Marine Issues Challenge to America That He Says Will ‘Teach Obama Respect’

A U.S. Marine veteran and contributor at the DC Gazette recently responded to the Obama administration’s reaction – or lack thereof – to the deadly shootings at military facilities in Chattanooga, Tenn., last week.

“Most are fully aware of the president not showing support for our fallen and flags continue flying high in the sky,” Mike Shepard wrote. “He invited the family of a traitor named Berghdal [sic] to the [White House] rose garden [sic] to celebrate the release of our enemy. He has yet to call out the terrorist who shot up two recruiting stations in Chattanooga.”

Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, who was also killed in last week’s attack, has been named as a suspect with possible ties to radical Islam.

Shepard proposed a challenge to all like-minded activists that he predicted would “teach Obama about respect.”

Until July 30, which will be two weeks after the deadly shootings, he suggested all American flags fly at half-mast.

“Let’s show the president what it is to respect this country and our fallen,” he wrote. “If you drive by a business, please go in and ask they fly that flag at half mast [sic]. If we get the whole country to do it the president might get the message.” (Read more from “Marine Issues Challenge to America That He Says Will ‘Teach Obama Respect'” HERE)

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