Explosive New Video From INSIDE LaVoy Finicum’s Truck Proves Cover-Up

(Editor’s note: the new video is below) So now we know that LaVoy Finicum was shot in the back multiple times and that the Feds lied repeatedly about not shooting at him. This explosive new video proves extreme law enforcement misconduct and suggests that Finicum was murdered in cold blood. What has our country come to?!

There are many troubling aspects about the Finicum killing. Not only did federal agents unsuccessfully try to cover up the fact that they had fired at but apparently missed Finicum, they also attempted to cover up the fact that they had shot at his truck. At yesterday’s press conference, an Oregon county sheriff showed a diagram with a bullet hole through the top of Finicum’s truck and blamed the FBI for that errant shooting:

Moreover, the coroner reported that Finicum was shot through the heart with one of the three bullets that struck him in his back, but none of the bullet holes align with Finicum’s heart. Unless, that is, the fatal shot came from a much higher altitude from, perhaps, that same federal sniper who shot a hole through the roof of Finicum’s truck.

Here’s a diagram of LaVoy Finicum’s back with the locations of the bullets’ entrance wounds, according to the Oregon coroner:

Again, the only apparent way to reconcile the diagram of the holes in Finicum’s back with the coroner’s finding that he died from a shot through the heart is to conclude that one of the entrance wounds was shot from a high angle, downward toward Finicum’s heart. And that would mean the shot likely came from one of the prepositioned federal agents who also shot through the top of Finicum’s truck.

The new video from inside the truck is also very troubling. It’s very clear that the occupants of the vehicle – including Finicum – had no violent intent. They were terrified over the fact that they posed no threat and yet were being shot at.

A supporter* commented on this video saying, “So I watched the press conference that law enforcement held where they deemed themselves justified in the homicide (medical examiner’s term, not mine) of LaVoy Finicum. There are FBI agents under investigation for lying about their part in this, but as far as I’m concerned the Oregon State Police and the FBI were in collusion together in this and are all responsible for this ambush and murder. In fact, one of the investigators who spoke stated ‘ANY PERSON IS JUSTIFIED IN USING DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE WHEN THEY REASONABLY BELIEVE THAT ANOTHER PERSON IS USING OR ABOUT TO USE UNLAWFUL DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE.’ In my opinion, LaVoy Finicum was in fear for his life – and justifiably so since the truck had already been fired upon without provocation immediately after the truck was stopped during the initial traffic stop. The FBI lead investigator stated ‘He (LaVoy) chose to provoke a confrontation with law enforcement.’ I wholeheartedly disagree. He was trying to get to law enforcement that was not corrupt.

“When you go to work for a law enforcement agency you take an oath to the Constitution. Law enforcement officers, everywhere, need to take a good, hard look at what they are being TOLD to do…and then AGREEING to do. Every time I see these agencies covering for their fellow officers I am increasingly thankful that my husband had the courage to resign his post after seeing unethical actions and unconstitutional behavior. There is no paycheck worth trampling on the rights of others and colluding with a tyrannical government who is supposed to have limited power.”

*Bonnie Cameron

  • Charles

    The dirty, lying bastards should be hung. Also the one/ones that gave the order to shoot.

    • Mark

      And this is likely to happen? The Feds and State could have escorted him to the Sheriffs. I fear that ‘Federal action’ will get worse. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      • Bob2002

        That is why we must elect a Republican president in November. (K)illary Clinton will continue or even be worse than the tyrannical government of Barack Hussein Obama (if that is possible)? The Democrats are so corrupt and can not tell the truth because it is in their DNA to lie, lie, lie.

        • KDC

          Hey, I’m a Conservative, but not naive enough to just think it’s just corrupt democrats. There’s plenty of Est.Rep. who are in the same tank.

          • Bob2002

            I agree with you 100%. We have many Republicans (Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John McCain,Lamar Alexander, Kelly Ayotte, John Barrasso, Richard Burr, Shelly Moore, Bill Cassidy, Thad Chochran, Susan Collins, John Cornyn, Mike Enzi, Joni Ernst, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch, John Hoeven, Johnny Isakson, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski, David Perdue, Rob Portman, Pat roberts, Mike Rounds, Dan Sullivan, John Thune, Thom Tillis, and Roger Wicker) who will do anything to keep their current position because they are getting rich on the taxpayer’s money. I say both political Parties are the same and want to maintain their current status of living off their donors and us taxpayers. We need a cleaning out the Senate and House and put term limits on these politicians so they don’t do what the current crop are doing.

  • Forcetiger

    These lowlife Bastards need to be tried for murder these cops are real scum!

  • Dempsey Coleman

    This Was Cold Blooded MURDER if there Ever was One.

  • mikecnj

    Finicum : Killed in Cold Blood

  • Centurion

    Obama and his cretins have turned this country into the USSA (United Socialist Scums of Amerika).

    • Cal Murphy

      Obama is of my most despised American rulers and masters of all time (he may even be at the very top of my list), but you are fooling yourself to believe it is only “Obama and his cretins” who have caused the problem. In truth, nearly all of our masters and rulers permit the problem to exist and the militarization of police to occur, and they continue to grow and nurture it though countless programs–the “War on Drugs” with its pass-downs (both personnel and hardware) from the military industrial complex, and the perpetual U.S. foreign wars and imperialism being the major contributor! The problem has been developing for a long time and our rulers and masters, from both ruling political parties, and the courts have allowed it to happen. Nonetheless, the root cause of the problem lies with “We The People” for not rebelling strongly against the tyranny. Instead, We The People have been manipulated and controlled through government fear-mongering and propaganda and have forsaken liberty for a false sense of security. The United States of America no longer exists; it has been overthrown through a widespread and utter disregard for its basis and its perpetual promise to The People (The Bill of Rights)! When the Bill of Rights is null, moot, and void, the United States does not exist!

      • Naturalism

        The people demanded all of that action. Are you old enough to remember “Tough On Crime”? That phrase means the same as “militarization of police”.

        So… people get what they vote for, more or less.

        • Cal Murphy

          Yes. I’m that old. Then came the “War on Drugs.” Then came “No Child Left Behind” (youth indoctrination and economic enslavement program prep). Then came “Homeland Security.” I’m leaving out several other major government programs that turn free people into government subjects too.

          I agree. Most people, by far, don’t want liberty. They don’t want to be saved from their ever-growing enslavement to other people who are empowered by the state’s guns.

          Sadly, WE get the government that THEY deserve too. Voting (the democratic mob) only makes things worse . The voting booth is the most violent place on earth, in fact!

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well according to a small article hidden on page A7 of the newspaper Ravenna Record Courier, March 9, 2016, the FBI is investigating this shooting. According to the article the Oregon State Troopers fired the 3 shots that killed Finicum. However they say that an independent investigation by the Orgeon officials say the troopers were right to fire as Finicum was reaching for a gun. I say something here stinks.

    • ONTIME

      I would like to see the gun he was supposedly reaching for…..

      • Naturalism

        I’m guessing that after you see the gun, you will engage in what is called “special pleading”, which is where you demand evidence that you think doesn’t exist, and then once confronted with the evidence, you claim it’s false or make a new claim and try to forget the old one.

        Here’s the gun you asked to see:

        twitter dot com slash LesZaitz/status/707291105616797696/photo/1

        Now let’s see if you are suddenly convinced that this unfortunate shooting was justified, or whether you try to wriggle out with special pleading! I’ll come back tomorrow to see which one you pick.

        • Bob2002

          Police are know for planting guns on victims after they shoot them. Come on, get real. Wasn’t the gun the police “found” on Finicum a stolen one? Very suspicious to us citizens who have no skin in the game.

          • Naturalism

            “Police are know for planting guns on victims after they shoot them. Come on, get real. ”

            Aha! You chose special pleading. That’s cool, good luck with that.

    • ArmyCombatVet

      Lying stinking coward thugs who killed an unarmed American citizen, shot multiple rounds at a vehicle with unarmed children in it trying to kill them. I say we round up the killers by whatever means necessary and try them for first degree murder and attempted first degree murder of unarmed children which calls for the death penalty. The video is damning and all that’s required to convict those spineless thugs! Freedom, justice and liberty for all no longer exists in America!

  • Greg Stoddard

    Assassination….pure and simple…the people must insist on the truth…the devil’s in the details!

    • Naturalism

      You have to be important before you can be assassinated. Finicum was just a lowlife criminal. Lots of criminals get killed by police, especially when they are screaming “go ahead and shoot me” while reaching for their guns.

      • greg stoddard

        Opinions are like a..holes, everybody’s got one. You may have more than one. LaVoy never threatened to draw a weapon, never drew, pointed or fired one here. If you were being shot with your hands up, having never threatened to shoot anyone, you needn’t be killed. If this had been you I’d be saying that you were assassinated too, but then you’d have to be important, do you qualify?


    From what i read and the video I have seen, Finnicum’s death is a lot more involved than we ever thought and it is horrendous if the alleged facts are true..the man was murdered and those ranchers arrested is more government using the BLM and the FBI to get their way to controll all the ranch lands involved to control it for foreign mining……

  • was he shot in the face? his wife said he was shot in the face. no need to kill him. YOU COULD NOT DO THAT TO BLACK LIVES MATTER AND GET AWAY WITH IT. TRUMP CAN HELP.

  • ltfbhh

    What has become of this government that attacks decent police who defend themselves against black thugs, but supports law enforcement that killed Finicum in cold blood? Are Founders must be rolling in their graves.

    • Naturalism

      “In cold blood” would be a sniper bullet through a window while the criminal was sleeping in the illegally occupied Constitutionally-authorized federal building.

      “In cold blood” doesn’t describe “in live pursuit of a warranted criminal who had made threats against law officers and is screaming for cops to shoot him while reaching for his gun”. That’s not in cold blood. That’s “in the line of duty”.

      • ltfbhh

        Finicum made no threats. He told LE to back off so that he could meet peacefully with the sheriff. So you are saying we are just supposed to be sheep and allow the Feds to enslave us. These people stood up in a peaceful manner against unconstitutional abuse by the Feds. I know personally how they abuse their power and violate the law in property disputes. The courts are rigged because the judges work for the Feds. In the few cases where the property owner wins, he is out many $thousands in legal fees, while the Feds lose absolutely nothing. Their legal expenses are paid by the taxpayers! I am personally out $300k over the Feds denying me the right to build an access road to property that has been owned by my family for more than 80 years. The entire road would be on MY property, but they deny me the right and make up new rules as they go along, deliberately causing me additional legal and engineering expenses. They defied a judge’s order, then I beat them in court and they were ordered to give me the permit. Then they invented new rules to keep me from putting in the road. Now I am out of money and the property sits idle, with no land access. My property just happens to be in one of the Agenda 21 “No Human Contact” zones.

        • Naturalism

          “So you are saying we are just supposed to be sheep and allow the Feds to enslave us.”

          By this, do you mean “don’t resist arrest”? If so, then yeah, I guess I support laws against resisting arrest.

  • ltfbhh

    If the upcoming election doesn’t shake things up and we see real change soon thereafter, I predict we will see armed insurrection before 2017 is up. If Hillary and her criminal enterprise wins there will be no doubt left that our government is 100% corrupt and that only armed revolution will be able to fix it.

  • Total Mayhem

    I stand by my first post where I said he WAS NOT REACHING FOR A GUN, he was reaching for where I thought he was shot on the lower right side. It’s human nature to try to touch your body were damage has been done. Glad, not, that we now see a picture where he was shot! I was right, and the trolls can suck it.

    • Naturalism

      You stand by your first post that says something clearly wrong since we can all watch the video now, complete with audio? Why would you do that?

      At 5:39 and again at 5:42 he reaches for his gun. At 5:43 he is shot for the first time. Just to be clear, 5:43 is after 5:42.

      Protip: if you are a wanted violent criminal, don’t rush out of a car screaming for cops to shoot you, and then reach for your gun. Because if you do that, the cops will probably do what you are telling them to do, and it might only take them 1 second to do it.

      What do you think you were right about? How can you possibly think that?

      • Bob2002

        Naturalism, Are you a psychic? For one to suggest Finicum was reaching for a gun is ludicrous. As the cell phones inside the vehicle recorded, Finicum had his hands in the air until he was shot. He dropped his hands because the police shot him in his chest; contrary to what the FBI and the Oregon State police reported that he was reaching for a gun. This was clearly an execution. We can not have police acting this way. We are supposed to be a civil society; not some Third World country. Who ordered this execution? Why did they make sure there was no cell phone signal available when they shot Finicum? Were they afraid the occupants would call someone and report the truth? Reeks of an execution and a cover up to me. Everyone involved must be interrogated and if their activity was against policy, then they must be brought up on charges.

        • Naturalism

          Dude, you cant’ just say things like “Finicum had his hands in the air until he was shot” in an attempt to convince people who can watch the live-action video and see him reach into his jacket *twice* before being shot.

          • Bob2002

            Dude, what is your motivation? Do you work for the Oregon State Police, or the FBI? The “so called” live-action video you keep referring to was put out by your corrupt government and no one of substance believes anything this regime puts out. I know how videos can be edited to show what one wants it to show. That is why I believe the victim’s friends’ video over anything the government puts out there. You guys need a better “PR” department because your fake video looks like it was made by an amateur versus the one made by amateurs in the vehicle. To shoot one when he has his hands in the air is murder by any definition. Remember, government corrupts anything it puts its hands on; just look at the unemployment numbers the government puts out or the fake inflation numbers the government puts out just to not have to pay social security to millions.

          • Naturalism

            “To shoot one when he has his hands in the air is murder by any definition.”

            Ha ha, no, the definition of murder is “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another”. This wasn’t unlawful, so it doesn’t fit the definition of murder.

          • Bob2002

            You have just described the definition of murder and that is what happened in Oregon. The police were waiting (premeditated) for Finicum to come down the road and they planned to shoot him to shut down his descent.

          • Batgrrll

            His death wasn’t premeditated, but even if it were it wasn’t illegal. He resisted arrest, tried to run a blockade, tried to run over officers of the law, ran out of his car like a mad man screaming for police to shoot him, refused lawful orders, then reached for a gun. He had a thousand chances to stop the scene, and he refused them all.

            Suicide by cop. He wanted to be a stupid martyr for a stupid cause, and he got what he wanted.

          • Bob2002

            You must have this wonderful sense that allows you to get into the mind of a person and reveal what that person is thinking; ref suicide by cop, he wanted to be a martyr.

            The video does not support what you just wrote. The man told the police he did not trust them and wanted to talk to the Sheriff, who was about 50 miles away. Finicum started driving away and the police were not having any of this, because perhaps, someone higher up made the decision to kill Finicum to shut down his descent and to make an example of him so the others would turn themselves in. They set up a roadblock and, naturally, he ran his auto into a snowbank, jumped out, raised his hands in the air, (the police video shows him stomping his feet with his hands raised over his head) then the video shows him grasping at his chest because that is where the police shot him several times. This caused the hands to come down; not him reaching for a gun. Since when is it legal to shoot a person when he has his hands raised high in the air? Murder? Whether you call it that or whether you call it killing an innocent civilian because he would not obey your orders, it is still Murder. All Murders are not necessarily premeditated; just First Degree Murder.

            The police overstepped their authority here because Finicum was not going to hurt anyone. Frequently the police have this superiority thing and decide they are going to demand citizens obey them. Could this is one of those times?

          • Batgrrll

            “You must have this wonderful sense that allows you to get into the mind of a person and reveal what that person is thinking; ref suicide by cop, he wanted to be a martyr.”

            I do, and it is wonderful, it’s called “hearing”. He was running back and forth yelling at cops, telling them to shoot him. How much more clear do you want it to be?

          • Bob2002

            Just because someone tells the cops to shoot them does not give them the authority to actually shoot that person. The person must display some tendency to harm someone before cops have the authority to actually shoot the person. Come on now, you can tell us your reason for defending the cops. Is it because you are a cop or a former cop because these people killed this man for no good reason? Evidence has now been shown that the police shot this man for no reason other than their desire to quiet him. He did not have a weapon (other than the one the cops placed on his body after he was killed). I sincerely hope they have an independent investigation of this whole matter. I mean a really independent one; not one from the Oregon Police or the FBI. You know, one that has no skin in the game and preferably one from out of the State of Oregon, the BLM, and the Federal Government.

          • Batgrrll

            No, asking a cop to shoot you isn’t a justification, but it is a pretty clear indication of what was going through the felon’s mind at the moment. He was trying to incite a shooting and, unfortunately, he was successful.

          • Bob2002

            No, the person asking the cops to shoot him was clearly unstable and the police knew this. Clearly a case of the innocent civilian being unnecessarily killed and requires an outside investigation of the cops doing the shooting. Perhaps they ought to be evaluated for their mental health.

          • Jim McCormack

            It’s unlawful to continue to shoot a neutralized target. Overkill is uncalled for and illegal.

          • Bob2002

            You need to take a criminal justice college course because you do not know the definition of murder. There are different degrees of murder and what you call premeditated murder is First Degree Murder.

          • Naturalism

            Whatever you call murder, it must be illegal by definition. When law officers shoot a crazed man who is resisting arrest, trying to run barricades, yelling about police shooting him, then reaching for his gun — that happens to police pretty often, and when they kill the offender, that’s not illegal. Thus it’s not murder.

          • Bob2002

            We will never agree on the particulars of this case, but I want to leave you with my final statements. Finicum was murdered by the police to shut down his descent. He never reached for a gun (you know the one the police planted on his body after they shot him), because he grasped his chest after being shot (that is why he dropped his hands). Remember, the police never have the authority to just kill someone as they did Finicum. I sincerely hope his wife wins millions from the government for wrongful death.

    • Bobtrhn

      It looked like he was shot on his left side. And why would he carry a stolen gun? He was right handed so why was the STOLEN GUN on his left side. He had no gun period.

      • Bob2002

        Crooked law enforcement. Remember, the FBI is part of the very corrupt Obama government.

  • Naturalism

    So much for the claims that he didn’t try to run the barricade. So much for the claims that he was on his knees when he was shot. So much for the claims that he was shot before reaching for his gun. So much for the claims that he was trying to surrender.

    Now we can see it, from two angles, complete with audio: a classic, tragic case of Suicide By Cop.

    Next time, stay home, pay your grazing fees like all the other millionaire ranchers do, and don’t make credible threats to kill federal employees.

    • Bobtrhn

      He was shot on his left side and it sure looked like he was grabbing his side. Not a weapon. That weapon was planted on him but those that murdered him. Mr. Naturalism the reason they wanted to kill this man is because of things that Hillary did. How dumb can you be?

      • Naturalism

        Why did they want to kill him, but not any of the others? If they wanted to kill him so badly, why did they wait until the moment when he was evading officers and screaming for cops to shoot him? Seems like they’d just, you know, slip some poison into the “snacks” back at the compound.

        • Bobtrhn

          We are talking a bhai out the most corrupt administration ever.

  • Naturalism

    Who wrote the text of this article? Why would they write this:

    “Moreover, the coroner reported that Finicum was shot through the heart with one of the three bullets that struck him in his back, but none of the bullet holes align with Finicum’s heart.”

    And then immediately show a diagram of a body showing bullet entry wounds that lead to the heart? We all watched the video, we all know what angle he was shot from, and the shoulder shot lead directly to the area of his hears.

    Open, shut. A violent criminal begged to be shot and was granted his unsavory wish — but only after reaching for his own gun first.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    I no longer know what to call this place; it’s most assuredly NOT the America my ancestors fought with Washington to create, nor the America many since then, down to my sister and I sought to serve! It’s become an UGLY alien place, far from the Judeo-Christian roots and Founders’ intentions!

  • MikeR

    I love my country, but I hate my government. Yes, I know it’s been said many times before. That’s because we keep electing a-holes like Nixon, LBJ, the Bushes, Clinton, and especially Obama. I don’t think this would happen if Ted Cruz were President. He has too much respect for the Constitution to allow it. What I just saw in that video was not self-defense, it was murder. It was tiny brain thugs taking orders from tiny brain bureaucrats. Idiots+badges+guns=tyranny.

  • Richard Meyers

    Even after they shot Lavoy, they continued shooting at the occupants of the truck. None of those in the truck were armed. None had committed a crime. This is the blueprint of an Amerikan style Government execution.

  • KDC

    Yes, what is our country coming to? Well, the corruptness starts at the top. Corrupt govt., corrupt agencies, corrupt law enforcement. And we wonder why God is going to allow His wrath to fall on America.

  • Joey Smith

    I personally would have left my vehicle when asked to do so, and not drive away.