No More PC Blindness and Appeasement: Trump Is the Wartime President We Needed

Under Barack Obama, not only did the world become a more dangerous place, but his lack of will to defeat ISIS, the baloney fed to us by his failed secretaries of state, and his willingness to accept an apparently yet unreached number of American deaths due to the activity of those barbarians actually caused the demise of his party’s effectiveness nationwide. Obama was on the wrong side of history.

In May 2015, ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting of an unarmed security guard at a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. In July of that same year, a lone jihadi killed four marines in attacks in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In December of 2015 a husband and wife team of ISIS jihadis shot up a social service center in San Bernardino, California, killing 14. A little over six months later, another ISIS jihadi murdered 50 in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. All of these attacks happened in America after Barack Obama said that ISIS was merely a “JV” team.

Many Americans, like my husband and I, finally decided to vote for Donald Trump when the shooting in Orlando happened. Our preferred candidate, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had pulled out of the race. Seeing a very nasty side of Trump, we were unconvinced he would have a level head and be able to lead the nation. So for about a month, I was sure I could not vote for Trump, nor could I vote for Clinton.

But Orlando did happen, and we agreed with Ted Cruz who believed our nation was already at war with the sickness of ISIS. My husband and I could only see more terror happening in our own country with Clinton. For all of his flaws in the understanding of basic constitutionalism, separation of powers, the proper role of government in the economy, and his tendency to relish in big government, we could see the difference between Trump and Clinton in that respect. He was gonna “bomb the shit” out of ISIS.

And so he has started. Thank you, President Trump.

Did Obama know that cave formation in Afghanistan Trump recently bombed was being used by ISIS as a hideout? I don’t know the answer, but I think rational people could see that it is more than likely that he did. How long was ISIS using that area? What kind of attacks were carried out while that area was used by ISIS? Did the people in the tunnels cheer when Americans were killed in the numerous attacks by their “soldiers” of ISIS here in America? Why didn’t Obama take them out?

When President Trump bombed the Syrian airfield, so many were skeptical. From where I sit, the Russian propaganda machine here in America has been gaining steam for years, as Putin used imbecilic mouthpieces here to fill the void of American leadership. Many pro-Putin Americans continuously praised him as a “Western” reformer, a real “Christian,” and just the type of “strongman” our nation needed. Many of them saw the strength of Trump and figured Putin and Trump would be able to team up to kill ISIS together. But the bombing in Syria and the ridiculous propaganda from Assad and Putin since should crystallize whose side Putin is really on. For those who refuse to admit they have been duped by a superior propaganda campaign from the former KGB agent, well, I guess you’re on your own.

Now that the bombings have started, and we are answering a war that was declared on us, regular folks are concerned that President Trump has started WWIII. But it is not possible for President Trump to start a war we are already in. The jihadis received appeasement and America’s other cheek, arm, leg, and throat year after year under Obama. Those attacks on America mentioned in the beginning of this article could have been prevented, had we had a leader who took ISIS seriously, who followed through on ridding Syria of chemical weapons, who didn’t blame the Syrian war on the silliness of global warming, and who didn’t take every chance he could get to downplay the dangers of radical Islam. Who, instead of acknowledging the violence brought on by fundamentalist radical Islamists, took time rather, to repeat that America can’t be at war with a “religion,” insinuating that it was Americans who didn’t understand the threats, when it was him all along.

At the same time, it seems pretty clear Americans don’t want to be seriously involved in nation-building. We don’t have a reason nor ability to try to make countries that don’t understand how civil societies operate into countries that do.

Let the history books show that it was the continued blindness of and appeasement toward radical Islam that caused so many innocent deaths around the world of late. Let history record that America didn’t fall asleep after 9/11, but that she was hobbled for eight long years while her enemies grew stronger.

We needed a wartime president, and we got one. Now we need resolve. (For more from the author of “No More PC Blindness and Appeasement: Trump Is the Wartime President We Needed” please click HERE)

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