• Is there no honor, morality or decency left in our nation? So the FCC would rather inflict absolute utter filth and great harm on the minds and well being of vulnerable children as well as aduts, then to just do its job and crack down on law breakers of decency laws. That is unacceptable, shameful, and reprehensible to the highest degree. FCC: If you won’t do your job, get out and let others who will. Americans must not let our nation become nothing but a stinking sewer and a rotting garbage dump.

    • jace10.5

      I’m with Amy Walker! -Pretty soon the government will be saying its okay for Moms to let innocent children to suckle on breasts for milk!! Children should not be taken advantage of! What kind of sick mother would have her child do such pornographic things… This is a country I just can’t live in! absolute rotting garbage dump indeed! -Seriously though. Wake up and join our century. You are out of touch and apparently way too sheltered.

  • It’s about time the FCC stepped into the 21st century. There is nothing wrong with nudity or the word fuck. Fundamentalist Christians who denounce nudity and the word fuck and then watch super violent TV and movies are the absolute worst kind of hypocrits.

  • Amy Walker, you need to wake the fuck up.

    Are you one of the millions of knuckle draggers that are ok with your kids watching horror films, violent action, blood and guts, chainsaws and yet when faced with the NATURAL HUMAN NUDITY you cover your eyes, your childrens eyes to teach them to be ashamed.

    I figured as much. Nudity is natural, safe. Words are only words. 90% of life is how you react. Grow up.

    • Hey, Dummy…when you say “NATURAL HUMAN NUDITY”, it harkens a National Geographic magazine with tribal women picking bugs out of their kid’s hair. What we’ll see on good ol’ AmeriKan TV is gratuitous tits ‘n ass, perfectly shaped with poses to elicit mucho boneros. Get over your bad self, most of this nation is on the highway to hell…enjoy the ride – ’cause it sounds like you’re destined for it.

      • кяιgнтσи

        I , and many others can clearly see your head is in the clouds. Sin all week, repent on Sunday! Hell is here on Earth my friend. There is no mystical kingdom in the sky, or firey dungeon underground. Sorry but snapping back to reality, YOU and ME are from the same ancestors that roamed the planet wearing only leaves, mating, bonding with nature, living off the land. Kids 10,000 years ago, Hell even 1,000 years ago lived a more serene life style without Media Propaganda and synthetic violence to create out next Columbine, Ted Bundy, or Sandy Hook.

        Oh and news flash, you should learn a bit more about the world you live in. Watch some European TV, French people aren’t ashamed of nudity, Most countries aren’t. OH CHRIST ON A CRUTCH, if some bible thumping has been sees a nipple on TV is Hellfire and damnation. You should grow up as well. Actually, you may want to wake up first.

      • dmanstrong

        So what’s the problem with that? Are you too embarrassed of your own body when comparing to someone who hops on a treadmill everyday? Grow up.

    • Deb

      You want your 8 year-old daughter or son exposed to explicit sex scenes on television?

      • кяιgнтσи

        Television isn’t natural, neither are scenes for that matter. So the answer would be “No.” However, I would allow her or him to watch movies with a plot that shows nudity as part of a story. I would forbid Horror films, murder, blood and guts since we’re not natural killers. Society creates them. Nudity is NOT filth. Most porn is NOT filth. It’s in our nature to mate. That’s our in our genes to bond. To forbid, make us ashamed of it is ignorance.

        Most people will sit their 8 year old down to watch violent cartoons, or movies in a heartbeat. No second thoughts. As long as they don’t see anything natural, just the morbid killing of another human being for money or profit, now that’s OK!. Parents..in America.

        • Deb

          The fact you’d let your children watch porn is putrid and disgusting. In fact, its a crime in several states as its considered a controlled substance. Porn (including sex scenes) has adverse affects on adult’s and children’s psychology. Several famous serial killers who raped and murdered women (including Ted Bundy) were introduced to porn at as young as 8. Comparing Looney Tunes to a porno is absurd. You’re beyond reason.

          Its clear you don’t have children, and I hope you’re not allowed around them.