As We Celebrate Independence Day, Isn’t it Time to be Honest About the State of American Freedom?

241 years ago, our Founders put everything on the line: their lives, their families, their property and their sacred honor. Why? Distant tyrants wanted to control the masses, imposing exorbitant taxes, employing massive numbers of jack-booted bureaucrats paid for by those taxes, appointing corrupt judges, using armed agents to terrorize the populace in times of peace, and even creating false flag events (using some of the Native American population).

Are we much better today? Some would say we’re worse. Much worse, in fact. Take, for instance, the fact that we produce per capita 100 times what we did 200 years ago but are lucky to have one full day of rest per week. Why? Much of our wealth is stolen through confiscatory, embedded taxation. For example, a majority of the price you pay for a loaf of bread is actually from hidden taxation as a result of the feds taking a cut at each successive stage of production.

How about representation? Just ask the numerous candidates who have arisen from the grassroots just to be promptly assassinated by the Establishment-controlled press or destroyed internally by agents of the Ruling Class. Vote fraud kills off many others.

What about other constitutional freedoms? With respect to the First Amendment, ask any number of religious objectors to the gay agenda who have lost their entire livelihoods by refusing to participate in the insanity.

Or how about speech? This website – Restoring Liberty – has been banned from the Google ad network and has been suspended from Facebook for simply speaking truth about the rampant pedophilia among our rulers as well as the insanity of the transgender phenomena.

What about the Fourth Amendment? Virtually everything we do digitally is reviewed and stored permanently without warrant, available for purposes of character assassination or prosecution if we decide to get “uppity” and challenge the Ruling Class status quo.

No, my friends, we are no longer “free,” at least not as our Founders understood the word. And the longer we sit on our hands, the greater the tyranny will become.