Steyn Warns of ‘Serious Secession Movements’ if Drift Toward Socialism Not Reversed (+video)

Photo Credit: Daily CallerRadio host Dennis Miller and National Review columnist Mark Steyn considered Thursday the possible outcomes if the United States continues down the path of socialism.

If socialism became the prevailing governing philosophy, Miller speculated, escaping it wouldn’t require a move to the Australian outback. Instead he suggested heading for the state of Texas, because it would be the first place to push back against it.

“If I ever do flee, don’t think fleeing has to involve you going over to Alice Springs or something,” Miller said. “I’m going to Texas because that’ll be the first place that pushes back. They’re not going down the tubes with this country if this country decides to go down the tubes. I really think I’d head for Texas.”

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  • m123s

    All Americans should consider taking 2 minutes, and look up the definition of: Capitalism, then Fascism.
    Politics stink.

  • jdelaney3

    I have written on this drift and the likely inevitable disunion which will result. Frankly, and from a historical standpoint, disunion IS inevitable, and the Progressive cancer is hastening that process. Even our Founders, who fully understood the corruptibility of man, never, ever foresaw the perpetuity of this voluntary union. Yes, it would be nice if we could remain a solid 50, but ONLY if such a union upholds constitutional order. We’ve long passed that milestone.

  • Barry_Suxx

    I believe a massive secession really would work this time. BUT the States with any Spine need to ‘Stick Together’. Thus they would also need to reject States with ‘Major Coastal Populations’. (for some reason these usually get warped liberal-left and it pollutes their State).
    (I think it must be something in the water). The only reason CO has warped into such a Lib-Left State is because of the vast number of mexifornians that have moved in.

    • Buzz

      We need to go in blocks; like WY, Idaho, the Dakotas and Montana; the states having lots of assets will have to help those with less to make this work; TX is so large it could house three states within its parameters!