Federal Agents Now Invade Hospital Exam Rooms, Thanks to HIPPA

Photo Credit: WND

I recently endured my third round of invasion by the Joint Commission, or JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). I am still reeling from the experience. Without my consent and without warning, the investigator invited herself into the sanctum of our exam room, explaining that she had verbal consent from the patient to observe, “and we learn so much!” I was caught completely off guard, and working as a private contractor in a government sponsored facility, I didn’t resist, but I can say now in retrospect…it will never happen to me again.

Never in more than 20 years of medical practice have I had a government agent invade the sacred space of my private exam room. Oh yes, I have acceded to the review of my private medical records by their auditors, holy ground that never should have been given, but this was too much. Ah, but she had HIPAA in her hand.

It has taken me a while to get the big picture. At first when I heard of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) I was mystified, why should we need such a law? After all, the idea of doctor-patient confidentiality has been an essential foundation of western medicine for two thousand years before there ever was a United States of America, so we surely didn’t just think it up. Furthermore, if the King’s Court jesters (or shall we say ‘Supreme Court’) can find an “implied right to privacy” in the US Constitution for a woman to kill her unborn baby, why in the world would we need a new set of laws to protect privacy between a doctor and patient?

It’s really quite simple, the cost of medicine today has escaped us. When my Grand daddy was still around, he either paid for his medical care out of his pocket, or he didn’t get it, simple as that. Today, nobody can afford to pay their own medical costs, why a small cut on your finger with a trip to the emergency room for a few stitches could run over a thousand dollars, and a woman recently confided to me that her hysterectomy cost in excess of $65,000! Now think about how many women in this country will need a hysterectomy this year, can we afford this? How about a $90,000 heart catheterization and stent followed by a new blood thinner drug that will cost $2000 a month to keep it working? So we see that more and more we have to rely on our government to foot the bill of the things we could never pay for.

There it is… if the government is going to pay for health care, they want to get the ‘most bang for their buck’ so they need a way to measure, and to measure, they need beans to count, and to have beans to count, they have to have records, and to have records—they can’t be in a safe paper chart in some doctors office, they need to be electronic and available, hence the advent of the EHR (Electronic Health Record). Nobody honestly finds this actually facilitates patient care (everyone I talk to finds that all this data entry increases the time need to see one patient), but it sure gives the government beans to count.

Now for them to sell us on this idea, they had to create the illusion of protecting the privacy of medical information when in reality the foxes were just letting themselves into the hen house! Remember, the “P” in HIPAA does not stand for privacy like they want us to believe, but for portability, so it’s easier for them to access. The government now has an information highway to the most private thing you have, your own medical record. And remember, next time you sit down with your doctor in confidence, you may look up and find they have invited themselves to sit in, after all, “they can learn so much!” Welcome to the 21st century and a brave new world (soon to be ‘Logan’s Run’).


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I would like to respond to concerns raised in response to the above article regarding the Joint Commission. Let me clarify, JCAHO was not originally created by the Federal Government nor is it directly funded by Federal moneys. And if my use of the term “agent” created that misunderstanding, I extend my apologies, that was not my intent. Rather my intent is to point out that Joint Commission has become a tool of the Federal machine. Joint Commission accreditation has become a primary measure by which health organizations can qualify for Medicare participation and, in many states, Medicaid participation as well. Medicare funds are clearly of Federal origin, and to put it simply, a health organization which doesn’t have Joint Commission accreditation or, worse yet, fails their accreditation will find it very difficult to access those Federal moneys. Thus, JCAHO is operationally an agent of the Federal system, and reflects Federal intrusion. One cannot deny that Joint Commission is required to comply with Federal regulations in its reporting and that Joint Commission reflects the requirements of CMS (Center for Medicare Services) standards, thus playing a regulatory role for the Federal government.

  • doug43

    Drafted during 1996 well blow me over…I think that was during Clinton’s closet invasion time. Leave it to a Clinton to come up with such a foolish new law to violate another of our many broken laws. Welcome to America…if it looks like China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and middle east then you are at the right place! And as I stated; Welcome bring your favorite part of your country along with you….that way you’ll feel right at home here in America!

    • jimbo124816

      Interesting how Clinton, who wouldn’t release his medical records, would push through a law mandating release of your medical records.

      It’s kind of like Obama, who won’t release anything about his life from age 2 to age 32, is authorizing the IRS and FBI and anyone else he can think of, to spy on every citizen in the country.

      Could it be the (D) after their names?

      • Barry_Suxx

        We can also thank the Clinton era admin for endless varieties of Electronic Vampires which quietly ‘suck’ electricity at all hours non-stop, under the guise of “Energy Star”. Not to mention the infamous mandated non-functional toilets which everyone is now stuck with. Designed to “Save Water”, in actuality their inherent inefficiency renders them useless water-wasters, and Literally “Not Worth a $&*# “. That’s why I named mine ‘William Jefferson’ and ‘Hillary Rodham’.

        THANKS Bill; you proved you weren’t Worth a $&^#.

      • Kent2012

        and the communist agenda they espouse….

    • Kris Erickson

      will the last American to leave please bring the flag…

  • Glen Saunders

    Why do these things never happen to me? Let a fine representative of Uncle Sam barge into my examining room and I’ll throw them through the window.

  • I blame the American people for allowing themselves to be taken advantage of….
    There has been and continues to be plenty of information out there including THE BILL itself in which millions ignore…
    So we get what we deserve….
    Until Americans start paying attention, reading and talking with each other than we will be no different other 3rd world countries….
    Imagine women and men thinking a baby inside their Mothers womb isn’t alive or even formed until birth….that is the America and the people we know.
    I pray God opens our eyes to him and when that happens we will seek out the truth…..

    • raynbene

      AMEN to that ! ! I just happened to recall how the Hebrews were made to wander in the wilderness for 40 years after they made their golden calf – I hope we don’t have to wait that long to reclaim our God-given heritage, and leave liberalism and democRATS behind forever ! ! We can look forward to only darkness and despair if we keep electing these socialists and outright communist b*ast*rds ! !

      • I think we will have to wait longer… we have a sitting potus of the usa who is playing the race card along with his wife and no one is saying peep ….. because some are afraid of being called a name over doing what is right…. so until “they”/”we” have zero fear over the truth and call out the bullies…things are going to get worse.
        democrat politicians will do anything they are told to do by whoever their leader is and will do anything for a campaign donation/vote/change and or create bad legislation…lie, cheat, steal, miss-inform the public, receive money for abortions including babies born outside the womb who are murdered, they applaud pedophiles/sex traffickers with the Plan B Pill and laws protecting them, they except money/campaign donations from those on our terrorist watch list… etc…
        SO We have an incredible long way to go…as their voters are blind to all that and or agree with that… republicans have their own set of issues…

      • Kris Erickson

        like the saying goes, who is truly guilty; those that remove the light, or those who stumble around in the darkness…

    • SoCalSandi

      I know their are still many die hard loyalist to the Obama regime which obviously lacks any moral compass; but at this point I am not sure if we can blame the American people for more than having trust in our system of government. With all these scandals going on in DC, how can we ever really know if the election results were not fraudulently influenced??

      • I hear and understand your reply…. when people put a politician before God, Family, Friends, Voting Records, Campaign Speeches, Candidates website, Bills they “said” they were apart of and bills they were apart of….etc…
        Houston we have a major problem with the People…
        When Benghazi happened I put up the information on my page… a school friend for over 30 years wrote that I was a liar…. *who is he listening to? not God, not a friend, not a family member etc….

      • Kris Erickson

        the election results are corrupted. when you have a 140% percent turn out…florida comes to mind… when you own the voting machines like George sorous does, when we cannot see one single document of his…(imam Obama) school, passport, transcripts, and no one at his claimed college of graduation can even remember him ever attending…his book that says born in Kenya and rasied in indonisa, of course referring to himself, not his father whom he only met once at the age of 10, the fact you have Hillary Clinton and john McCain trying eight times to pass legislation through congress, to let anyone who has lived in the US for 30 yrs. but not born here, on American soil… can be president, and it failed to become law but we got the person who would have been the result, if this had actually passed… democrats are not your friends. no party is your friend at this point. Hillary cliton is a whore, Obama is her pimp. and john maccain is benedict Arnold.

    • Kris Erickson

      the blame goes to teachers unions who decided what goes into teaching the citizenry…

    • Kris Erickson

      the truth has been murdered. god will not help us now. we murdered his only begotten son, remember? 2,000 years ago, it was government then and it is government now. by our sheep mentality we murder Christ everyday in this country by allowing this government in its current form to even exist. god is ashamed of us yet again. HE gave us the brains to figure this kind of evil out, and to defeat it. but 2,000 yrs. is just not enough time to learn anything. god has moved on. I often wonder if Jesus wasted his time with us???????????????????????????

  • goldenshepard

    I would not tolerate it! Screw them.

  • resistordie

    I would stop treating the patient who ‘agreed’ the agent of Dear Leader could be present at the exam period.

    • yebbid

      Amen. And, as a patient, I’ll never consent to allowing them in. HIPPA states only the patient can give consent.

  • Not only has this been done, but it is being done in such a way as to represent that the woman with the clip board, is either a medical doctor or a nurse in training, In one instance I observed the “Trainee” suggest to the doctor that the strength of the prescription was too much…

    Now imagine that, a bureaucratic, “trainee” telling the doctor how to practice medicine. Still think you can sit on your couch and wait for someone else to vote in 2014, Dont…

    • Kris Erickson

      welcome to the peoples republic of America comrade..

  • jimbo124816

    Thank you, Mr. Jones for coming in for this exam today. However because you have chosen to allow a bureaucrat to sit in and ask questions of you and me during the examination and make suggestions on how and why you are being treated, I suggest that you to find a new primary care physician for your future treatments.

    And Ms. Clipboard, you are not welcome in my office, and I suggest you leave and to not come back.

    There, Wasn’t that easy! Not threats, no fuss, problem solved.


    • Kris Erickson

      awe… but remember we worship government, we are a nation of laws…this is the blackmail, brain washing we have lived with all of our lives. if we were a nation of laws, we would not be in this position because the government would have been the first to obey them. they have molested and raped our laws to violate every fabric of our being.

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    Every night there are new reports on TV about the price of healthcare skyrocketing because of Obamacare. It is a failure and the proof is: the broken system it is replacing worked better and cost less!

    And who made national takeover of healthcare an issue. Did US citizens clamor for Obamacare? NO! It was an issue manufactured in Washington by Democratic leaders with their own agenda.

    When are we going to demand Congress and the President represent ‘We the People’ and let us determine the issues that need to be addressed? It is still the economy stupid and government can best help the recovery by getting government regulation out of the way.

  • grazillda

    And how is this worse that legislators invading the privacy of my womb?

    • CSN

      That depends upon what you intend to do to that individual in your womb, who may have gotten there without your consent, but through your inappropriate conduct…no?

  • CSN

    The Drug Cartels are raising the cost of Health Care through their exorbitant costs. No drug, whether it be Chemo or otherwise, should cost $10,000.00 per infusion. That is way over the top. Is it Liquid Gold or something? Most of the time Chemo only damages other organs in the body, while barely shrinking the cancer. They just keep trying more Chemo, and more Chemo, until the patient’s heart finally gives out. Not a good method of treatment, but many use it, because they don’t know any other answer. The lucky ones go into remission, only to find it come back with a vengeance in 5 to 10 years down the road. Everyone has a right to use what they think would be best for their health care, but drug companies are skinning people alive with these costs. Surgeries are expensive too, but equipment accounts for much of that. We’ve come a long way to treatment for Heart Attacks, but very little for treatment for Cancer and other diseases such as MRSA. Government better stay out of my exam room, because I’ll leave if they invade it. I believe many will go to Alternative Medicine, rather than conventional, if this thing keeps becoming the Monster it was intended to be.

    • Lance

      The Medical Doctors at the behest of big pharma are robbing the American Public blind. We spend more than all the rest of the world’s countries combined and for what. We rank 60th in longevity. People in 59 other countries live longer than we do. We rank 40th in live child birth. That means it is safer to have a baby in 39 other countries. Until people in the U.S. learn to use medical doctors for emergencies and turn to natural methods for disease this will not change. Drugs don’t cure anything with maybe the exception of antibiotics. There are many wonderful alternatives but insurance won’t pay for it and as long as you act like a slave and go where they send you you’ll continue to reap negative results. If you don’t frequent the doctor’s office then they won’t have your records. I know many people who are prescribed multiple drugs and unless they take control its all down hill from there. Wake up America.

  • Kent2012

    you vill not complain and you vill do as you are told comrade……

  • jimchambers

    It is my understanding that the Joint Commission is not a governmental organisation and you don’t have to put up with that person being in your room. Most hospitals do welcome the Joint Commission in to inspect their facilities and do their best to live up to their recommendations simply because remuneration in so many cases is based on meeting JC standards.
    JC inspections have gotten hospital department heads fired and the remuneration rate from insurance companies reduced. They have become very powerful in the healthcare industry and their inspectors are becoming known for throwing their weight around. As far as I know they have not been accused, as yet, of the corruption that can come to people who wield this type of power.
    It has been my experience that the head of the dept. that I worked in resorted to giving away valuable equipment we had no room to store in order to do little more than clear a hallway. She just needed to get that equipment out of that hallway to avoid a JC criticism.

    • Robert Porter

      That’s correct! JCAHO is not the government. JCAHO inspectors are not government employees. Dr Wahl should know better. Makes me wonder why he doesn’t. If he’s not going to let inspectors in, he needs to take that up with hospital administration. Considering the ramifications. I bet they let his contract expire.

      I sent this to the admins here:
      The article by Dr Wahl is just plain wrong! You do us disservice by putting this out there when a simple fact check blows the whole article out of the water. JCAHO has nothing to do with the government. JCAHO inspectors are NOT government employees. JCAHO accreditation is voluntary. Please pull it… It just provides the left with more ammo (ie we don’t have a clue what we’re talking about) we don’t need to give them.

      They need to pull this article.

      • jimchambers

        It is possible that he was unaware that JC representatives do not belong to a government agency. In that case it was just an error.
        Having said that, I think you may be correct in assuming that an informed person from the left may use this as a cudgel with which he or she can browbeat those on the correct political side of the fence. They seem adept at using underhanded practices.

        • joewmiller

          Jim, Dr. Wahl responded with his “Author’s Note” following the article above. We appreciate your feedback.

  • Robert Porter

    Sorry but this is crap. JCAHO is NOT a government program. It’s a 501(c)3 that’s voluntarily joined by the hospital. Talk to the people you contracted with. This has NOTHING to do with the government. As a MD you SHOULD know this.

    • joewmiller

      See Dr. Wahl’s note following his article above.

      • Robert Porter

        Dr Wahl specifically called them “government agents” JC is a voluntary organization in which the hospital chooses or not to participate. CMS is the government agency as he pointed out. Fortunately for us that work in these hospitals, CMS accepts JC accreditation. Trust me, having seen it first hand, you would much rather deal with a JC surveyor than CMS inspector. One JC surveyors usually came from a medical background – not always so (I suspect more often not) in the CMS side. So they at least have a clue what’s going on, not always so with government inspectors. There is a reason that hospitals choose to join JCAHO – it makes sense. 1) they are the gold standard. 3) They are usually reasonable. And 3) CMS stays off your back.

        Your note isn’t very convincing. i think you intentionally slanted the article by using terms like “government agents” so loosely, probably for the sensationalism. People here “government agent” and see either men in suits saying “I’m from the government and here to help” (we know that works), or men in black fatigues with gull auto weapons. So Nurse Wahl (since labeling people’s jobs correctly isn’t important, I’ll take that liberty too), I stand by my original assertion: Your article does more harm to our side than helps and should be removed or at the very least re-written paying a little more attention to the facts.

  • mi5edtodeath

    I see no problem with quality assurance enforced by the government. In the US. Medicine is big business and it requires regulations.

    There is nothing sacred about medicine, medical profession have already reduced it into a money grubbing exercise.

    • Uncle_Meat

      Thanks to sheep like you the insurance companies and banks have assumed total ownership over your healthcare industry. Bend over please!

      • mi5edtodeath

        I don’t even know why you are replying to me when your were not invited.

        The way I see it is that medical care in the US is largely by private enterprise so it must be monitored by the authorities to prevent commercial interests superseding medical imperatives.

        I don’t know why you blame me for the obnoxious American healthcare system when I don’t even live in the US.

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  • Diana Roberts

    Things have gone too far. I’m so angry and sick of so much government control. IMPEACH the president, fire all his cronies, vote out all the current congressmen and start over.

  • abinico

    You’re whining about the cost of medicine – how about the 200,000 killed yearly – how about the 1-2 million that are injured. And you’re whining about the cost – the wrong cost.

  • jimchambers

    I find myself in agreement with the follow up statement by Dr. Wahl.
    While the interloper in his exam room was not, strictly speaking, a government agent he or she was representing an agency that could have a detrimental affect on the ability of his practice to bill and be remunerated by those governmental agencies he does have to deal with.
    My apologies to the doctor if he thinks I was nit picking. I suspect I got the wrong impression by his use of the words ‘government agent’. I took those words, it would seem, a bit too literally.

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  • Kris Erickson

    hitlers brown shirts… American is gone forever, we have murdered the truth and this is what murdered truth looks like. sleep well comrades, welcome to the peoples republic of America. when a country murders truth, god takes a hike.

  • Kris Erickson

    if anyone wants this to stop??? get rid of the IRS, and the national deficit just to get started, and shrink government by 90%. make it illegal for government to seeing anything private and personal. this is what is going to happen. the next time some brave American runs for public office, etc. etc. the government will reveal all of your private information and it will defeat anyone from ever trying to fix our cancer. this is the weapon the government will use to take individuals and families down one by one. keep your guns the government says… they won’t do you any good anyway, we are a nation of laws… and as long as we worship that edict then we will legislate ourselves out of existence.

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  • if one of those folks walks into the exam room I’m in, they’d better be leave the first time I ask them to. otherwise they’ll need an exam room of their own and probably a trauma team to stop the bleeding.