The Corrupt Bastards Club Strikes Again: Alaska Republican Party Chair Deposed

In yet another strike by Alaska’s RINO Establishment against the grassroots, Chair Debbie Brown was removed by a sham proceeding last night. The “trial,” held at a time that Ms. Brown was out-of-town and unable to defend herself against trumped-up charges, resulted in her removal from ARP office. The individual purporting to be the new chair of the ARP, Peter Goldberg, was never elected by the party delegates but was apparently hand-selected by insiders for his current position.

This is the second time this year that a duly-elected ARP Chair has been removed through a kangaroo court-type proceeding orchestrated by long-time party bosses. Not surprisingly, activists are outraged.

Attorney Wayne Anthony Ross, former GOP National Committeeman and long time Alaska Republican Party officer, wrote a protest earlier stating:

In January 2013, in a blatant attempt to retain power, the old guard filed fraudulent complaints and utilized flawed process and procedure, including a so-called “hearing” on January 31, seeking ouster of Chairman-Elect Russ Millette and Vice-Chairman Debbie Brown before they could even assume the positions to which they were elected.

He continued,

Ms. Brown has had two more spurious complaints filed against her. The first complaint was filed 49 days after Ms. Brown became Chairman and the second complaint was filed 63 days after she became Chairman.The most recent complaint was filed only 3 days ago, on Friday, April 5 and submitted by previous Chairman Ruedrich.

Mr. Ross argued that the scheduled hearing did not comply with the Rule of Law:

The timing of this hearing, the manner in which the hearing [was] scheduled and the surrounding circumstances, all show a clear and callous disregard for the ARP rules, due process, the rule of law, and the will of the 2012 ARP State Convention delegates.

He also mentioned that the outcome of the hearing had been predetermined, as a threatening email from the new chair, Peter Goldberg, revealed:

In a threatening e-mail sent to Chairman Brown by you, Vice-Chairman Goldberg, you stated that members of the SEC have already decided on ousting [Debbie Brown], only 49 days after she became Chairman. Thus, without a hearing, the SEC [had] already decided the outcome.

Prior to tonight’s sham hearing, a number of current and former ARP district chairs, delegates and other officers, wrote an Open Letter to the ARP, describing the nature of the conflict:

the present conflict is between those who support the transfer of power to our newly elected officers, and those who oppose that transfer of power. In a grassroots organization such as ours, in which all power is vested in delegates in convention assembled, and those who hold power at all other times do so only in trust, the present conflict amounts to no more, nor less, than a power grab by individuals who failed in their efforts to win election at the 2012 Republican State Convention. That these individuals have attempted to use the state executive committee hearing process to make up for their failed election campaigns, or failure to run for office, is an assault not only on the nature and function of the state executive committee, but also on the power and authority of the state convention and even the election process itself.

The letter concludes:

Those who desire to change the fundamental structure of our party in this way will meet our firm and unwavering resistance to any effort to do so.

It’s anybody’s guess how this mess will ultimately resolve. But in the short term you can be assured of messy politics as hardcore activists remain committed to fighting the ruling class and restoring constitutional government.