Miller Calls Murkowski’s Support of Climate Change Legislation “Exhibit ‘A’ for Why She Needs to Go”

Cap and Trade Holds Costs We Cannot Bear

Earlier this week Senate Democrats and a select group of Republicans met with President Obama at the White House to work out a deal on cap-and-trade legislation. Senator Lisa Murkowski was among them. She has signaled during the past year a willingness to work with Democrats on cap-and-trade legislation. In an interview last October, Murkowski said, “I have been one of those Republicans who has stepped out front a little bit more on the issue of climate change” (see The Hill, “Murkowski Signals Interest in Compromise on Cap and Trade,” October 17, 2009). She believes manmade global warming is a fact and that the United States must take action, even with our economy still recovering from recession. She, in fact, co-sponsored a cap-and-trade Senate bill in 2007 (S.1766, July 11, 2007).

Miller calls Murkowski’s decision to meet with President Obama and the Democrats regarding moving this legislation forward, “Exhibit ‘A’ for why Senator Murkowski needs to go. At the very time she’s on the Alaskan airwaves pitching her conservative credentials to Primary voters, she’s huddled with the Democrats in a back room of the White House trying to cut a deal on sweeping climate change legislation.” Miller added that “the scientific support for climate change is dubious at best, and the massive new taxes and energy costs to families involved in seeking to convert to a carbon free economy is simply unbearable, given the fragile state of our economy.” By the Obama Administration’s own admission, the cost of cap-and-trade legislation will be significant: perhaps as high as between $100 and $200 billion in new taxes per year, depending on the final version passed (see, “Obama Administration: Cap and Trade Could Cost Families $1761,” September 15, 2009). Miller believes that to meet our nation’s energy needs, we must focus on new exploration and production of traditional fuels, using the latest technology to minimize their impact on the environment. Harnessing the power of the wind, sun, tides and nuclear energy must also be part of the solution.

Alaskans need to know what Senator Murkowski’s true and long held views on cap-and-trade are. As with so many other issues, she stands with the Democrats and is out of touch with the views of most Alaskans.