Video: Obama’s Epic U.S. Geography Fail

Tuesday night, President Obama made headlines during his appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” one of his numerous appearances over the years (back in 2009, he was the first sitting president to appear on the show). The President talked with Jay about a myriad of topics such as the NSA (he says that we don’t have a domestic spying program), the threat from Al Qaeda, and Trayvon Martin. However, it was when the discussion turned to infrastructure that the president failed on some fairly basic American geography — and it’s not getting much attention.

Photo Credit: Twitter @JoeTalkShow

How did he screw up? A clip from the official transcript of the interview — sent out by the White House* — says it all:

(watch the comments below starting at the 2:15 mark)

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  • sreynolds

    LMAO The guy is nothing more than an ignorant stoner….. Go do another bong hit obama, and let the adults back in the whitehouse… No this statement is not racist, I would take a Ben Carson or ALlen West over ovomit any day of the week…..

  • Vikki

    I heard that the moment it left his lying lips and wondered if anyone else caught it – what a maroon. Should have attended class instead of getting high in the back of the van.

  • dsjr

    What an idiot. He himself promoted the idea that he is an intellectual. The rest of us know better.

  • Puncher

    Is that akin to Obama’s 57 states of America…oh, excuse me…that’s 57 Muslim countries he was referring to.

  • Kent2012

    the african pretender needs a miniaturized instant fact tablet and a small earpiece/mircrophone…..facts available as soon as he utters an identifiable word like ocean or United States……and then he can say something as a stall, while the facts are buzzing in his ear…

  • PT

    He’s being tutored in geograpy by Joe Biden!

  • Popeye

    Typical “Ivy League” type doesn’t know jack about geography because they all think that the universe revolves around them………and they have the nerve to call others “flat earthers”.

  • Amy Walker

    If you want to get a real laugh read some of the comments about the Leno appearance. Then you will cry when you realize how much this president has shamed and disgraced our country and made us the laughing stock of the world.

    The President said that we deepen the ports all along the Gulf – in Charleston and Savannah and Jacksonville. Hmmm? Maybe there are cities called this in one of the 7 additional states he mentioned that are on a Gulf I don’t know about. Its seems the President knows about as much about geography as he does about the Constitution.

    What I would give for Shark week meets Obama on vacation.

    I once had a lot of concerns over why he is hiding his college transcripts. But now I”m convinced he is not hiding them, they simply don’t exist.

    He keeps stepping in it doesn’t he…Never forget when he said “our 57 states.” Does this guy actually know he’s living in America?

    It’s the area of the 58th state he has yet to visit.

    If he has a degree from Harvard. he must have collected enough cereal boxtops for them to mail him one. He is a pure unadulterated moron.

    I wonder if he consulted with the Marine “corpse” before saying this.

    The people that voted for this brilliant man must be overwhelmed with his knowledge of history, geography and ability to remember protocol when visiting or greeting other VIP’s. He is not only incompetent but very stupid!

    Dumb is forever. I did NOT ever vote for this hater of America.

    He had no teleprompter…ad lib does not work for him

    At least President Bush was aware of how many states there are and he knew the difference between the Gulf & Atlantic.

    He must have friends in the dredging business.

    Well, I’m sure at least one of those 57 states borders the gulf.

    And who’s the bigger idiot, himself or the people who voted for him to be the Commander in Chief of this once great country?

    He has no clue. When will all the others wake up and see this? I guess when they run out of free stuff.

    The teleprompter was on the wrong side of the map.

    he’s an idiot. has no clue about anything with America, ie) 57 states. Didn’t learn about those thing in muslim school in kenya

    Not sure that Harvard tuition paid off for whomever paid it.

    Okayyyyyyyyyyy …. who took his teleprompter???

    Can you imagine the media if Bush had said that!

    How many of the 57 states have sea ports?

    The gulf between his ears!!!

    I’m sure he meant “golf”

    It’s that gulf that borders the other states…you know 51 – 57…

    I am still sitting here giggling…I cannot believe this person is our President.

    can you say TWIT!!

    EVERY ocean port in all 57 states should be brought up to code. I hear ships can’t negotiate the waterways of South Dakota at all!

    But we know… it is a phony Gulf… so stop it…

    G’Ma CharBarr says, He’s an example of why affirmative action doesn’t work.


    I think he has a very serious mental illness and needs to be heavily medicated and found to be incapable of leadership.

    He meant to say “all along the golf courses (I play at), places like Charleston, SC”, etc.

    So George Bush IS smarter?!

    that has to be the most stupid human on this earth when it comes to geography…REALLY???

    honest to God…somebody read that guy a book, he obviously has never read one himself…or show him a map…he obviously doesn’t have any idea where he is at any given time…which of the 57 states are on the gulf of Atlantic???

    And they accused Bush Jr. of being dumb!


    …and he thinks “Sharknado” is based on a true story.

    Gee, I lived most of my life in Charleston, and I could have sworn it was on the Atlantic.What is funny is Leno is taped hours before it airs, and nobody corrected this kind of mistake?? Hmmm, says something about the respect Obama has earned now doesn’t it???…..

    It just keeps getting better. I wish with each “brainless” comment he was using a shovel.

    Is it too much to ask that our President know 8th grade US geography?

    the opitimy of true idiocy. and what colledge did he attend. and how many more idiots will be promoted

    What an idiot—-he is so stupid no wonder he can’t run this country right.

    Obummer is beginning to sound like uncle Joe!

    Just to import more of his Saudi oil?

    The guy is a moron. Anyone that voted for him in 2012 is a moron. This country is doomed.

    Can he get any more embarrassing?

    Barak insane Obama already told us that global warming is causing the seas to rise. Who needs dredging?

    He also broke news that The Winter Olympics this year is having balance beams, track field and in the wintery weather. I guess you wear snow shoes which makes it tricky on the balance beams!!!!

    Ahh. The “most educated and refined president in history” needs to go back to geography class.

    57 states is alot of geography to remember.

    What a shameful representation of our country to the world. I knew my US geography way better than this by the 2nd grade.

    Gulf of dumbass I guess

    It’s important to note here that the Panama Canal wasn’t widened. It had new locks built. Locks that were originally begun in the 1930’s but stopped (the actual date of stoppage was the begining of Concrete operations, Sept. 1, 1939 the day Hitler invaded Poland). Obama is a clueless political hack. Not only did he misrepresent the purpose of the Panama Canal improvements, he doesn’t even get it that the improvements are so that the ports he mentioned can recieve more freight. Be more efficient, idiot.

    Moron. He is literally criminally insane!

    I had to search for the video because I really wanted to hear him say this. HE DID SAY IT. Unbelievable. Is he still smoking dope?

    wonder if he can spell tomato, or potato?

    Smartest guy in the room. Constitutional law professor. Yeah. Right.

    The President said that we deepen the ports all along the Gulf – in Charleston and Savannah and Jacksonville. Hmmm? Maybe there are cities called this in one of the 7 additional states he mentioned that are on a Gulf I don’t know about. It seems the President knows about as much about geography as he does about the Constitution.

    Smartest guy in the room. Constitutional law professor. Yeah. Right.
    The ignorance and pure stupidity of Obama is alarming, just how did this idiot even get our of grade school!

    Where the heck are all the idiots who put this clown in office! I think everyone of them ought to have their heads examined, check if they have a brain!

    Yes! A brilliant person! In his own eyes!

    All he studied was the Communist Manifesto…he needs to study world history too…and World Geography.

    Even the TELEPROMPTER Is LYING!!!!!!

    He also doesn’t know American History. The Golden Gate Bridge was not a WPA project.

    Yes, his party also believes that Guam may capsize if we were to rebuild our naval base there…

    Idiocracy, it is type of government we have…and I bet that media will not call him out on it. If it had been a conservative who had said this, it would have been the headline news for the next couple of days. Oh, wait, average attention span for low information voters is about 90 minutes…

    It has nothing to do with dope. It has everything to do with stupidity!

    Obama shouldn’t be allow to speak without a teleprompter. What an embarrassment to America

    Maybe I should send him My son’s place mat of the USA. so he can first learn how many States we have and where the Gulf is at. Obama nothing but a puppet. Time to cut the strings.

    His idea of getting news out is by going on late night soft ball shows with no reporters. It’s about his low polls.

    Just more PROOF the man IS a stupid as you think he is…Guess too much “kool aid” and you have no idea where anything is…

    What do you expect? The teleprompter was broken and his cue cards were being held upside down
    he’s depending on the low-informed to believe him

    This man is very, very stupid. Stupid is ignorance seasoned with the arrogance of not knowing that you’re ignorant.

    What did Jay say or do. I would have laughed my self sick.

    Will his pompous inteligence never cease to amaze us

    Maybe he plans to move the Gulf over to the east coast…sheesh…idiot!

    He’s a DUNCE! You can’t fix stupid!!HE’S LOOKING FOR THE PICTURES… because he doesn’t know how to read!

    another thing he is no good at…..geography!! This man is an imbarrasment

    Did you really expect an intellegent answer from the guy?

    The one between those wonderful ears of his.

    He went to Columbia and Harvard. Do you really expect him to know his geography ?

    Stupidity has nothing to do with color…

    and this dude is the leader of the free world! NOT FOR LONG, I HOPE…ACTUALLY I PRAY!!!!!!

    And Obama is SUPPOSED to have been a graduate of Columbia and Harvard universities!!!! COULD IT BE BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN HIS EARS BUT MUDDY WATER?? Or maybe he is a wind up robot that can’t function without his handlers present??

    He must have been taking his geography lessons from Sheila Jackson-Lee!!! She asked if the Mars rover could see the flag our astronauts left on the moon! And, the people are running our country!! No wonder we’re going to hell in a hand basket!!

    The media still insists this idiot is soooo smart. They jumped all over Bushs’ mistakes, but we won’t hear a peep about this

    Valerie Jarrett is the prez, but she would never have been elected so this is her Manchurian candidate.

    One ignorant punk. If it isn’t written out for him he’s totally lost, and we know why…..because he isn’t smarter than a fifth grader. But boy, he’s got some great handlers.

    Has he really got even a hint of where he’s at and what he’s supposed (!) to be doing?

    Every time it opens it’s mouth something stupid comes out!

    This has got to be the dumbest “President” in fricken history! And they thought GW was dumb!!! BTW best wishes President Bush!

    If this presidents brains were made of dynamite, he wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose…………………

    Valerie Jarrett is the real president. Obama is the front man.

    He’s an idiot. Could say he is our “Resident Idiot”.

  • gracentruth

    What else can we get from an illegal alien – white Kenyan – who things USA has 57 states?

    Good for Leno – he caught the white Kenyan without his prompter. Peace,

  • Andrew C. Lee

    Come on people, it was pretty clear what he meant to say. The way the AP inserted clarification was exactly how I interpreted what he said. Speaking is obviously not a skill Obama is good at, which he can normally mask with teleprompters.

    Don’t turn this slight speaking error into a fake scandal, there are plenty of real scandals to focus on with this one.

    And stop with the “57 States” BS, it was clear then and remains clear that he meant to say “57 contests” or “57 primaries and caucuses” because that is how many there are in the Democrat party presidential nomination process.

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