Rush Limbaugh: GOP Elites Ashamed by the Base, Ask, What are We Going to Do About the Christians?

Photo Credit: YouTube

In this clip from Friday, Rush talks about why the RINO leadership of the GOP is pushing hard for amnesty. He posits the theory that with amnesty, the GOP can get rid of its “embarrassing” base.

Rush relates a story about his visit to the Hamptons where a big name, very wealthy Republican – who most listeners would recognize – punched him in the chest with his finger and asked, “What are you going to do about the Christians?” He believes this outrageous comment reflects the attitudes of most big-money, Republicans-in-name-only.

Rush concludes that the party elites didn’t like Reagan, don’t like pro-lifers, don’t like gun nuts, and don’t like Christians. In short, they don’t like real conservatives. They’ll do anything they can to render them politically ineffective. And that’s where the amnesty bill might fit in: