “barnacles on the side of the Titanic” are “Karl Rove and his puppet Stephen J. Law”.

Obama is unabashedly killing off America. Rove and Company are killing off the only chance America has to fight Obama, small c conservatives who present the only real resistance to the White House Marxists.

When Rove launched the corporatist well-funded Conservative Victory Project, he went to the same source Obama relies on to disseminate his propaganda: The New York Times.

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