Boehner Working with Obama to Ambush House Republicans on Bloomberg-Backed Immigration Changes

Photo Credit: Gun Owners

Photo Credit: Gun Owners

The good thing about anti-gun liberals in Washington is that they are pathologically incapable of keeping their mouths shut.

And, this morning, shortly before 9:00, MSNBC commentator Dick Gregory announced that House Speaker John Boehner, the day before, had told a private meeting of reporters that he had been talking with Barack Obama “a lot” about pushing immigration reform.

It’s pretty clear why Barack Obama wants a bill which would either legalize or grant citizenship to as many as 11.5 million people who, according to Latinos expressing their opinions in a Pew poll, would cast 88% of their votes for liberals like Barack Obama.

It’s also clear what Speaker Boehner has in mind: If he sabotages his own party, the liberal media will throw him a “doggie treat.”

But, for other House Republicans, the advantage of having an Obama/Boehner knife in their back is a little less clear.

A note on why gun owners have “skin” in the immigration game: By turning a net 8,000,000 people into an “Obama army,” even “legalization” without immediate citizenship would fundamentally change electoral politics for the 2014 elections.

This is why, along with gun control, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made immigration “reform” his central priority.

The anti-gun Bloomberg knows that “legalization” of persons unlawfully in the U.S. will create an “Obama army” which will transform the 2014 elections and achieve the almost impossible task of delivering the House and the Senate to the party of gun control.

With Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in power in 2015, the “Obama army” will then get their “citizenship” reward — and gun control will advance.

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  • JaniceSix

    If Boehner and the other RINOs do this, it will be the end of their party, and another huge step toward the demise of America.

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    Americans elect politicians to represent us and not illegal immigrants! Put 20 million unemployed citizens first you *^%#$! jackass!

    • Linda

      YES,YES,YES !

  • amiciLatinae

    All Christians must pray for the angels of the Lord to visit Boehner. Surely he knows not what he does.

    • Daninfla

      He suffers from a chronic, progressive (no pun intended) and fatal disease that is frequently incurable. Either that or he is just a drunk. Either way he is not responsible. And YES, it does take one to know one.


    When did Boehner, Cantor or Ryan become Republicans?

  • Bklynnygirl

    What does Obama and Holder’s NSA have on Boehner?

  • miketheelder

    It happened a few years ago when the republican “leadership” promoted “immigration reform” then tried to back off just before the election. Backing off didn’t help because 1) people knew the were lying and 2) the voters had already given up hope that this travesty would be stopped. The “party” lost control and power because they were pushing an unacceptable idea. It will be much worse this time because conservatives will just stay home rather than elect people who supported “immigration reform” and who would claim their voters support for this position. Nah, I believe this is the end of the republican party and the Republic. Hunker down and protect yourselves.

  • CountryBoy

    I am a Teap Party Conservative but I AGREE with Democrat Barbara Jordan on Immigration Reform

    Exerpts from Barbara Jordan’s (1995 Democrat) Commission on Immigration Reform

    First, we set forth principles. We are a nation of immigrants committed to the rule of law. The Commission believes that legal immigration has strengthened the country and that it continues to do so.

    The second part of our strategy is worksite enforcement. You will hear that roughly one-half of the nation’s illegal alien problem results from visitors who entered legally but who do not leave when their time is up. Let me tell you in three simple words why that is: they get jobs.

    Third in our recommmendations for a comprehensive strategy is making eligibility for public benefits consistent with our immigration policy. Decisions about eligibility should support our immigration objectives. Accordingly, the Commission recommended against eligibility for illegal aliens except in most unusual circumstances.
    For legal immigrants, we recommended making abuse of the public charge provision grounds for deportation. The affidavit of support that sponsors sign should be a legally-binding contract. Moral obligations work well enough in church, but the law requires a contract.

    But the Commission also recommended that legal permanent residents should continue to be eligible for means-tested programs and against any broad, categorical denial of eligibility for public benefits based on alienage for those who obey our laws. It is important to see a lack of citizenship as something more than “the funding mechanism” for welfare reform. It gets to a fundamental issue for defining the national interest in legal immigration-the relationship between the decision to come here as an immigrant and the decision to naturalize to become a citizen.

    Fourth, deportation is crucial. Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave. The top priorities for detention and removal, of course, are criminal aliens. But for the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process.

    Fifth, emergency management. Migration emergencies such as we have seen recently with Haiti and Cuba do recur, and we must be prepared for them.

    Sixth, reliable data. The current debate over the economic impact of immigration is marked by shaky statistics, flawed assumptions, and an amazing range of contradictory conclusions from what ought to be commonly-accepted methods.

    Seventh, much as we support enhanced enforcement by this country, we must face the fact that unilateral action on the part of the United States will never be enough to curb illegal immigration.

    Finally, the Commission recommends better border management. Far more can and should be done to meet the twin goals of border management: deterring illegal crossings while facilitating legal ones. But we have to recognize both goals.

    Where is Barbara Jordan when we NEED her ??? God rest her soul.