Miller Calls on Alaskans to Look to the Future

Anchorage, Alaska. September 18, 2010 — Joe Miller, candidate for US Senate, remarks (as prepared) following the decision of Lisa Murkowski to run as a write-in candidate for this November’s election.

“I’m pleased to be joined by fellow Alaskans here tonight, including supporters of Lisa Murkowski’s campaign in the primary. Tonight, they’re standing with me as a visible sign of the unity that we need to build in order to bring change to Washington, D.C. and protect Alaska’s future.

“As Alaskans we have differences on some issues, and that is to be expected. But what unites us at this time is vastly more important than what divides us. What unites us is our conviction that the federal government — under the leadership of President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi– is leading our country toward economic ruin. Skyrocketing unemployment robs our generation and our children’s of their chance at the American Dream: to work hard, earn success, and provide for their families. Heavy taxes and regulations strangle our businesses, stifle innovation, and send more and more jobs overseas. The liberal idea that governmental dependency creates prosperity is flawed. Obama’s Health Care law takes away our choices, and plunges us deeper and deeper into debt. Another example of how a governmental program that is sold to the American people under the guise of safety and security that in fact does quite the opposite. It eats away at the pockets of the individual and gives almost nothing in return on our investment and steals the financial security of the future from our children.

“The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has released estimates showing that over the first three years of the Obama Presidency, 2009-2011, the federal government will borrow an estimated $3.7 trillion. Here is how the Wall Street Journal puts that $3.7 trillion figure into perspective: ‘… [It] is more than the entire accumulated national debt for the first 225 years of U.S. history. By 2019, the interest payments on this debt will be larger than the budget for education, roads, and all other non-defense discretionary spending.’ We know this kind of reckless spending cannot be sustained. This is more than a fiscal issue – it is really a moral issue. The policies of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi will lead to a massive tax burden on our children and grandchildren.

“When we look to the history of our country, it is very clear that each generation of Americans has left this country a stronger and better place for the generations that follow. To ensure that this generation is able to do the same we must stop the plunge that is currently occurring across the country. It is our duty as citizens and stewards of our country to do everything in our power to create a more prosperous nation for the future. The thought that our generation – my generation – could be the first to actually leave the country worse off is truly frightening. And yet, if we don’t make a dramatic change of course, this is what we’ll be facing.

“Earlier this year, our late Senator Ted Stevens spoke to Republicans gathered at the Lincoln Day dinner in Anchorage. Addressing the issue of out-of-control spending, Senator Stevens said the following: ‘…I believe that this is no time for new programs. It’s time to review all existing programs and to cut federal expenditures wherever possible. This is a tough time. Tax bills that they will inherit because of our nation’s current debt are astronomical. Clearly there’s a need for a reconsideration of all that we’ve done in the past that led to this fantastic level of debt.’

“In addition to concerns over the national economy, our state economy in Alaska is threatened by the policies of President Obama and the Democrats in Congress. Our abundant natural resources can secure a prosperous future for Alaskans. But the harsh reality is that Barack Obama and the entire Democratic Party are beholden to an extreme, anti-development environmental agenda. ANWR will NEVER be opened as long as they are in power. We will never realize our full potential as a state, so long as the radical environmental agenda is allowed to triumph over common sense. Federal lands policy affects almost every aspect of Alaska’s economy – whether it’s oil and gas, mining, timber, fisheries, and tourism. We must join forces to secure more control over our state’s resources and safeguard our economic future.

“This evening, I want to invite all Alaskans who are concerned about the direction of our country to join this campaign. I especially want to invite my fellow Republicans who supported Senator Murkowski to unite behind us in this crucial mission. My message is, and has been, simple. I am a conservative. I know this country is going in the wrong direction and will do my best to help turn it around. I believe the federal government tries to do too many things and in the process wastes our money. I am for reducing spending AND reducing taxes, because these things will help our ailing economy. And foremost, I am FOR Alaska. I came here because I believe this is the greatest State in the greatest nation on Earth, and I will do all that I can in order to protect its future and our children’s future.”