Miller Applauds Alaska Libertarians for Schooling Begich in Liberty

Photo Credit: Senate Democrats / Flickr

Photo Credit: Senate Democrats / Flickr

Republican US Senate Candidate Joe Miller today responded to a recent statement from Alaska Libertarian Party Chair Michael Chambers regarding Senator Mark Begich’s recent mischaracterization of the libertarian movement in an interview with CBS News.

“I appreciate the fact that the Alaska Libertarian Party is speaking out on the important issues facing our state and nation,” Miller said. “What we don’t need more of is Mark Begich’s progressive ideology masquerading under the banner of liberty. True libertarianism is grounded in Constitutional liberty, and I am proud to share those values with the Alaska Libertarian Party.”

Begich attempted to align himself with libertarianism by suggesting that as Alaskans “we’re very libertarian . . . and we don’t think that government should be interfering in our personal and private lives.”

Alaska Libertarian Party Chair Michael Chambers responded with the following:

“Senator Begich, allow me to define the vast majority of libertarians for your educational benefit, as you seem to be confused:

1. I know of no Alaskan libertarian who would remotely support the government takeover of our healthcare industry.

2. I know of no Alaskan libertarian who would vote to confirm:
• Eric Holder – anti-gun
• Elena Kagan – anti-gun
• Sonia Sotomayor – anti-gun

3. I know of no Alaskan libertarian who supports:
• Common Core
• Federal Department of Education
• suppression of parental rights in education

4. I know of no Alaskan libertarian who would vote to support and advocate:
• The IRS in any malignant manifestation
• NDAA and the suspension of habeas corpus
• NSA invasion of our personal effects
• The Patriot Act

5. No Alaskan libertarian I know would advocate globalist policies like:
• The United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty
• TPP – Trans Pacific Partnerships
• UN Treaties having any jurisdiction or precedence over the US Constitution.

Certainly, there are a few libertarians who may support the socialist policies you advocate, but to infer that you are ‘libertarian’ in any of your political representations is to vacate any measure of truth.”

Miller concluded, “These are momentous times, and it is imperative that we transcend partisan frames of reference. The only way we can push back federal tyranny is for all Alaskans of good will to unite under the banner of Constitutional Liberty.”

Joe Miller is a husband, father, combat veteran, and advocate of Constitutional liberty who believes in individual rights, private property, free markets and the sanctity of human life.

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  • Joshua Bennett

    The essence of Libertarianism is the non aggression principle. No one, has the right to aggress against an individuals life or property. If an act is unlawful for an individual, it is unlawful, period. Wearing a costume or badge or passing a law allowing the State to aggress against individuals or property, does not make it right. Violence can only be justified through self defense. The Lockean theory of private property has been destroyed by the State, which Hans Hermann Hoppe argues, rightfully so, is the natural course of the State.

    • Leland Stanford

      The rub has always be what to do about tyrants and does this country have a mission to foster freedom and liberty both for others but also to strengthen liberty everywhere else.

    • Bradrad Radranaginn

      Libertarianism is all that, but I’d like to point out that libertarianism includes more people than those that can properly explain it. The man who works and wants to be left alone, so long as he leaves others alone, is also libertarian. Many libertarians may not even know they are libertarian. I’ve noticed this especially in the very young, and the very old.

  • gracentruth

    Thank you, Restoring Liberty. I saved this comment by Michael Chambers and copied it to all the closed groups of which I am a member. Begich is a “fraud” senator and we must true the vote, remove him, and elect a real constitutional conservative (another name for libertarian? ) Who – check out Joe Miller. Isaiah 9:10. Peace,

  • James chiodo

    If the government can not co-exist with the people, than cease existance of a tyrant government and long live the people !!!

    – James D Chiodo, Libertarian