Deutsche Bank: Only Jesus Can Save The Eurozone

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Deutsche Bank‘s global head of FX strategy, Bilal Hafeez, recently gave a speech at the annual Deutsche Bank Mittelstand (small and medium-sized enterprises) FX conference in Hamburg, Germany.

The bank’s research department transcribed Hafeez’s speech and sent it out to clients in a note.

The speech focuses on the euro area’s economic woes and the need for the currency bloc to move forward with further integration in order to be economically successful.

Hafeez opens the speech with a reflection on parenting and a child’s years as a “terrible teen.” Then, he makes an interesting comparison to the euro area, complete with a religious allegory.

Hafeez said the euro area needs a role model that people across Europe can respect. “I can only think of one figure that is respected by most Europeans and has never sinned, Jesus!” said Hafeez.

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  • Amen and Amen…pray for Jesus’ help to moralize your failed cultures NOW!….lja/JMJ

  • james

    Jesus, will not save or interfere with any pagan society that has forgotten Him, rejects HIm or fails to recognize him, or the Social Kingship Of Christ The King.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Jesus’ return is NOT aimed at saving the Eurozone, or the US; neither is INTENDED to be saved under His plan as outlined in the Bible. Rather it will be Israel that will be the future seat of power globally. The Eurozone and the NAU are both intended as 2 of the 10 nation-states of the NWO {see 10 horns/kings of Daniel and Revelation}, not something Yhwh or Jesus either One has any interest in saving for anything but the lake of fire!