5 Myths

Lisa Murkowski and her friends in the media have misled you. They want you to believe that Joe has lost this election. Below, we dismantle 5 common myths going around:

MYTH 1: Joe Miller is forcing the state of Alaska to count ballots.

Lisa Murkowski is forcing the count in Alaska – by ignoring the primary process (after promising to stand by the results) and conducting a write-in campaign costing millions of dollars, Lisa ensured a drawn-out counting process would be required to determine a victor.

MYTH 2: Lisa Murkowski is beating Joe Miller

After 7 days of write-in ballot counting, Republican nominee Joe Miller still leads incumbent Lisa Murkowski in the uncontested write-in ballot count. As of Monday night, nearly all write-in votes have been counted. Joe Miller has 90,448 uncontested votes and Murkowski only has 84.563. If current trends hold, Miller and Murkowski will likely end up in a dead heat in the uncontested ballot count.

MYTH 3: Joe Miller is indiscriminately throwing out ballots

By law, Alaska statute mandates that the candidates name be spelled correctly. Joe Miller is challenging ballots based on that statute. As a strong believer in the rule of law and constitutional values, Joe believes in this high standard of proof required for write-in ballots to be considered.

Given that the counting process alone has cost the state significant time and resources, a strict interpretation of ballots is necessary to ensure election results are determined in a fair and timely manner. This is crucial for Alaskans to receive proper congressional representation.

MYTH 4: The law leaves it up to ballot counters to determine what ballots are legitimate

Lisa Murkowski’s campaign has spent considerable funds attempting to ensure that her name is properly spelled on the write-in ballots, proving that she anticipated and prepared for a strict interpretation of law. The law allows no room for personal interpretation. You spell it correctly, or you don’t.

MYTH 5: There are no reports of fraud or voting irregularities

The Joe Miller campaign has documented numerous instances of voting irregularities.

While nothing can be done about these cases now that the election has already been held, the Joe Miller campaign believes that these cases prove why it is all the more necessary to ensure that there is strict interpretation on the ballot counting process.

Stay tuned for constant updates and please share this with your friends and family.

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