100% Student Walkout for Common Core SBAC Test at Seattle High School

schoolNot a single 11th grade student showed up to take the SBAC test at Nathan Hale High School this week, a Seattle Public Schools spokesperson confirmed.

The news that 100% of the 11th graders opted out of the test was first reported on an education blog.

State Superintendent Randy Dorn released a statement Friday on the potential “fallout” from students opting out of testing. Dorn said there could be academic and financial consequences for the state of Washington if students don’t take the SBAC.

“No test is perfect. But the Smarter Balanced tests, with their emphasis on real-world skills, are better than any standardized test our state has administered before,” Dorn said in a statement.

He said without the testing results, educators will have a harder time identifying learning gaps in the student population and that results will be less reliable. Dorn also pointed to federal expectations, saying that without a 95% participation rate, the Department of Education could cut funding to schools and label Washington as “high risk.” (Read more from “No Juniors Show up to Take Common Core SBAC Test at Seattle High School” HERE)

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  • kyrunner

    I hope this type of action spreads like a wildfire al across America. It is past time for We The People to stand up for our rights and against the huge nanny state Progressives.

    • sassafras

      The parents did not stand up against common core, so the kids are.

  • JoeKirkup

    The test’s focus on “real world skills” reminds me of an effort in the Cleveland (I think) schools which converted their standard IQ test to Ebonics in an effort to show that it was simply language that caused the 15% difference between black and white IQ. Predictably it didn’t make matter. If politicians and educators were actually interested in the real world they would stop lying to us and themselves about the Bell Curve effect.

    • ShamanBlair

      As a former teacher of ESL (English as a Second Language), & having taught folks from Brazil to Bejing, I can tell you that “Ebonics” is a bad joke.

      I needed NO knowledge of my students’ original language in order for me to know how to teach them. It takes patience & brains, using various techniques of communication, including (but definitely NOT limited to) going WITH students when they went shopping, or to a gas station, a park, a restaurant—wherever. It was loads of fun, & I did it all for free. The students did treat me–in their homes–to home-made meals, & we ate in the fashion they did in their old country.

      To tell you the truth, I’d have paid THEM in order to work with them, as it was such a thrill to see their minds open up. NOTHING beats that “aha!” moment when their eyes lit up & they smiled or laughed–nothing!

      So forget the “pigeon English” of Ebonics; it’s a useless extra step, & a huge waste of time, & all to no effect on teaching proper English!

      • JoeKirkup

        Good for you. Keep it up.

  • Why did they do it ? Seattle is a liberal bastion, so what’s their motivation ?

    • ijohnc1

      Perhaps learning values of what works in the real world, and they are smart enough to recognize it is a waste of their time.
      People do not care if you waste your time, but do care if you waste their time.

  • Matthew VanCamp

    Yeah, good for them! This B-S Nanny-state, liberal ridiculousness is needing standing up-to… the common-core idea is foolish, and this student body just pointed that out!
    Hell-no! We aren’t wasting our valuable time taking that redundant, energy-wasting, time-consuming, non-determinable of any educational value, “uncommon-core” test! Even uber-liberal Seattle students refuse this, “federal” offering! I’m glad, the “dumbing-down” of our kids is coming to an END!

  • brabbie2002

    Being from WA State, why are they so worried about funding. When we, the voters, voted to have lottery and scratch cards, all that money was supposed to go to funding schools instead of the property taxes (that raise yearly). Where in hell did that money go?? Oooh, let me guess! The state government found other uses like new stadiums, crap for Seattle and Tacoma, anything the libtards on that side of the state wanted. I don’t blame the kids for not taking the test. It is a brainwashing scheme placed there by liberals that don’t want our children to succeed. The government wants them to “toe the line” like good little commies, hence the label of “high risk”. The risk is to the government – not our children!!!

  • BigPapa

    School districts everywhere are bound and determined to fault the students for any lags or failures in student ‘performance.’ Perhaps they would be on the road to new discoveries if they ..stopped… and spent their precious energy on evaluating the teachers and the curriculum. I feel an epiphany of huge proportions would shock America once the results of ‘teacher tests’ were publicized. The introduction of Common Core Curriculum is the bane of education, cementing the notion that the federal government needs to control education. These kids aren’t buying into that nonsense.

    • SK Turner

      Dude…what universe do you live in that kids are not responsible for their own failures? With that sort of Liberal Illogic, I assume you don’t think they are responsible for their own successes either? If you have a kid in my class you can look at my “teacher test” scores, otherwise known as the PRAXIS II, any time you feel like it. Same thing for my licensure. Teachers are evaluated on the most ignorant of things. Might want to gather some facts before forming an opinion. That is how we got Obama you know.

      • ShamanBlair

        You seem confused, attacking BigPapa ! You’re both on the same side! He’s no “liberal, any more than you or I! Those one-size-fits-all tests are =designed= to keep kids dumbed down, & teaches them many outright lies. The only “fault” in any of this lies in the government’s attempt to create willing, deluded state workers.

      • BigPapa

        SK – I believe you’re missing my point. Teachers are no longer ‘allowed’ to educate, only teach. Their curriculums are force-fed by federal bureaucrats who have tunnel vision on what education is supposed to be. Teacher unions and school districts are watching dollar signs to a degree more than the subject matter. If the teachers don’t teach it, the kids can’t learn it. That’s the whole point behind home-schooling.


    I am of the conviction the NEA and the teachers unions are simply in collusion with the affiliated school industries and are handing over tax monies to receive kick backs from these companies and both are in the biz of selling parents a bill of goods for their own profit and gain…..Get the unions out of all government..they are illegal because they are a special interest and the intrude on your rights and steal your vote…

    • Stacy Schlappi

      Wow, that is just not true.

      • ShamanBlair

        Your evidence?

  • ijohnc1

    Notice superintendent Dorn’s response
    “academic and financial consequences for the state of Washington if students don’t take the SBAC.”
    It’s all about money for the WEA, they could care less about the real education of the students, only about faculty and administration, try real world education on the students, you know Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Civics, things they need in everyday life.
    Those students that want to learn theory will search it out.

    • ONTIME

      And……American History……..unrevised.

      • ijohnc1

        For sure!, sorry I left it out, in particular the revolutionary war and civil war

      • ShamanBlair

        I recall asking a young school girl (a couple of decades ago) if she liked geography class, & she got a puzzled look on her face. Finally she said, “Well, we have ‘geography DAY’…”

        I was floored! I thought then that I smelled something rotten was in the schools. No wonder today, one sees those kids–now adults–who can’t find America on a MAP!!! Grrrr….!

    • Stacy Schlappi

      The money Dorn refers to funds the interventions and resources that are needed to reach all students effectively. Yes, that includes teachers.

      • And administrators.
        And more administrators.
        And administrative administration of administrative tasking for the furtherment of blah blah blah…..

        The Chicago Public Schools administrative complex fills nearly a city block. Full of something around 15,000 people.
        Who. Do. Nothing. I suspect much the same, in Seattle.

        Strangely, people managed to get educations before the Feds mandated ‘quality’. At a fraction of the price. There has never, ever, EVER been a study that clearly correlated class size, nor expenditure per student with outcomes. Both are lies repeated often enough to become truths.

        Try again, Stacy. Your hypocrisy is showing.

        • Stacy Schlappi

          Why the attack? I am speaking from my experience in education. Your attack is unwarranted.

          • facebook is Dero

            throwing dollars at “Interventions” and “resources” is much to broad a brush, and since that’s about how the funds are allocated to be spent, the rebuttal seems warranted,

          • Stacy Schlappi

            Doesn’t the school district you work in use the terms resources and interventions?

          • facebook is Dero

            Intervention, in particular, has many negative connotations relating to nanny government interference with parental responsibilities and decisions.

          • Stacy Schlappi

            I agree. My state has to have them as part of the RTI process. How did your school change the wording?

          • As am I.
            School administrations are routinely wasteful of taxpayer funds. None of them have real world business experience, and regard the taxpayers as a bottomless well of funding. Ours was miffed because the area turned down a $65 million bond request. Including replacing all the buses, at a calculated $250,000 each. My son’s school installed AC at a cost of $4 million in a northern midwest location, where they MIGHT use AC 6 weeks out of the year.
            Last time I checked, they still sell fans. Everywhere, parents and taxpayers have similar stories.

            Nobody’s buying the ‘we could do better if we weren’t underfunded’ nonsense, anymore. Learn to lie more effectively.

  • ldazzle

    Good for them…

  • wandamurline

    Geesh….we may still have a chance of stopping the communist agenda Common Core to still have individuals and not a bunch of kids who are dumb as hell and all a part of the communion. Good for the kids….I hope every school across America does the same thing….down with Common Core….get out of the public school system….start your own neighborhood learning centers where everyone in the neighborhood takes one day for teaching the kids….if we can keep 90% of kids out of the public education system, then it will collapse since it is unconstitutional for the federal government to govern public education in the first place. States stop sending your money to the feds to have them trinkle it back to you….keep your own money and tell the feds to piss off.

  • ArmyCombatVet

    Anything that the current illegal administration in the district of criminals is foisting on America and especially our youth, is aimed at the further destruction of America. Common crap is part of an indoctrination program to turn our youth into mindless trolls. We all have more than our share of these empty vessels, it’s called the Democratic, better known as, the Communist party! The kids who refused to comply showed just how smart they are. Hopefully this spreads in schools throughout America! We must refuse to comply with any federal regulation or law that violates the Constitution, whose violation constitutes treason!

  • SteveMacko

    Stand up America!!!!!!!! I am proud that this is coming from our youth!

  • Linda


  • Jock Doubleday

    “[W]ithout a 95% participation rate, the Department of Education could cut funding . . .” Perish the thought!!

    • ShamanBlair

      LOL! Thumbs way up, pal!

  • SK Turner

    Well you know, the test is administered at the end of the year, we don’t get the results most of the time until the kids are gone and then we don’t get information on exactly what kid missed what item on the test because the government does not want the test items to get out. Honestly…when we administer the tests we are told not to read anything and not to discuss the test at all. SOOOO…the notion that it will help us teach better…I don’t know where they get that idea.

  • akprayingmom

    Easy solution: get rid of common core!

  • pinksugar

    Hilarious! Basically the school is pissed off cuz they might lose their welfare money!! Those kids have obviously had enough and they know the school district and teachers unions are in it for the money!

  • johnwlooper

    Good for those kids!

  • Bob S

    And so what if the US Department of Education labels Washington (state) as high risk? One might find that this is quite a desirable situation. It would mean that the state is doing something right. D.C money always comes with hooks. D.C. is saying: If your schools are “high risk”, then you don’t get money. Hmmmm.. What’s wrong with that logic? O.K. D.C: Send your money where it’s not needed. Washington State is better off without you.

  • Dear Superintendent of Schools:

    **** you.

    Washington State students

  • ShamanBlair

    Wish =everyone= would do this! Just imagine!

  • facebook is Dero

    Wow! wonderful news that some common sense pokes it’s shiny head…is it all the caffeine in the Seattle air?

  • patgo

    Noted on original article, Randy Dorn said that people shouldn’t stop their kids from taking the test. They should call their representative and have the law changed. Yeah, right! Tried that, got lots of T-shirts, but the law is still in place. Refusing to take the test is the only alternative. I would be SHOCKED if the test meant anything whatsoever about actual knowledge, or skills for the real world. Good on all those students! Keep it up! We have to stop Common Core. It is a disaster, and intentionally so.