Miller Invites Murkowski to Join Call to Pull “Alaskans Standing Together” Ads

Republican nominee to ask stations to pull ads paid for by illegal federal contributions
Anchorage, Alaska. October 21, 2010 —  Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Joe Miller invited U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski to join him in calling for Alaska television stations to pull the ads paid for by “Alaskans Standing Together” (“AST”), in light of a complaint filed to the Federal Election Commission, and details that federal contractors likely violated federal election law in laundering millions to prop-up Murkowski’s write-in bid.

In his letter to Senator Murkowski, Joe Miller said:

“Since ‘Alaskans Standing Together’ exists for the sole-purpose of supporting your candidacy, I am sure that you are disgusted and appalled that they would undermine the integrity of your campaign and this election by acting in violation of federal election laws and federal laws prohibiting the use of federal tax dollars for political purposes.

There is simply no place in our elections for this type of fraudulent and illegal activity. As the candidate who stands to directly gain from these, I’m sure you do not want your candidacy tainted by this scandal.”

Miller also released the following statement, “Contrary to the statements made yesterday by ‘AST’, federal law is clear on the prohibitions against contractors participating in federal elections and Lisa has a choice to make. With her earlier protests against ‘outside’ influences in this election, she can take the principled stand for the law and the integrity of our election. Or, Lisa Murkowski can do what she and so many other politicians in D.C. have done for years. She can turn her back to corrupt and unethical behavior or let self interest be her moral guide.”