DOJ Subpoenas Christian Pastor’s Views on Islam

In a sweeping defeat for Obama-era holdovers at the U.S. Department of Justice, a federal court has tossed out a case in which the department had subpoenaed a Christian pastor’s views on Islam.

The Islamic Center of Culpeper, Virginia, had already won a favorable settlement in its Obama-aided case against the city, which agreed to provide a permit for the mosque to pump sewage from a site where it wants to build a mosque, even though state environmental officials had said the site was not suitable for a septic system.

But that wasn’t enough for the lawyers who staff the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ. They wanted to make an example out of rural Culpeper County. How else to explain forcing a local pastor and other locals who spoke against the mosque at public hearings to turn over personal documents that would reveal their views on Islam?

Pastor Steve Harrelson of Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church was the main target in the sights of the DOJ, which sought bring him before an inquisition-type hearing, forcing him to testify about his opinions on Islam and also deliver up to the government his personal papers and documents.

But U.S. District Court Judge Norman Moon put an end to the witch hunt for “Islamophobes” in this small northern Virginia town that was being perpetuated by Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys. (Read more from “DOJ Subpoenas Christian Pastor’s Views on Islam” HERE)

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Cops: Woman Called 911 Over Meth Quality

A Montana woman called 911 to report that she had purchased some “bad meth,” adding that the drug left a “bad taste in her mouth,” according to police.

A Great Falls Police Department officer was dispatched Friday afternoon to the home of Margery Ann Dayrider, 33, who had dialed cops to report having a bad reaction to meth she had injected . . .

As first reported by the Great Falls Tribune, Dayrider told the cop, “I do meth three times a day everyday and have never had this reaction before.” Dayrider said that she and her boyfriend had purchased the drug the night before and that she injected herself at 9 AM, 11 AM, and 3 PM. (Read more from “Cops: Woman Called 911 Over Meth Quality” HERE)

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Murder of Pregnant Woman Linked to Satanism?

A Satanic cult is believed to be responsible for the murder of a pregnant Argentinian woman, who was discovered stabbed multiple times and burned in a fire so hot only her necklace helped authorities identify her.

The body of Fernanda Pereyra, 26, who was six months pregnant, was found July 20 at the 6-kilometer mark on Route 6 in Argentina, near the town of Rincon de los Sauces.

Authorities said due to the significance of the number 6, they believe Pereyra was the victim of a Satanist ritual.

The three sixes chosen – kilometer 6 on Route 6, and Pereyra being 6 months pregnant – were believed to be chosen to represent the number 666, found in the Book of Revelation and often used to refer to the devil.

Investigators believe the perpetrators stabbed Pereyra five times and then used a large amount of gasoline to burn her body. The killers then transported the remains in a Renault Kangoo van, Argentinian newspaper Clarin reported. (Read more from “Murder of Pregnant Woman Linked to Satanism?” HERE)

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Airport Employee Punches an Passenger Who Was Holding a Baby

Airport officials in Nice, France, have confirmed that an employee at the Nice Airport has been suspended after punching a passenger who was holding a baby at the time.

The altercation took place on Saturday, as passengers waited to board an EasyJet flight to Luton, England. According to witnesses, the passenger’s wife had been complaining about the flight’s significant delay — more than 12 hours — when her husband approached another airport employee and the exchange turned physical.

“The man with the baby … went over and talked to the Frenchman and the Frenchman didn’t reply, he just smiled and smirked and then whacked this guy on the left side of his face,” said Arabella Arkwright, an EasyJet passenger standing behind the family, in an interview with BBC Radio 5.

Arkwright also took a photo of the altercation, which appears to capture the exact moment the employee’s fist makes contact with the man’s face.

(Read more from “Airport Employee Punches an Passenger Who Was Holding a Baby” HERE)

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Rare Megamouth Shark Captured on Video

When scientists first discovered the megamouth shark in 1976 off the coast of Hawaii, it struck them as so bizarre that, to classify it, they created an entirely new genus and family.

Today, little is still known about the shark save for the fact that it has a large gaping mouth, which is indeed, very mega.

While swimming off the coast of Indonesia’s Komodo Island, one diver got a lucky sighting of one of these rarely seen sharks.

The diver was exploring the northernmost string of the islands known as Gili Lawa Laut, a popular diving spot for tourists when the shark happened to swim by. Video shows a clear image of the shark gently gliding through the water. It’s characteristic head and mouth get within close proximity of the diver before it turns and swims away. (Read more from “Rare Megamouth Shark Captured on Video” HERE)

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Disney’s Next Movie Could Be Watching You, Too

There’s this term in the processed food industry for when something is quantifiably at its most delicious, but also–critically–still unsatisfying enough that you always crave more. It’s called the bliss point, and it’s what ensures that you always want another sip of that soft drink, or the crunch of that potato chip. It’s about maximizing the bliss of consumption so that you consume more.

Now, Disney Research has developed a neural network that seems to be chasing a similar idea–but for the world of movies. The system has been trained to watch an audience of theatergoers as they watch a film. It can track reactions like smiling and laughter on hundreds of faces in a dark theater, allowing Disney to quantify whether or not a film is working as intended on a granular scale. It’s easy to imagine such technology eventually reaching well beyond the movie theater, into the real world, where Disney parks could react to your mood with real-time Disney magic.

Disney’s researchers tested the system across 150 showings of several Disney films like The Jungle Book and Star Wars: The Force Awakens in movie theaters. Studios like Disney have used the reactions of test audiences to gauge early cuts of films for decades, often making changes to the edit or ending if the film wasn’t hitting as hoped. What’s different in this instance is the sheer amount of analysis Disney Research was able to produce with this methodology: 3,179 people generated 16 million points of data. (Read more from “Disney’s Next Movie Could Be Watching You, Too” HERE)

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Did He Do It? Olympic Swimmer Learns If He’s Faster Than Great White Shark

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ much-hyped “race” against a great white shark finally aired on Sunday night.

The competition was featured in Discovery’s “Phelps vs Shark: Great Gold vs Great White,” as part of its famous “Shark Week” summer programming.

In the end, Phelps was able to swim 100 meters off South Africa in 38.1 seconds — but the shark won with a time of 36.1 seconds.

However, he wasn’t actually racing next to the shark. Discovery Channel staffers calculated the great white’s time and compared it to Phelps’ performance, according to SI. On the broadcast, an image of a shark was superimposed over the Olympic swimmer.

The swimmer earlier told Fox News the challenge was “probably the hardest race I’ve ever had.” (Read more from “Did He Do It? Olympic Swimmer Learns If He’s Faster Than Great White Shark” HERE)

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Points for ‘Good Behavior’: Canadian Government Introduces the Creepiest App Ever

Yes, the Canadian government has rolled out an app that gives you points for eating well and exercising and taking quizzes about the flu shot and other healthy activities! And everyone seems totally fine with this. Welcome to the future, everyone, because the totalitarian states of tomorrow will be more carrot then stick, and we will all be pigeons in a virtual Skinner box. What could go wrong?

(For more from the author of “Points for ‘Good Behavior’: Canadian Government Introduces the Creepiest App Ever” please click HERE)

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Proof Cannabis DOES Lead Teenagers to Harder Drugs

Teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis are 26 times more likely to turn to other drugs by the age of 21.

The study of the lives of more than 5,000 teenagers produced the first resounding evidence that cannabis is a gateway to cocaine, amphetamines, hallucinogens and heroin.

It also discovered that teenage cannabis smokers are 37 times more likely to be hooked on nicotine and three times more likely to be problem drinkers than non-users of the drug.

The findings from Bristol University provide authoritative support for those warning against the liberalisation of drugs laws.

Medical researchers have argued for years that cannabis is far from harmless and instead carries serious mental health risks. (Read more from “Proof Cannabis DOES Lead Teenagers to Harder Drugs” HERE)

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New Frontier in Cancer Care: Turning Blood Into Living Drugs

Ken Shefveland’s body was swollen with cancer, treatment after treatment failing until doctors gambled on a radical approach: They removed some of his immune cells, engineered them into cancer assassins and unleashed them into his bloodstream.

Immune therapy is the hottest trend in cancer care and this is its next frontier — creating “living drugs” that grow inside the body into an army that seeks and destroys tumors.

Looking in the mirror, Shefveland saw “the cancer was just melting away.” A month later doctors at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center couldn’t find any signs of lymphoma in the Vancouver, Washington, man’s body. (Read more from “New Frontier in Cancer Care: Turning Blood Into Living Drugs” HERE)

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