When Will Enough Be Enough America?

Photo Credit: The Daily SheepleThe truth is that I cannot recall in my lifetime when our government has been so corrupt, so filled with lawless individuals who only think of themselves and not what is truly best for Americans.

America has a government that is slowly strangling the liberty out of its citizens and even though there are plenty of conservatives who rail against it, work to change it, and understand what is coming if we fail, the difficulty is that those in our government (aided and abetted by the media) do what they want to do anyway, often in total disregard for the rule of law. It’s not only maddeningly frustrating, but it goes against the very core of the Constitution.

America is a Constitutional Republic and I’m sure you know that. As such, we elect individuals who are duty bound to uphold and protect the Constitution upon which this country is founded. We do not elect individuals so that they will do what the perceived majority wants done. That kind of government is a Democracy, which America is not.

Even Obama gets this confused with his remarks about 90% of Americans wanting stricter gun control. First of all, he’s lying because that percentage is something he pulled out of the vapid environment in his head. Secondly, it does not matter if 100% of Americans wanted greater gun control measures to be enacted. That percentage has nothing to do with anything and he knows that, but simply refuses to acknowledge it. The Constitution clearly defines the 2nd Amendment as the right to keep and bear arms and it shall not be infringed. Simple. Clear. Definitive. Elected officials are supposed to do all in their power to protect, uphold, and defend the Constitution, not engage in every subterfuge they can think of to circumvent or overturn it.

We have a Congress that passed Obamacare without even reading it and now is secretly trying to exempt themselves (and their staffs) from it that very legislation they created. They couldn’t care less about us.

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