Public High School Comes Under Fire for Reading Daily Bible Scripture, Superintendent is Defiant in Response to Atheist Group’s Complaints

An atheist activist group has its sights set on a White Oak, Texas, high school after it was revealed that the principal reads students daily Bible scriptures, an exercise referred to as “Thought for the Day.” But if the defiant response from the White Oak ISD superintendent is any indication, it seems no one will be backing down.

Superintendent Michael Gilbert not only defended White Oak High School principal Dan Noll in a written statement, he also told the Freedom From Religion Foundation, “I’m sorry you feel that way. I will be praying for you and your staff daily.”

Noll’s daily scripture readings made headlines after a student recorded the principal and gave the audio to an atheist blogger. The tradition apparently goes back decades, according to students who spoke to KETK-TV.

In his statement, Gilbert said in his statement that he “will not pursue any action against our High School Principal or any other member of our faculty/staff concerning this issue” . . .

“Let me be clear, this is an attempt to draw us into a contest of words for the sole purpose of giving the FFRF a large amount of free press/recognition that they and their very few members (1,200 in Texas) do not deserve. This group and others like it, are wanting us to provide them with negative quotes to use in the promotion of their agenda. We can and will make the adjustments needed to ensure our students experience a morally sound, positive character based education. There are a multitude of options to provide our students, faculty and staff the opportunity to express their First Amendment Rights as provided for in the United States Constitution. Let me also be clear that we have not (in my opinion) violated anyone’s rights and/or subjected anyone to undue stress. Bible studies and scriptures are allowed in schools. The requirement is that the material be presented in a neutral manner. It is my position that we met that standard with the morning announcements.” (Read more from “Texas Principal Comes Under Fire for Reading Daily Bible Scripture, Superintendent’s Response to Atheist Group Is Epitome of Defiant” HERE)

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  • Anne Faust

    since when are they permitted to voice opinion here in the US and they cant do it in their country???? GET REAL

  • 40Helen60

    The Devil is gaining control world wide. When children, or teachers are forbidden from bringing a bible to school, bowing their heads in silent to pray, then you know the Devil is very angry. When schools are forced to teach Islam to our children, then you know the Devil is at work. When a man sitting in the White House publicly announces to the world that Islam is beautiful and condemns Christianity, the Devil is in charge. When our military chaplains or forbidden to preach in the name of Jesus and those who stand up for the truth are court martialed and dishonorably discharged, the Devil is wining the war against Christians *for now but he will soon be destroyed when Jesus returns. Islam is a religion of evil and all one has to do is read the Quran to know this is the work of Satan. When Muslims are told they must kill all Christians and Jews by the sword, women are to be treated worse than animals, women are to be raped and brutally murdered, the Devils demons are controlling the lives of believers of Islam. Satan will deceive the whole world and those who refuse to bow down and worship this beast will be beheaded. Satan is alive and he is angry. Only those who are true believers in Almighty GOD and JESUS will know the truth and will have to go underground to protect their families. There will be martyrdom throughout the entire world. We need men like Joshua to fight these evil men. If we refuse to stand up against evil, then we will die by the sword. Only those who are not afraid to stand up for GOD will survive.

  • mikecnj

    WE must not comply

  • akprayingmom

    Hallelujah! Praise GOD for this Superintendent and Principal! They are standing up to defend and protect true American freedom! Amen & Amen!

  • Linda

    God Bless this man !! When there was prayer in school, there was NO SUCH THING AS A SCHOOL SHOOTING. Wonder Why ?