Millennials Have ‘Historically Low’ Levels Of Trust In Government

A new poll surveying young Americans’ political attitudes released by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics Tuesday found millennials have less trust in government than ever before.

Harvard’s poll showed millennials, which the pollsters defined as peopled aged 18 to 29, have lost trust in a variety of different major public institutions including the President, the military, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the federal government as a whole. Of all the institutions tracked by the poll, the President and the military lost the most trust among young Americans with a seven point drop. Overall, the pollsters said the level of trust millennials have in “most American institutions tested in our survey” had dropped below even “last year’s historically low numbers.”

This chart created by the pollsters shows the steep declines in their “composite trust index,” which is the level of trust on average in six different public institutions; the President, the U.S. Military, the Supreme Court, the federal government, and the United Nations. The drop is dramatic:

composite trust chart

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  • Michael J. Fell

    Conservatives must avail themselves of the opportunity to explain to Millennials why they should not trust “progressive” in government. The facts support the success of Conservative policies, and history confirms the repeated failure of “progressive” policies.

  • Kent2012

    This is good news, now those members of that group “who know everything” can step back and review what is really happening to their America thanks to the continued communist influence….