Getting Their Money’s Worth in the Senate?

Corporate front group pouring millions into Murkowski write-in campaign stands to make millions more from legislation

Anchorage, Alaska. October 15, 2010 — The Senator has sponsored at least two pieces of legislation that would directly benefit the native corporations. One of Murkowski’s bills was even attached in an unrelated oil relief bill after her legislation failed to make it out of a U.S. Senate committee. Murkowski is also on the record in opposition to reforms to the “disadvantaged business program,” which provides billions of dollars in no-bid contracts to native corporations. Those reforms have been proposed by U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri).

Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Joe Miller said the following:

“Some may call this business as usual in Alaska and Washington, D.C. I call it corruption as usual. I am the only candidate calling for comprehensive reform of the ‘disadvantaged business program’ and now we know why. The Alaska Native Regional Corporations have ‘their’ Senator in D.C. who is bought and paid for and, in some cases, using the very federal funds that she guaranteed to them through no-bid contracts. As long as Senator Murkowski and the Alaska Native Regional Corporations engage in these insider deals, Native Alaskans — especially in the rural areas — will continue to lack better opportunities and their communities will see fewer jobs. I’m going to be the voice of all of the people of Alaska, including those in rural Alaska who are not being very well served by Lisa, the corporations or the programs.”

Recent news stories have shed light on the forming of the SuperPAC, Alaskans Standing Together, and their use of unlimited funds to prop up the Murkowski write-in campaign.