Democrats Accused Of Posing As Republican Election Judges In Colorado

Photo Credit: Reuters The Colorado secretary of state is investigating allegations that some Boulder County Republican election judges are actually Democrats in disguise.

Boulder County GOP Chairwoman Ellyn Hilliard initially raised the alarm when visiting polling locations where she didn’t recognize some of the GOP judges who are tasked with comparing voter signatures on mail ballots to protect against vote fraud.

She became alarmed when she noticed some ballots whose signatures clearly didn’t match those on file for the voter being accepted.

Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert began investigating and confirmed to the Daily Camera that she found “some troubling inconsistencies with some election judges.”

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  • Emperor Constantine

    If you want your vote to count, count the votes! They really want to push goncontoll in the “RED DAWN” State to make it happen!

  • CountryBoy

    What democrats engaging in Voter FRAUD …. Shocking …. NOT…