National Review: Joe Miller Fighting for Alaska

SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 4:00 A.M.

After toppling Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska’s GOP Senate primary, Joe Miller is in no mood to compromise. Nor, he says, are fellow tea-party favorites who have won primaries across the country. “The people being elected outside of the establishment, like me, are not going to be co-opted,” he predicts in an interview with National Review Online.

Miller, a Fairbanks attorney and Yale Law grad, touts his primary win as the latest example of Americans’ expressing their frustration with Washington. He urges Republican leaders to “catch the wave.” If they don’t, he warns, “they will not be able to bring the new faces into line.” His reasoning is simple: “We are being elected for a purpose: to transform the federal government, to get us away from the brink of bankruptcy. The leadership has to embrace that message or else there will be real problems.”

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