Watch out, ‘Fake News’ Media! Here Is Trump’s Next Big Move

. . .Trump is outwitting the media and the deep state at every turn, just like you do your dog. He puts up a dog-and-pony show to grab the attention of the dog-and-pony show! And they latch on for dear life every time. It’s political poetry!

When they thought they had him on Russia, he tweeted about it so he could continue opening pipelines and deregulating the energy business while they were too fascinated with Russia conspiracy theories to even pay attention to all he was accomplishing. The Chicken-Little-style screeching caused Middle America to get bored of the alt-left’s “sky is falling” mentality and deadened its attention span and trust in lamestream media news.

While the media continued their obsession over the Comey hearings, the president was busy being successful in overhauling the Supreme Court, the Veterans Administration, the EPA and more.

Ordinarily, the climate conspiracy theorists would have had wall-to-wall coverage of Trump’s total overhaul of their fake science when he pulled out of the Paris climate agreement and opened America’s pipelines, but CNN’s own Jeff Zucker told them to go back to talking Russia instead. Trump knows how to throw them off their game.

Trump was winning. (Read more from “Watch out, ‘Fake News’ Media! Here Is Trump’s Next Big Move” HERE)

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