Watch: News Anchor Gets Fed up With Obama, Says What Everyone’s Thinking in EPIC Rant

Tomi Lahren, the anchor of On Point with Tomi Lahren on One America News Network (OANN), ended her program Saturday by excoriating President Obama for not affirming the attack in Chattanooga was the result of “radical Islam” and not “workplace violence.”

Lahren, originally from Rapid City, S.D., was given the opportunity to host a show on OANN at 22-years-old . . . “Four United States Marines are now dead,” Lahren said. Climate change didn’t kill them. “Lack of free community college didn’t kill them. The income gap, wage inequality — nope, not those things either. Gay marriage? Nope. Oh, white racism? Not that either. So what did?”

President Obama, if you won’t say it, I will: radical Islam. This is not workplace violence. This is not a criminal act with motives unknown. This is terrorism. The suspected shooter, Muhammad Abdulazeez, a devout Muslim. Do I care that he seemed like an all American young man? Do I care that he was good at mixed martial arts or a smart, quiet guy? Do I care that his high school friends wouldn’t classify him as ‘overly religious?’

“No, I don’t give a flying you know what about any of that,” Lahren continued. “Was he linked to ISIS or al-Qaeda or Hamas, or any of the 15-plus offshoot terrorist groups? Does it matter? I’m sorry, but radical Islam is becoming the rule, not the exception. Yesterday’s moderate is today’s terrorist. I care that this SOB killed four of our United States Marines, and I care that our commander-in-chief is more concerned with Muslim sensitivity than the honor and sacrifice made by these Marines.” (Read more from “Watch: News Anchor Gets Fed up With Obama, Says What Everyone’s Thinking in EPIC Rant” HERE)

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  • Patriot

    A lesson for congress


    Eldumo does not care for he is one of them.::: Way past the time to get out the swine feces and start giving free injections for all involved in the muslim crowd. muzzies are not a welcome sect, but a foreign power bent on world domination and are not peace loving; just look at their history and present life of killing, total domination, ect.. Way past time for a good house cleaning……

    • Barbaree

      Exactly! Immigrants in the past moved Heaven and earth escape, to come here, to assimilate, learn the language, and take part in all the opportunities this country has (had!) to offer. Anyone who supposedly “escapes” their plight to come here does not bring that culture to their new home. They’re being sent around the world to breed and take over the countries.

  • wandamurline

    What says it all is the beard that this kid grew….it is a jhadist beard and is the first sign of radicalism….of course I think they (Muslims) are all radicals…why are they here? They can practice their so-called religion (cult) anywhere in the middle east….why have they come to America? I think most of you already know….trust none of them.

  • Nate

    Sadly, voices like her’s will never be heard in the national spotlight. There needs to be a war on political correctness led by people like her.

  • ricoliv

    Instead of posting yet another tiresome photo of El Presidente (unfortunately, we all know who he is what he looks like), the editors of this article would have been better served by inserting a still photo of Tomi Lahren– the focus of the article!

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