CBS News: Iran’s DEATH TO AMERICA Chants Meaningless; Middle East Expert Strongly Disagrees [+video]

barack-obama-wallpapersA televised report on CBS News Saturday morning included ludicrous pro-Obama administration spin by London-based correspondent Elizabeth Palmer on reaction to the nuclear framework deal with Iran that downplayed the continued chants by Iranians of “death to America.”

Palmer spoke over video footage of a large crowd at a Tehran mosque.

“At Friday prayers there was the usual chant of ‘death to America’, but more habit than conviction. The sermon by Senior Ayatollah Kashani made it clear that Iran’s leaders support this deal. “I congratulate those who led the talks,” he said. “Great job.”

[Listen to this Middle East expert tear apart the theory that Iran means the US no harm]

Palmer emphasized the phrase ‘more habit’ to make it sound more convincing.

Palmer made her report from CBS’ London bureau, not from Tehran. The idea that chants of ‘death to America’ aren’t to be taken seriously is Obama administration spin. (Read more from “CBS News: Iran’s Death to America Chants ‘more Habit, than Conviction’” HERE)

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  • John Liberty

    Obama tells us all on Sunday that this deal with Iran is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” sounds so much like the Time-Share salesman telling us that IF WE DON’T BUY today the “deal” is no longer offered to us.
    It is truly a “once in a lifetime opportunity” all right … for HIM to dance around the Constitutional REQUIREMENT … that Congress approve of any agreement !!! It is in the Constitution, and this MORON of a President knows that and is why he is our 1st “lawless tyrant” of a President.

    All this does is to BUY Iran more time, time which ran out years ago, but now will never end since the sanctions have been eliminated by Obama.
    How long will it be before we open our embassy again AFTER they get nuclear “equality” with the USA ???

  • MikeyParks

    The words “Death to America” are music to Obama’s ears as he has the exact same wish for America. He’ll work it from the inside, Iran will work it from the outside. The Democrats and the elite media will grease the wheels.