Miller Sets Record Straight on Federal Spending

Anchorage, Alaska. September 10, 2010 — Contrary to his critics’ caricatures of his position, Republican US Senate Candidate Joe Miller categorically rejects the notion that his election would result in an end to federal spending in Alaska. “Given our current deficits, we, as a nation, will clearly have to curb overall federal spending over the course of the next several years,” Miller said. “But concurrently, the federal government needs to honor the promises made at statehood, and transfer control of our land and resources to the people of Alaska. Until that process is complete, I will fight for Alaska to get necessary federal dollars; however, it is imperative that we as Alaskans not settle for a few paltry crumbs from the federal table. We must vigorously fight for the future of Alaska, and that is bound up with control of the land and resources of our great state.”