College and Young Republicans Endorse Joe Miller

Anchorage, Alaska. October 11, 2010 — Joe Miller, candidate for U.S. Senate, recently picked up the endorsements of the national College and Young Republicans, as well as the Alaska College Republicans and the Young Republican Network. Their official statement reads in part: “Regardless of Lisa Murkowski’s decision to run as a write-in candidate, the Alaska College Republicans and Young Republican Network will stand strong behind the elected Senate Republican candidate Joe Miller.

“‘Joe Miller has continually articulated a vision for a stronger future for our state and country,” said Alaska College Republican Chairman Ryan McKee. ‘As the Federal Government continues to burden our generation with crippling national debt, we are proud to have endorsed a candidate who isn’t interested in ‘putting it on our tab’. ‘With this endorsement we affirm our commitment to assist this campaign with social media help and promote the campaign’s events and fundraisers,’ said YRNetwork Endorsement Committee Chairman Moshe Starkman. ‘We will serve as volunteers, staff, and consultants while assisting with volunteer recruitment and providing essential GOTV manpower and resources throughout the election process.'”

Miller also picked up the endorsements of the national College and Young Republicans. Miller responded, “I am grateful for the College and Young Republicans’ endorsements. This upcoming generation of Americans, now in their early adult years, has already shown itself ready to defend our nation against threats we face from abroad. They also are recognizing that we are on an unsustainable path here at home and must act. They are a crucial part of the election this November.”